The photo that’s going around the world

Woman and Man injured – after being trampled by RDMP Horse galloping through peaceful protesters
This is the woman with the walker speaking out for peace just seconds before before she was trampled by RCMP on horseback.

The above trampling of the elderly woman by RCMP horses will live in infamy in Canadian history. Folks, let’s see how the criminally corrupt and complicit Canadian Mainstream media, CBC, CTV and Glow-Bull attempt to spin this. We’ve already seen on Twitter the MZM reporting from the Ottawa Police that the woman first threw a bicycle under the legs of the horses, causing them to stumble. Well, fortunate for Canadians…there were approximately a zillion cell phone cameras shooting every aspect of the Gestapo thug crushing of the legal Freedom Protest. So we have what actually happened from at least a dozen different angles. The woman spoke to a cell phone camera just seconds before the horses charged. She said: “We are a peaceful protest!” She was leaning on a walker. The horses were ridden extremely close to the crowd and knocked over several people, including the woman. No word yet on the condition of the man who was also trampled.

Who ordered the RCMP horseback unit to charge the crowd? Did that order come directly from the Turvert? It would appear so. Such a dangerous act would never have been ordered by the rank and file RCMP. They would have had to have been ordered to do so.

So, an elderly man and very woman are the first battle casualties of this War for Humanity. Believe me, worse can and will happen unless police, military and others in position of influence and power do not speak up and say “This is Stupid!” Unless they stop enabling the purveyors of evil who will destroy our nation rather than give up on their agenda of greed and control.

As usual, Russia Today has the best coverage of what’s going on in Canada:

Watch the videos at the link above. If this doesn’t wipe that shit stain out of the House of Commons…actually, those TWO commie shit stains…Turvert and Jagmeet Singh…then nothing will!

Lincoln Jay reporting above. Many trucks have gone. He watched CBC and saw how they’re lying…saying protesters were spitting on police and trying to take their weapons. IMO, this is the death of Canada when the media lies to the people ABOUT WHAT THE PEOPLE ARE DOING.

20 thoughts on “The photo that’s going around the world

  1. I’m glad someone had that good camera angle to capture the criminal Goons in action.
    Great work, keep up the video/camera action to document ALL the crimes.๐Ÿ‘

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  2. I think it’s going to be a loooong night ahead for the peaceful protesters, hang in there you tough Canadians, another cold night ahead.
    In the US they’re planning a convoy soon and taking lessons from you awesome Canucks from Truckistan(Canada)๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’ช.

    “US Truckers Mobilize For War: US Trucker Convoy Headed Straight For DC”

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  3. I too received the information about the demise of this brave woman, and I am just sickened to think that this has happened in my Canada, a nation that at one time I truly loved…

    I am trying to keep up with the updates, and I also put your article as one of my updates to today’s article as well.. Thanks, young lady!

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  4. Chris Sky is also reporting that the police are arresting people and then taking them for a 15-20 minute ride out to nowhere and releasing them. “All smoke and mirrors since the arrests are illegal”. He said he heard this from family friends who got arrested.
    Chris sounds very hopeful and says thousands of Canadians are heading to Ottawa to overwhelm the Goon squads.

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  5. Hi FreakedOut: It was Keean Bexte who reported that the elderly woman died. He’s usually quite reliable. Also Jim Stone is saying she died…for whatever THAT’s worth.

    I don’t think you can take arrested persons for a ‘ride” and then release them. Police have done that in the past [especially to inebriated First Nations] and the persons have frozen in the snow…so that’s a big no no in Canada in the winter. I don’t think they took Tamara Lich, Chris Berger, Cpl Daniel Bulford for a ride and then released them. Hmmmmmmm.

    I was watching Rebel News’ Lincoln Jay all day. He caught the Police on Horseback hitting the woman and man. I watched it live but didn’t think anything of it. So much was going on.

    I have heard reinforcements are on the way to Ottawa from all over Canada, including British Columbia…driving all the way across Canada to “Stand on Guard”. This isn’t over by a long shot.

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  6. Hey young lady.. I too have seen so many conflicting reports with some saying she died while others say she was ‘only severely injured’…

    I too am waiting for REAL confirmation… But either way, even to cause severe injuries to individuals should see those involved put on trial and see TURDEAU having to answer for this crime..

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