PfiZer lets it all hang out Plus: Romania’s top club rejects “vaccinated” players.

When the Sheeple finally find out What has been done to them with the VaxxxZines – the Roar of their Anger and Dispair will be heard in Outer Space

Good morning sentients: For some reason I am feeling exhausted today and so will keep this post short even though there’s a tremendous amount of information in it. I ask readers to access the links themselves without me doing a lot of analysis of them. Each one is a gem in figuring out where we are in the failed Globalist CovIDian Cult campaign for slavery and depopulation.

I am getting a big kick out of the Turvert’s half brother Kyle Kemper. Kemper lives with his wife and young son in San Francisco, USA, having seen its in his best interests to be in a separate country from his brother, with whom he differs wildly in terms of politics and social/moral norms. It makes me feel slightly better about Turvert having destroyed my entire extended family to learn he’s had his own family terminally estranged. In a video interview with Kemper I watched not too long ago. Kemper admitted he was not only estranged from his older half brother, but from the mother [Margaret Sinclair/Trudeau/Kemper] who they share. Kyle said that his mother has been “captured by CNN” and she wrote him a nasty letter and that was the last he’s heard from her to date. Kyle Kemper goes on social media and I began to follow him on Twitter after seeing that video interview. Here is a Tweet I sent him just yesterday in reply to his Tweet where he posted an interesting PfiZer link:

Hi Kyle: Did PfiZer list all the shareholders who stand to benefit from this deal?

Quote Tweet

Kyle Kemper @kylekemper

This is such a major deal for a government subsidized Canadian company it should be on the front page of every Canadian newspaper! LIPID NANOPATRICLES!!! Congratulations Acuitas!…

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Greencrow continues: Here’s another link, this time from Chris Sky, where he explains the connection between the CovID vaccine and HIV/AIDS:

Here is another video on the connection between the vaxxxZine and HIV/AIDS, this time by Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Too bad we have very few Canadians who will speak up about the devastation that has and will be caused by the CovID-19 vaccines–like this Zambian Dr. has. We do have Dr. Charles Hoffe of Lytton, BC of course but he has now been hauled before the Medical Bureaucracy to have his license removed.

Greencrow continues: History will record the “Tale of Two Brothers” aspect of the CovIDian Plandemic HOAX/Genocide crisis as an interesting sidebar. While Kyle Kemper seems to have emerged unblemished by his hot house upbringing…and has gifted Canada with a rare voice of sanity and morality, half brother Justin Trudeau is a spoiled and entitled trust fund millionaire. He has no idea what it means to really work, worry about affording groceries, or paying house bills. He’s rich from birth, and is massively profiting by serving hostile foreign entities (Big Pharma, WEF, UN, George Soros, Bill Gates), while selling out Canadians and mocking the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The fact that the Turvert’s own brother Kyle Kemper is breaking the news about the harmful nature of the lipid nanoparticles in Justin’s Acuitas investment is absolutely stunning! Black Comedy Director Stanley Kubrick of “Dr Strangelove” fame would have a field day with a screenplay about the Canadian CovIDian Caper–were he alive today.

While the Turvert heads off to Europe today to stir the distraction/warmongering pot he has on the boil between Russia and Ukraine the dust is still settling from the Truckers Freedom Convoy that stayed in Ottawa for three weeks. Below is an interview with one of the initial founding members of the Convoy and what has happened to her since.

Greencrow continues: Today there was a report that the “GiveGetGo” fundraising organization went before the Canadian parliament and disclosed that the overwhelming majority of donations were given by average Canadians…So much for the Turvert’s conspiracy theory about “foreign interference”. The big mistake the Convoy participants [two of which are still in jail and many still in hiding from the police] made, was in thinking they lived in a democracy where the government acted in accordance with the law. Here is another commentary on that aspect:


“So, tell me again how peaceful protest restores our FREEDOM!

Story at-a-glance

  • As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pulled out all the stops to quash the trucker protest against vaccine mandates, it became clear that democracy has been an illusion
  • For many years, the technocratic elite, with their global authoritarianism goals, have infiltrated governments around the world and pushed for surveillance and national security tools intended to suppress dissent
  • A key part of that dissent-crushing system is the surveillance apparatus that has been erected. While sold as a tool to hunt down dangerous criminals, its primary purpose is to stifle dissent among peaceful, law-abiding citizens. Financial warfare — banning people from using financial services — is another
  • Dissent is also stifled by applying criminal terms to those who disagree with the narrative. Case in point: “Anti-vaxxers” and anyone who disagrees with pandemic measures are now labeled domestic terrorists or domestic extremists. Using terms of criminality allows those in power to justify the use of unconstitutional repression and punishment

History will record the CovIDian Plandemic HOAX/Genocide caper as a massive failure of all our national institutions and organizations that were relied on to protect the public and democracy. The Union Movement is a primary example of that massive failure:

The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU107) seems to be bucking the union trend of throwing members under the Vax Bus

A small local union is backing its members by respecting their right to bodily autonomy and medical privacy. During COVID, most unions in this country failed to protect their members against unwanted government advances into their private medical lives.  But The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU107) seems to be bucking that trend. ATU107 is based in Hamilton, Ontario, and works primarily for the city-owned Hamilton Street Railway and bus operations.  They represent approximately 800 transit professionals and collectively carry over 30 million people every year.  On January 12, the City of Hamilton joined a long list of municipalities adopting a “get vaxxed or be axed” policy for all city workers. Shortly after the new policy was announced, veteran transit workers began to speak up.  Among them was the union’s president, Eric Tuck, who recently joined me for an interview to explain why he was backing his union members against the city and how they intend to move forward to arbitration if the policy persists.  Click here to find out what he had to say:  According to Eric, his union has adopted plenty of measures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19. Transit workers wear masks and gloves and are separated from passengers by using a “bio-shield.”  But that doesn’t seem to go far enough for the city, and they’re refusing to budge.   Instead, they took a page out of Justin Trudeau’s book by doubling down on their discriminatory policy — contradicting the expert advice recently given by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Kieran Moore.  Although vaccine passports are ending in several provinces, including Ontario, proof of vaccination policies remain in many Canadian workplaces.  If you are concerned about the normalization of vaccine passports in Canada, please consider donating to our legal campaign to stop them at  Yours truly,  Tamara Ugolini  P.S. Vaccine passports have shown what an inept failure “trusting the experts” has been. They have only served to marginalize, stigmatize, and divide people. These policies are unethical, and we called it from the beginning. It’s why we launched a major legal campaign at to crowdfund lawsuits across the country to end this program once and for all. To support this fight, please click here to donate.

Greencrow continues: Back to the main topic of this post…the growing body of revelations from Pfizer and other sources that the VaxxxZines are a lethal cocktail of toxins that will shorten lives and destroy our society/civilization. Below is a link posted by one of the very few Canadian physicians who has upheld his hippocratic oath:

Dr. Mark Trozzi


Complex mechanisms produce human DNA for viral spike protein in human liver cells. Autoimmune hepatitis anticipated.

Pfizer’s so called “vaccine” injections contain lipid nanoparticles that contain the messenger RNA genetic code for a patented modified version of the toxic spike protein of the SARS CoV2 virus. This is a version of it as it was when launched in late 2019.

The toxic effects of these injections are many.

Today we have a concise discussion; plus extended resources regarding a very recently published study out of Sweden. This eloquent study shows how the injections trigger multiple cellular mechanisms in human liver cells including the production of DNA for the spike protein. This may mean a permanent change in the genetic code of human liver cells, so that they become permanent producers of the patented spike protein toxin.

Chronic autoimmune hepatitis is now added to the long list of tragic outcomes anticipated from these forced and coerced criminal injections.

The injections orchestrate the production of a special reverse transciptase enzyme. This enzyme then manufactures human DNA within cell nuclei. This DNA codes for the patented version of the coronavirus spike protein. This may mark a permanent alteration in the human genetic code of the injection victims, as well as an epidemic of chronic autoimmune liver disease.

Here’s the link for today:

Kind regards,

-Dr. Mark Trozzi


Sick Childrens Hospital in Toronto now has a special page on its website devoted to the prevalence of myocarditis and pericarditis in children — the moral thing to do would be to call for a STOP TO THE VACCINATION OF CHILDREN wouldn’t you think?


This sent to me by Dennis:


More, from Dennis:

Greencrow comments: As someone who has watched hockey for over 60 years I can say that the current crop of vaxxxZed players seem noticibly less “powerful” than in years past. And it’s not just them having to take days off for something the media calls “CovID Protocol” whatever the hell THAT is…it just seems like they’re falling down on the ice a lot more and being moved off the puck a lot more. Could it have anything to do with the damage reported below????

CDC Exposed: Pfizer ‘Vaccine’ Does Penetrate Liver Cells, Converts to DNA

The “vaccine’s” mRNA converting into DNA and being found inside the cell’s nucleus is something that the CDC said would not happen.

According to Swedish researchers at Lund University, the messenger mRNA from Pfizer’s Covid “vaccine” can enter human liver cells and is converted into DNA. It’s precisely what health experts and fact-checkers said for more than a year could not occur.”

Greencrow concludes: Folks the evidence about the vaccine continues to pile up along with the bodies of the victims. The floodgates of truth have finally opened and we are being inundated by devastating information about the crime. Sadly, the horses have already left the barn. Our friends, families and neighbours have already been 90% inoculated with the toxins. As the old Doctor joke said: “The Medical procedure was a success–but the patient[s] died…or will die.

Every day Twitter is full of videos of people dropping dead in the course of their daily activities. Still, the sheeple continue to munch on the mainstream media content manure–as if it were the first tender shoots of spring grass. I have bets with myself about which one of my vaxxxZed family will wake up first. Right now my son, his wife and the two kids are down with a bad cough/chest congestion. They can’t visit me because as my son said on the phone: “We haven’t been tested yet and I don’t want to give you anything.” I told him…“Don’t worry, my immune system is just fine.” The significance of what I said went right over his head…just like everything else I’ve tried to tell him over the past two years. Stay tuned,

21 thoughts on “PfiZer lets it all hang out Plus: Romania’s top club rejects “vaccinated” players.

  1. Another great post GC..

    Lots to absorb and digest….but I think its of ultimate importance we do so with objectivity and clear focus.

    IMHO what we see unfolding is a massive coordinated global attack on humanity.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoyed the interview with Trucker Convoy organizer Brigette Belton, the girl’s a real Canadian Patriot! I hope she manages to avoid the Commie Goon squads. It’s amazing that things in Canada have come to that, blows me away!!
    Speaking of Trucker Convoy’s, the American one is building steam, it should be interesting to see how well it goes.
    I don’t even want to think about the Ukraine/Russia distraction right now.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for that “Iconoclasm” definition GC, I thought maybe it had something to do with Irish having a DNA predisposition for an affinity for Fine Spirits…shall we say.😁


  3. I know this is a family web site….but I had to verify what other Truthers were saying re: Zelensky

    Ukraine President (((Zelensky))) plays piano with his penis.

    This is why the global citizens must fight to save this person and their crucial role for all present and future humanity !!!

    PS I think Dr. Bonnie could join them and fit right in !!!


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    1. I am trying to think how we could work the Bullshitter’s comments last summer about “glory holes” into the discussion about Zelensky–all while still preserving the family ambience.


  4. Re: Brigitte Belton

    My beloved spouse is 1/4 Irish…..that’s intimidating enough !!!


    I’ve talked to others re the Ottawa Convoy and an Executive Summary.

    I fully support what they did, but in context and analysis what occurred was people seeking
    (i) “Choice”,
    (ii) their Gov’t saying NO and using force .
    …. about 90+% of Canadians don’t get it and never will.

    Further to this, had a chat with another Truther who I really respect…is frustrated with what is occurring and wishes to move forward with another activist Truther group.

    Playing Devil’s Advocate, I submitted that we can never ever trust Gov’t again…and that any even remote record of supporting activism aka “dissident” will be severely punished as Ms. Belton described.

    I don’t have answers….. but don’t fall into a trap. The Gov’t will continue to hunt any/all low hanging fruit.


  5. WTF??????


    “………Necessary system upgrade to serve you better.
    We’re upgrading our banking system to optimize its performance and strengthen our ability to better serve you. This upgrade will require us to suspend our banking system and services starting at 8pm PT on April 8 through to 8am on April 13.

    This short-term inconvenience is an investment in future solutions and enhancements. We’ve done our best to minimize the impact on you and appreciate your understanding……”



    Something stinks….something is up….
    ……most businesses would use after hours to do any/all upgrades…renos etc…but never shut down the entire operation for 5 days ???

    Is this the test run for banking collapse?


  6. Greencrow,

    The Pfizer fraud case is moving forward.

    This is from RFK jr’s website:

    Judge Unseals 400 Pages of Evidence, Clears Way for Pfizer Whistleblower Lawsuit

    A whistleblower lawsuit alleging fraud during Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trials is moving forward, after a district court judge unsealed the complaint, including 400 pages of exhibits.”

    Ed Dowd (Former Hedge fund manager) stated unequivocally that Pfizer committed fraud. Thomas Renz is using the word murder.

    If fraud is found the flood gates will open.


    1. Hi Bob:

      I think any legal case, criminal or civil, at this stage is a moot point.

      Enough sheeple have allowed their bodies to be invaded by a foreign entity that is effectively a ticking time bomb. Jim Stone and others predict the adverse reaction tsunami will unfold in early April..any “sue”nami will be too late.


  7. Hi RAH, I have been paying attention to this 5 day shutdown announcement as well. The Bank of Canada has been advertising their digital ID system lately so it could be that Coast Capital is installing a new digital currency type of software to coincide with what the BOC is working on. There doesn’t seem to be much information on it but whatever they’re doing, a digital currency and social credit score system is fast approaching!

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  8. The only outstanding problem with the digital currency is there are so many citizens without iPhones. As I understand it, we will all need to carry around one of these biometric surveillance apparatuses in order for them to keep score…until such time as we are directly injected with chips.

    So many are getting so poor now they can’t afford cellphones. The elderly, in particular, as has been planned, are being abandoned economically in order to push them into the early and open graves they have waiting.

    Will it come to a time when the perpZ announce: “Either get microchipped so you can have a bank account…or starve.” Will they then bring back the soup kitchens?


    1. Re: banks…currency etc. etc.

      When Turdeau and Co. froze bank accounts..cryptocurrencies were included…that was a bit of a wake up call, given the younger and more naive generation thought they could beat “The Man” with their BitCoin etc. I think BitCoin was set up as a pre- mediated con..and hackers are at the ready to steal it.

      Stock market is also getting hit.

      Buy precious metals ???
      WTF…whose going to want gold when they are starving ???

      IMHO everyone is potentially boxed in, there are no safe options…but stay calm.


      1. The only sure method of survival is to set up a totally autonomous economy such as the Amish have done…and the Russians did in the past and will be doing in the future.


  9. I am guessing the perps have some plan to deal with the people that don’t have cellphones. They don’t seem to leave any stone unturned in their quest for world domination. If their end goal is total surveillance/control, microchips for everyone would solve that issue for them. If you don’t have their “mark” you can’t participate in society, phone or no phone.


    1. Getting the microchips into people can also be done with food and drink. Say do you think that all this tattooing of the younger generation was brought into fashion with the idea that microchips can be embedded in tattoos?


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