Greencrow update PLUS: Grasping at Legal straws

Jonathan Lepage who suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of his own mother

Good morning readers. Just a short post today. I have repositioned and am moving into our new renovated digs on the bottom floor [no stairs] of our old home. Son and his wife have already moved into the upper floor. There are tons of crap to dispose of after having lived in this home for over 30 years and raised a family. It is absolutely incredible how much absolute CRAP people collect over the years…and so hard to sort and dispose of.

I have posted the article below which is a disgusting rendition of something I came into contact with when I was a child protection social worker. Mothers committing incest with their sons. This was probably the worst most disturbing issue I had to deal with as a social worker. The betrayal being at the most fundamental level of humanity…a mother defiling her children.

Some people have remarked over the years on this blog and elsewhere that social workers are necessarily agents for the government…removing children for “no reason”. but when you deal with a situation such as that described below and have to pick up the pieces and be the first normal woman a young man comes into contact with after having lived through such a hellish life…you know you are doing an important job.

So to those who think that child protection social workers are just government control agents. Think about who had to pick up the pieces from what happened to the two boys described above. Whenever I had to remove children from their parents…when we took off in the car the first thing I said to the traumatized children was this: “Now, who likes McDonalds chickenburgers or who likes McDonalds hamburgers? “ I would start them talking about going to a drive in and getting a take out meal of their choice…anything they wanted. We could even go to White Spot and get a “Pirate Pack”, if that’s what they preferred.

Soon we would be in the line up at the closest ‘take out’ and then they would be eating their meals as we drove back to the government office. When we arrived at the office I would take them into the “family room” where they would finish off their meals.

As strange as it may seem. I was the first and only social worker in our office who did this–take the kids for takeout on the way back to the office. I paid for the meals myself and never submitted a bill to be repaid by the office as I did not want to get into a debate with the government justifying McDonalds meals.

After the other social workers saw the difference between the condition my kids arrived in and the condition their kids arrived in…taking the kids for take out became the norm in our office. Nobody ever thanked me for the idea or gave me credit. It was just something I did because I had raised kids. Many of the social workers were young woman and had never been mothers themselves. When the young social workers started taking the kids for take out they always submitted receipts for reimbursement…but I never did. It was my personal gift to these kids who had been treated so disgustingly by those they should have been able to trust.

Below is a couple of links about someone who, like the piece of shit ‘mother’ Julie Menard, should be in jail. This person has harmed Canadians–much like the deep betrayal of the woman who had incest with her sons. To elect a prime minister and have him use his position of trust office to target people and punish them for exercising their fundamental rights of sovereignty over their own bodies. To use his position of trust to become a nation wide drug pusher and force toxic injections that he has a financial interest in. What the Turvert has done is as disgusting and nauseating as the woman who forced sex on her sons.

Think of the children he is now preying on with his vaxxxZines…how they will be sterilized and damaged with cancers and neurological issues. Hey, Turvert makes incestuous ‘mother’ Julie Menard seem like a Sunday School Teacher by comparison!

Tweet re LaFleur Snub

Does Guy LaFleur’s grieving wife feel the same way about the Turvert as I do?

Greencrow continues: Just like the courts dealt with the incestuous ‘mother’, the courts will need to deal with the treasonous and psychopathic ‘leader’ Turvert:

13 thoughts on “Greencrow update PLUS: Grasping at Legal straws

  1. Canadian sniper ‘terribly disappointed’ with military reality in Ukraine

    A Canadian ex-soldier known as ‘Wali’ has alleged chaos, looting and incompetence in the Ukrainian military

    “…..Wali eventually joined a Ukrainian unit fighting near Kiev, and described having to seek out weapons, food and gasoline.

    “You had to know someone who knew someone who told you that in some old barbershop they would give you an AK-47,” he recounted. “Even for the meals, it is often the civilians who provide them.”

    In the end, Wali said that he ended up firing two bullets into windows “to scare people,” and decided to come home shortly after two Ukrainian conscripts he was posted with in the Donbass region exposed themselves to a Russian tank and received “highly accurate” shell fire in return….”

    Moscow has reminded these foreigners that, as mercenaries, they are not afforded the status of combatants under international law. “They came to Ukraine to earn money by killing Slavs. Therefore, the best that awaits them is criminal liability and long prison terms,” Russian military spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov stated last month….”



    IMHO….this ” Wali” clown is a terrorist and should be extradited to Russia to face at least attempted murder charges. Earlier reports have him killed….dammit.

    Of course…Turdeau will likely claim he was a hero.


  2. Italy could become the first EU nation with a social credit score

    “…..According to an article from Corriere di Bologna, the municipal government is introducing a “smart citizen wallet” that can receive “digital points” based on whether a citizen has demonstrated “virtuous behaviour.”

    Residents can then use these digital points for discounts and to make various purchases.

    Unsurprisingly, actions related to one’s carbon impact are central to what’s considered rewardable “virtuous behaviour.”

    “The citizen will [receive benefits] if he recycles; if he uses public transport; if he manages [his energy consumption] well; if he does not receive sanctions from the municipal authority; if he actively uses the Culture Card,” [translated from Italian] says Bologna councillor Massimo Bugani.

    Of note, the social credit score isn’t as all-encompassing as the one that exists in China yet and currently remains voluntary.

    Rather than penalizing citizens for not behaving “virtuously,” as defined by the government, citizens will only be rewarded. The government hopes that this distinction, treating the social credit score more like a reward card, will increase the adoption of the soft social credit system…..”

    Doncha love gubermint?
    Carrot and stick…throw away stick …and use GMO 666 lb. carrot to beat compliance into you.

    Interesting is Bologna chosen as Lab Rat for this Commie project…….wasn’t that a hot spot in Europe re: COVID deaths early on ??

    Hmmm…the (grave) plot thickens…

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    1. Hi RAH

      Having travelled through Italy and had many conversations with Italians. The expression “like herding cats” could have been invented to describe trying to rule Italians. I think this is more fake news…the Italians will NEVER go for it.


      1. Hi GC:

        We shall see.
        .I HOPE the Italians don’t comply….
        ….but Bologna is likely on PerpZ radar screen for reasons that benefit the PerPz


  3. Greencrow,

    I remember when Cher admitted to seducing a 13 year old boy. I was stunned. She explained ‘that things were different back in those days’.

    In my youth I was an alter boy in the Catholic Church until I was 18. Not once did the priest act inappropriately.

    We had alcoholic priest and we had to catch the chalices and other knickknacks they would knock off the altar. But they weren’t picky about our prayers.

    The Boy Scouts were a different story!

    Grown men showering naked and masturbating in front of little boys. Fortunately, I never showered with them.

    When I worked harrassment and abuse in any form was taken very seriously.

    I was very minimally involved with a harrassment abuse scandal. In fact our Office Director knew that our Grantee Agency was retaliating against women who complained about abuse. There were actual rapes! One woman called me (she was an engineer employed by our grantee). She asked me to perform an inspection on her highway project.

    I scheduled a time for the inspection and arrived on her project, and found she had no staff working in the middle of nowhere. The contractor couldn’t get approvals on time, she was all alone with a tremendous work load. The project was a disaster. I wrote it up, but she set me up! She used my report in court! She was awarded$700,000!

    The big guns in US Department of Transportation caught wind of what was going on. And sent their assigned legal hitman to set matters straight. This guy had the role down pat. Slim brief case, silk suit, sun glasses, $600 dollar slip on shoes. Whatever he did the fear of God was instilled.

    I was classified as a manager even though I didn’t supervise anyone. The Full Time Equivalent (FTE) rule kicked in. So I had to take two days of sexual harrassment training! Which included role playing.

    I did know a man who was seduced by an older woman when he was in his early teens. His memories are not pleasant.

    Mother son incest would be the worst.

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    1. Yes, it is the worst of almost all forms of abuse, Bob. As the mother of two sons I was triggered more by it than any other form of abuse. To think of some sick shithead destroying the little gaffers for life made me furious.


      1. IMHO….

        I think these types of abusive and dysfunctional relationships will become more the norm that exception.

        Societies moral compasses continually erode that it becomes an immoral free -for- all.

        The legal system will go YAWWWNN and become more focussed on making sure you get the jab , starve and/ or go to jail.


  4. President Macron signs Digital ID Guarantee Service Decree

    “….France’s move towards a centralized digital ID, and the corresponding resistance from people concerned with a Chinese-style social credit system, is a conflict that’s intensifying in many countries throughout the world.

    Recently, for example, Nigeria blocked 73 million residents from making phone calls for not linking their cell phones to their national digital ID.

    In Italy, a municipal government just announced it’s rolling out a soft social credit score in the Fall, the first of its kind in Europe.

    Domestically, Canada hasn’t issued coercive tactics to this level, and provinces are torn on implementing a digital ID.”



    So France dovetails with Bologna Italy ?

    Macron and Turdeau are the Young Turks…err Young Gallic Turdz of NWO


  5. COVID clampdown tragedy: Mom mourns loss of her sons at Rolling Thunder event
    Check out what this grieving mother had to say in an interview that is equal parts heartbreaking and infuriating.


    Jake and Kayne Noel died last year. Their deaths won’t go into the books as COVID fatalities, but perhaps they should.

    No, they did not contract the coronavirus. Rather, according to their grieving mother, Bev Noel, when the brothers lost their jobs due to the lockdown the stress sent them both down a spiral of substance abuse.

    Ultimately, both brothers overdosed. And Bev feels this outcome could’ve been prevented if the economy hadn’t been shutdown by the government.

    We ran into Bev at the Rolling Thunder event in Ottawa last weekend. Check out what she had to say in an interview that is equal parts heartbreaking and infuriating.



    Very painful to watch…
    How many stories out there like this?

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  6. People like yourself are unsung hero’s in my opinion. Politicians like Turdeau need to be prosecuted, convicted, then killed in some fashion, to be made an example of so others will think twice about abusing their powers.

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  7. Hi RAH

    Thanks for that breaking news about the Turvert and the Freeloader visiting Ukraine. The Turvert is above all a Grade ‘B’ actor and now he’s playing the role of the ‘Wartime Prime Minister’. We were primed for this visit by the MZM for the past week or two when there were newsbites of how all the other ‘leaders’ had visited Ukraine and the only one not making the trip was the Turvert.

    It is just another episode of Turvert giving the middle finger to sentient Canadians, the ones who recognize this War in Ukraine as just another Bankster/NATO war for resources…just another of the endless stream of colonialist wars to attach the gaping, bloody fanged, parasitic mouth to the tit of another resource rich country.

    The Bankster./NATO globalists are bankrupt and if they don’t attach to another tit soon…having economically hollowed out the USA…they will wither on the vine. If THAT were to happen…it would be the best thing that ever happened to humanity on this home planet EARTH.


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