Greencrow censored on wordpress?

Good morning folks. I wrote a post this morning which included some comments about possible censorship on the Internet. Ironically, this post is the first I’ve ever done that has been censored. It is called “Is the Tide Turning“. I will continue to watch to see if it is published. In the meantime, as I […]

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Is The Tide Turning?

Good morning beloved sentients. Before I get into the topic of today’s post, just a brief update. As my colleague Northerntruthseeker has reported, it appears that WordPress blogs are being suppressed on the Internet. I don’t know how they’re doing this…likely something to do with algorithms. But it appears that my posts are not being […]

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Planetary Treason Plus: Twitter Tsunami

UPDATE: September 18m 2022 Just got this off Twitter. A Plan to “refreeze” the North and South Poles via chemtrail/aerosol spraying of the atmosphere. What could go wrong and why do these assholes think they have the right to do this? H/T Dennis: Good morning sentients. We always know when we’ve struck a […]

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21st Anniversary of 9/11

UPDATE: September 13, 2022 Penny for your thoughts posted this great link about what happened on 9/11 and I’d like to repost it HERE. So many great research links disappeared in the years following 9/11 [were scrubbed from the Internet by the perpetratorZ] that to see one still surviving is remarkable. ******* Folks I cannot […]

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