Turvert Victim – One of millions

The Turvert must resign by the end of this week. Canadians have wasted enough of our precious time on him, his International Handlers and his Big Pharma buddies. We need to heal, to rebuild our nation and reinforce all our institutions–particularly the ones that affect our children–in order to protect our fundamental freedoms from ever […]

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Good morning freedom fighters. It is another beautiful, but cold. sunny day on the Malahat. The war for control of the reality on this planet continues and accelerates. Who would have thunk it…but the primary battlefield at this juncture seems to be my home and native land of Canada. Who knows why…but historically wars were […]


The Turvert took 78 Personal days off in 2021

https://www.thecountersignal.com/news/justin-trudeau-took-78-personal-days-in-2021 EXCLUSIVE: Justin Trudeau took 78 personal days in 2021 By Keean Bexte The pandemic has been stressful for everyone. But apparently more so for PM Justin Trudeau. That must be why he took 78 personal days off in 2021. This figure comes straight from the Prime Minister’s itinerary. Following the principle of charity, we […]

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