You have to Han it to them…

Turdblossom Telford and JFTurvert “In happier days”. “If anyone thinks Han Dong woke up one day and decided to go to the Chinese consulate and ask them to continue to detain the two Michael’s on his own is crazy. The question that must be answered is who ordered him to do this. The RCMP must […]

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The Hercules of Hypocrisy

Nobody does hypocrisy quite like the JFTurvert When Trudeau froze Trucker’s bank accounts for foreign contributions…he knew he had at least $200,000 in his Family Foundation–a donation from China. Hypocrisy on a Herculean scale! Licia Corbella: Trudeau offended by foreign money only when it opposes him Good morning sentients. Today is the first day of […]

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Scamdemic Update

…With a side of military grade psychological operation against humanity Good morning sentients. Finally going to put out another post today…My blogging muse went on strike after the last post where I again predicted the imminent resignation of Mr. Putrid. Again, I was WRONGO!!!! Folks, even I who have swum in the sewage swamps of […]

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And there is the whole Liberal gang – including Justin Trudeau – on the Facebook page of one of the Chinese police stations currently under RCMP investigation. How lovely. Zoom meeting between Trudeau and his 11 payees of Chinese largesse to attain their parliament seats. Good afternoon sentients. Continuing the countdown to the inevitable resignation […]

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Two Faced

Good Sunday morning beloved sentients. Unprecedented snowfall and sleet have wreaked havoc on our Malahat getaway. Leaky porch roof, collapsed storage tent…treacherous icy walkways…make for yet another day spent inside with my arthritic knees. It’s getting on two weeks since I ventured outside for more than a trip to the garbage. Walking my small dog […]

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Lie upon lie upon lie

“Fatface” Trudeau – speaking at the “Slava Ukraine” Rally in TO last weekend….hopefully this will be the last photo of him to gain notoriety. ********* NOTE: Before readers get into today’s post, I suggest you check out my important post from yesterday [LINKED HERE] if you have not recently done so. I’ve added quite a […]

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Sodom and Gomorrah here we come!

Drag Queen Library Story Hour in Portland, Oregon More perversion–perpetrated to deliberately traumatized and twist the malleable little minds of youngsters. ******* Good morning sentients. Still snowed in here on the Malahat, although it’s slightly above freezing and the two feet of snow has become heavy and is melting. Today I want to change topics […]

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