Canada is ROADKILL on the WEFer Highway

Canada’s national symbol the beaver — seen as roadkill on JFTurvert’s road/agenda to the WEFer Globalist/Communist State Minister of “Justice” and Attorney General of Canada David Lametti LILLEY: Trudeau government won’t share secret legal basis for invoking Emergencies Act By using a legal basis and definitions not found in the act, the government is […]

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EA Inquiry – Week of Decision

Brendan Miller was making reasonable points. Trudeau’s friendly judge had him removed just days before he was set to cross-examine the Prime Minister himself. He must be allowed back in. STORY: NOTICE TO READERS: This post was first published on November 22, 2022. Since the Emergencies Act Inquiry has entered a pivotal week of testimony […]

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Canada’s Family Album

Good morning sentients. Just a short post today because we’re again repositioning. I have included a couple of short videos that describe the current state of Canada. As I type, the Ontario provincial government is again threatening mask mandates for public spaces. As we all remember, that is how last year’s tiptoe to tyranny began […]

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NOTICE TO READERS + The SHTF re the Messenger RNA vaxxxZines + SOME other wEIrd stuff

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s constituency office in Burnaby, BC [suburb of Vancouver] Nobody likes him and they’re going to tell him so next Saturday NOTICE TO READERS Good Monday morning Sentients! It’s snowing here on the Malhat, so I’m glad I got my daffodil bulbs in the ground yesterday when it was sunny and mild. […]

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Emergencies Act Inquiry Update

Protester arrested in Ottawa February 2022 Some General Concerns Good afternoon readers. It is a mild, rainy day here on the Malahat. We’re expecting lots of rain and even snow over the next few days, but the trees have already been severely stressed and damaged by the three-month drought last summer. How that will affect […]

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Canadian Democracy Farce update

Public Order Commission documents reveal the threat to take trucker’s kids came from the PMO–and other disgusting news Good morning beloved sentients. I took a lot of time off blogging because of an overwhelming feeling of ennui and hopelessness at the current state of humanity. As I have said many times on this blog over […]

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