“Hold the Line” Daniel Bulford

Good morning readers. It has been an explosive past 48 hours or so here in Canada…Ground Zero for the Sentient Response to the Elite Globalist Satanic Overlords. Again, I do not quite understand why Canada is at the vanguard of the Human Revolt against a future of species extinction/Biometric Technocracy Tyranny. One would have thought […]

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Good News!!!

Good afternoon readers. In these cataclysmic “end times” we have to take good news where ever we can find it. This afternoon I saw this on westernstandardonline.com. Please read and I will have more comments to follow: *********** CBC viewership hits record lows as subsidies hit record highs The CBC has turned the record sum […]

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4 then 40 then 109

That’s the Israeli MV ZIM Kingston container ship lie that continued to grow and grow Folks I received a comment that the media first reported 40 containers being lost. Well I beg to disagree. In the very first moments after the first media report it was “4 containers” lost. Then in the hours subsequent it […]

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