Good News!!!

Good afternoon readers. In these cataclysmic “end times” we have to take good news where ever we can find it. This afternoon I saw this on Please read and I will have more comments to follow:


CBC viewership hits record lows as subsidies hit record highs

The CBC has turned the record sum of cash they received from the Liberal government into its worst ratings in history, new figures reveal.

Despite getting $1.5-billion of taxpayers’ money, data from the CRTC show the CBC has dropped to less than 3.9 per cent of viewership across Canada in 2018-2019 – a whopping drop of 25 per cent in just one year.

It’s a disastrous figure for a Crown corporation currently in the middle of internal squabbles over a decision to offer sponsored content under the CBC banner. Some CBC journalists fear that the move will weaken the public’s trust in them further, while many in the private sector believe that the move will crowd them out of an already dwindling advertising market.

The figures show 53 per cent of Canadians are watching on-demand TV or “discretional” channels while another 25 per cent are tuning into other private channels like CTV or Global. “Discretional” channels are those not required as mandatory by the CBC in basic cable packages.

All told, Canadians watched 618 million hours of TV over the year.

Quebec Sen. Senator Leo Housakos tweeted the CBC was in “free-fall” and would be demanding answers from the Liberal Senate leader Marc Gold.

On the weekend, it was revealed CBC president Catherine Tait doesn’t even live in Canada. She is currently residing in a $5.4 million brownstone in New York City.

Tait’s reign as head of CBC has suffered several controversies including the cancelling of regional dinner-time news broadcasts and current a staff revolt over a decision to offer sponsored content.

Canadian TV viewership. Graphic courtesy CRTC

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard


Greencrow comments: The good news is that there are way more sentients in Canada than we thought! Only brain dead moronic sheeple would watch the CBC…particularly the Globalist, brain-frying, propaganda newZ. So that’s the first positive takeaway. Secondly, I am sure this CBC stat is indicative of lower audiences for the other MZM outlets as well. All of these outlets are in “Lockstep”[TM] and if nobody’s watching the CBC…then nobody’s watching the other garbage either.

The other good news is that, with the CBC talking heads all being double jabbed…they will soon be in an even more vegetative state than they are now….or dead. So, it’s all good! Break open the bubbly and celebrate the imminent death of the CBC [Canadian Bullshit Corporation].

5 thoughts on “Good News!!!

  1. GC

    Impossible for CBC ilk to be more vegetable then they already are. I would confess to any crime if forced to listen to their babble…. To make it stop.


  2. RAH here:

    A while back I saw that spreadsheet breakdown of how Turdeau “bought/bribed” various media outlets with millions of OUR tax dollars.

    Quite shocking what I saw….

    Regardless of “ratings” collapse …I can’t wait for the Nuremberg 2.0 whereby the MSM anchors and reporters etc. will be held accountable for spreading lies, propoganda etc. and resulting in an irrefutable connection with the destruction of families and society in general . MEDIA is the VIRUS !!!

    IMHO more blood is on their MSM hands than even Gov’t….

    May they ALL rot in HELL….


  3. RAH Says:
    “MEDIA is the VIRUS !!!”
    Media is DEFINITELY one of the weapons used by the Technocratic Communists to take over the minds of the masses. Also, the various wireless technologies are acting on everyone’s nervous system to put people in a state of anxiety and fear making them easily controlled.

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    1. Hi RAH

      I agree that in the pyramid of evil power that we are confronting in this war…the MZM is definitely near the very top. None of this would have happened without their incessant 24/7/365 mind kontrol lying.


  4. The FDA and the lying MSM are on NOTICE!
    A great interview by Mike Adams and Dr Richard Flemming, who’s a PhD expert cardiologist, and has put the FDA and MEDIA on notice for their crimes against humanity. A great explanation of how the red blood cells function and how the death shots are killing people.

    “GONE IN 60 SECONDS – COVID vaccines DEPLETE oxygen from red blood cells – Dr. Richard Fleming”


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