“Hold the Line” Daniel Bulford

How Mainstream Journalism Works in Canada

Good morning readers. It has been an explosive past 48 hours or so here in Canada…Ground Zero for the Sentient Response to the Elite Globalist Satanic Overlords. Again, I do not quite understand why Canada is at the vanguard of the Human Revolt against a future of species extinction/Biometric Technocracy Tyranny. One would have thought that the primary force for good would have come from the US. As I said to GATCF US Bureau Chief FreakedOut this morning. If anything would have lit a fire under the complacent butts of Americans it would have been the shocking testimony of ordinary Yank Benjamin Gord last week.


Benjamin Gord being interviewed by Stew Peters

NOTE: Just received a correction to my information on Benjamin Gord from FreakedOut this afternoon. Here it is:

“Hi  gc,

The guy in the car crash in Arizona is named: Benjamin GORD and not Ben Gordon.

Bizarre Medical Kidnapping: Car Crash Survivor Wakes Up On Hospital Covid Death Protocol


“Benjamin Gord is a singer and songwriter. Earlier this week he put out a video that went viral detailing his experience with the hospital’s Covid death protocol after surviving a car crash. Benjamin claims that he awoke in his hospital bed from the car crash ventilated with the diagnosis of “Covid.” When the paramedics arrived at the scene of the accident, they injected him with some kind of sedative to “calm him down.” Benjamin was then taken to Flagstaff Medical Center….”

Gord revealed how he was kidnapped by paramedics who showed up at his vehicle accident scene and injected him with a narcotic that put him out for 8 hours.


Greencrow continues: Read what happened to Gord after that in my past two posts. HERE and HERE. My spideys screamed to me that a proper investigation into what happened to Gordon would lead directly to the top PerpZ in the Globalist Gangster Cabal. Sadly, as we have discovered over the course of the past two decades at least…Americans are incapable of conducting an Investigation into corruption in their country. It’s all jaw, jaw, jaw…and no action–unlike the Truckers Convoy to Ottawa.

I don’t know about my readers, but I am fed up to the gills watching the likes of Senator Rand Paulgrill” perps on TV. But, then nothing ever happens as a result of his “grilling”. I say, it’s long past time to stop “grilling” and start “deep frying”. Get off your butts, Yanks! Demand true warriors like lawyers Thomas Renz and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. start a real investigation into what happened to Benjamin Gord in that hospital!!!! The answers should finally wake up the Sheeple!!!

Now, back to the Canadian Revolt. Former RCMP Corporal Daniel Bulford is now in a top advisory position to the Trucker Convoy in Ottawa. Listen to his latest message to them from last night:

Former RCMP Corporal Daniel Bulford Now Security Advisor for the Canadian Trucker Convoy Tells the Truckers Not to fall for All the “Fake News” now being disseminated via the MZM – Urges them to “Hold the Line”

The minority government of the Turvert, issuing diktats from it’s Hitlerian Bunker somewhere in the Laurentians…is twisting itself into a pretZel trying to keep a lid on the escalating revolt by Trucker sentients. Yesterday they got the Ottawa City Council to convince a Judge to issue a diktat forbidding the honking of horns for the next 10 days. LOLOLOL…talk about “killing the messenger”. The Horns are just a symptom, not the cause–of the misery in that God-forsaken wretchedly cold and bleak city called Ottawa. I suggested on Twitter that the Truckers blast a recording of the geese honking below out of their truck windows…and see how that goes down.

Truckers should blast recordings of these geese out of their truck windows

This morning comes the news that long-time warrior Pastor Artur Powlowski has been arrested at his home again today. He’s now being held in prison because he was planning to speak to the Truckers Convoy blocking the US Canadian border at Coutts, Alberta.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski – Undercover Police [Were they even Canadian Police?] kidnapped him from his own home this morning just before he was leaving to speak to the Coutts Trucker Roadblock gathering


The feature of this criminal contravention of Powlowski’s fundamental rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution that I would like to focus on–were the undercover cops in a white van who were staked outside Powlowski’s home…ready to strike. Much like I would like to know more about the so called “paramedics” who injected, rendered unconscious then kidnapped American Ben Gorden, I would like to know exactly WHO these “undercover police” are who kidnapped Pastor Arthur.

Were the undercover cops even Canadians? Or, were they some international dark forces? In both cases–Ben Gordon and Artur Powlowski, these kidnappers broke the most fundamental laws of civilization. Laws that have been in force since the Magna Carta with its “Habeus Corpus” principle.

If the perpZ are able to breach the centuries old law of Habeus Corpus with impunity…with no investigation…and with no response from the citizens of whatever nation this is tried in…then we are truly FUCKED people! Make NO mistake. This is a WARNING OF IMMINENT STATE TYRANNY!

Greencrow continues: To round out this post I now present a series of headlines and links just sent my way this morning by regular contributor Dennis.

Video: Group of Moms Help Truckers in Ottawa. This Is What It Means to be a Citizen

Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau portrayed Ottawa’s protesters as violent, racists, and more… Here is one of many trucker’s tales showing this is as far from reality as it can go.

“Trucker’s Tales” is a collection of great testimonies from Canadians who take a stand for truth and freedom. God bless their souls.


The Elite Gathers Its Forces for Counterattack on Canadian Truckers

By Paul Craig Roberts

There are reports that the Ottawa police, faithful servants, not of the people, but of the ruling elite, are attempting to prevent food and water and all “material support” from reaching the Truckers. In other words, the ruling elite is making an effort to starve out the truckers.

There are also reports that Washington has appeared on the Canadian scene with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security. These two American agencies of the ruling elite are there to do “enhanced investigation.” The FBI and DHS are focused on identifying every protester and everyone involved in organizing and supporting the convoy and everyone who can be charged with “enabling the harmful and unlawful” protest. Vehicle registration, driver ID, and insurance status are among the data that “will be used in criminal prosecutions.”https://21stcenturywire.com/2022/02/07/the-elite-gathers-its-forces-for-counterattack-on-canadian-truckers/#disqus_thread

Canada Governor General Overwhelmed with Calls Demanding Trudeau Be Removed from…

Receiving an average of 25-50 calls per day, Mary Simon’s office received 4600 calls on the Thursday after the Truckers Protest.

Canada has always been far less of a democratic nation than perceived by the public. In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, democracy is clinging by a thread. If not for media, passing years would have enlightened Canadians on what “progressive ways” in government really mean.

Idaho pathologist says data show that “cancers are taking off like wildfire” thanks to COVID

Monday, February 07, 2022 by: JD Heyes


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Letter to Justin Trudeau

Letter to Justin Trudeau

By Margaret Anna Alice

Through the Looking Glass

February 8, 2022

Hey, Justin1,

Here is some unsolicited advice that may just salvage your legacy from the legendary humiliation you are presently hurtling toward at 105 kilometers per hour.

I know it’s cozy in your bunker and it’s easier to sustain your delusions about the Canadian people from your propaganda-lined womb, but you can only feign COVID for so long—especially since you’ve partaken in the exceedingly safe and effective injections you’re so adamant about foisting on your subjects.

The jig is up, Justin.

It’s time to stop hiding.

It’s time to stop lying to the public. It’s time to stop lying through the press. It’s time to stop lying to yourself.


It’s time to stop believing your own disinformation.


The date on this video is not correct. However reality has no date stamp.

Greencrow concludes: This past week the lines of battle were drawn…Sentients vs. International Globalist Tyrants. Now it’s time for all humans to choose your side and join the existential struggle–by contributing in what ever way your personal skill set allows. As for the greencrow, I will be manning the blogging ramparts…as I have been doing for the past over two years. Battle scarred and battle weary…I’m compelled by nature itself to defend my species...and in particular…my species’ children. Stay tuned.

15 thoughts on ““Hold the Line” Daniel Bulford

  1. Greencrow,

    The latest photo of Trudeau from his bunker looks exactly like the Son of a Bitch I worked for during the last part of my career. I can guarantee Trudeau’s hair is white by now.

    The CCP leaders never let their hair grey. They can’t show weakness.

    Although for me the few hairs I have aren’t worth dyeing.

    Things are happening so fast I’m just exhausted.

    The Canadian assault on tyrrany is the biggest in human history.

    Yes Rand Paul can arrest Fauci. It’s easy to do. The legislative branch in the US can arrest executive officials for violations of congressional rules.

    I think lying to Congress multiple times by Fauci is a violation of the rules of Congress.

    I contributed to Renz and others. Put up posters around my neighborhood. Sent emails, texts. So at least I’m doing something.

    I still wear the mask at stores because getting into a physical confrontation is no fun.

    On a last note the US Department of Defense is now saying that their epidemiological database showing that the vaccines are poison was just a ‘glitch’! A 1000% increase in neurological adverse events is just a glitch!!?

    Two explanations:

    1 They are totally incompetent;

    2 They are criminals.

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  2. Re: above post
    The date on this video is not correct. However reality has no date stamp.


    The irony is this is an older video from last year, but is even more timely as it was accurately forecasting that vaxx deaths are ramping up as we speak.

    This would be in sync with insurance companies denying death claims for vaxxed.


  3. Just a ‘glitch’!

    Renz Whistleblowers DMED DATA Reveals Incredibly Disturbing Spikes in Vaccine Injuries Across the Board:

    279% SPIKE in Miscarriages
    487% SPIKE in Breast Cancer
    1048% SPIKE in the Nervous System
    155% SPIKE in Birth Defects
    350% SPIKE in Male Infertility
    369% SPIKE in Testicular Cancer
    2181% SPIKE in Hypertension
    664% SPIKE in Malignant Neoplasms
    680% SPIKE in Multiple Sclerosis
    551% SPIKE in Guillain-Barre Syndrome
    468% SPIKE in Pulmonary Embolism
    302% SPIKE in Tachycardia
    452% SPIKE in Migraines
    471% SPIKE in Female Infertility
    437% SPIKE in Ovarian Dysfunction
    269% SPIKE in Myocardial infarction
    291% SPIKE in Bell’s palsy
    467% SPIKE in Pulmonary Embolism

    This is so bad that Trudeau, Biden, Merkel, Boris Johnson should have their bags packed.

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    1. Yep, Nuremberg 2.0 is gonna need a bigger gallows. Looks like Trudeau’s corrupt fellow WEF assets are chockablock in the municipal government/police in Ottawa. Almost like they knew it would come down to this. Or, more likely…do you think that’s the case in every single city in Canada???!!!


  4. This afternoon saw one of the strangest Gov’t ads on Global TV

    It was discussing “guns” in Canada and recent incidents(aka criminals….gangs)…..clearly priming fear to citizens.

    Pretty clear that some sort of FALSE FLAG is forthcoming…Canadian Gov’t is getting desperate


  5. From Jim Stone:


    :………There was talk of live streams from Ottawa being cut, but when I last checked they were still going at just before 7 PM EST.

    The police are going to use state child protective services to break up the trucker rally
    The excuse: 100 kids are living in the trucks, the trucks are loud, the trucks are a carbon monoxide threat and the kids are going to be endangered by a police action. That’s right: The police are openly admitting they will soon do something that is going to put the lives of the children in danger if they are there at the rally. It does not get more blatant than this, and worse, they look like death camp Nazis.

    The meta talk is perfectly clear: Like communists always do, they are beginning to use the children as a reason to break up the rally. They definitely will steal the children to boot. They will “protect them” by giving them a warm place for perhaps a week before they get handed over and frazzle dripped or raped. That’s exactly what they will do, don’t expect anything else, SEE THIS.

    Rumor has it that communications have been cut from the protest area so this cop’s video was probably released as an immediate precursor to ParlaimenTiennanmen square. Trudeau doubled down today, that communist is going to “teach people a lesson”, just like his dad – Fidel Castro.

    The protest DID NOT WORK. Canada is too far gone.

    The “YOU KNOW SIX POINTED WHO’S” SIMPLY OWN IT ALL and don’t give a damn, they’d rather enjoy burning it to the ground……..”


    The Truck Convoy organizers had a press conference recently and alluded to the possibility that communications would be blacked out.

    The world needs to keep an eye on Ottawa.


    1. Those of us who have been fighting in the CovIDian Cult Plandemic HOAX VaxxxZination Genocide War trenches for two years now…are well aware how high the stakes are. Why do you suppose all those family men drove across the country and are now holding out in the most unpleasant, godforsaken city in Canada? Not because they wanted to go to Ottawa. Because they want to live and for their children to live.


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