New Wood Stove Installed

Just another test to see how this blog platform functions before I start regurgitating the horrific news from the MZM again. Above is our brand new wood stove, just installed yesterday. Amazingly, I discovered I am actually able to upload photos…so that’s the learning this time.

Today we’re celebrating belated Thanksgiving with turkey and all the trimmings…so I’d better get busy and put that 20 lb. fowl into the oven!

Onwards and upwards on this new blog. Now if I can just upload my “Vitruvian Man” Battle Flag permanently then we might be “good to go” ; )


Vitruvian Man Battle Flag

6 thoughts on “New Wood Stove Installed

  1. Nice wood stove Greencrow! Love the glass front door.
    I hope you can get some good seasoned firewood for the season.
    I’ll bet you’ll be blogging right in front of the wood stove in a nice easy chair. 🙂


  2. Happy Thanksgiving (late does not matter, it’s the warmth and love of the day that counts). Cheers for the move away from Blogger and for the move to your island cottage, perfectly complete with new wood stove.


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