The Insanity of our Times

PLUS: Thanksgiving for Faith during a time of Universal Atheism

Homeschool your Children to save their lives

H/T Simon Hicks

Good morning readers. Hopefully all my regular readers and contributors have my new website address by now. Share it with those you think may find my blog posts interesting.

We’re having a quiet day today after all the hubbub of yesterday’s belated Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner. I cooked all day and the meal was enjoyed by all. I told my family it was a “dry run” for Christmas Dinner at our new bugout. The wood burning stove was the highlight of the event…casting a warm glow and comfortable heat throughout the cabin.

After the meal I sat in my old rocking chair in front of the fire and felt truly grateful with my family/grandchildren nearby. As I always say, however, it’s the calm before the storm that the PerpZ have planned for us in the coming months. As proof, here is an article just sent me this morning by regular contributor Dennis:

JR Nyquist really sets it all out like a neat waiter. All the clumsy yet effective bullshit the sheeple have been brainwashed with over the past two years. All the statistical lies and deception…all the treason amongst the military, political and medical [Big Pharma] leaders. I agree with Nyquist that a firing squad is too good for the likes of the Turd. Hanging is the only appropriate punishment for the crimes that he and his “opposition” allies have committed against Canadians.

But I was up close and personal to my sheeplized/brainwashed son and his wife last evening and, even now, exposure to the dark depths of their ignorance is like a bucket of warm spit being thrown in my face. I know they will sleepwalk off the cliff of getting my grandchildren vaxZed!!!

I go on Twitter and the brainwashing Tweets being launched at me like surface to air missiles from that platform are more spit. Next I will go off Twitter if it keeps spamming my account. I don’t want my brain being damaged needlessly.

Still, as we gathered around the table last evening…I foisted my faith on my atheistic adult family members [I believe that atheism is a main cause of the crisis we’re in.] I insisted on saying “Grace before Meals”–as we called it in my family when I was growing up. Grace was said before every dinner. I explained to my granddaughters that, even if one did not believe in Jesus or God, we all had to admit there was a “force of life” that drove all the creation and new life on this planet. I told them this “force of life” was the reason they were born–and the reason that the harvested apples I had on the table as a centerpiece had ripened this fall. I told them the reason “Thanksgiving” is always celebrated in the Fall is because that’s when humans harvested the apples off the trees and the other crops. Humans want to thank whatever “force of life” was responsible for providing the food for the coming winter. Then I folded my hands together, bowed my head and said Grace…and for the first time in their lives they heard these words:

“Bless us, Oh Lord

For these are Thy gifts

Which through Thy bounty

We are about to receive.

Through Christ, Our Lord


Then for good measure and to the chagrin of the other adult members around the table…I did the Sign of the Cross–“The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost. Amen”

I did not feel guilty for foisting my beliefs on the gathered family…I had provided and cooked the dinner and, as my mother used to say: “He who pays the piper, calls the tune.”

H/T FreakedOut

2 thoughts on “The Insanity of our Times

  1. As I walk around my grocery store here in Southern New Hampshire I now see about 25-30% of shoppers masked up again, and I figure they’re probably vaxxed too, so, as NTS says, I know I’m shopping with the Walking Dead.
    The grocery store does NOT require masks but only recommends them. It sure is a creepy feeling being amongst these sheep suffering from Mass Psychosis. I feel sorry they succumbed to the hypnosis….but… I’m also sorry to say , I want them gone as they’re now dragging us awake individuals down and make our fight against the tyrants more difficult. Once we get the upper hand in this battle for freedom maybe we can remove the vaxxed sheep to their own “Island” to live the remainder of their lives out. Of course, the PerpZ, along with all their henchmen, will get the noose.


  2. Hi FreakedOut:

    Thanks for your comment. LOL I didn’t know I had to “approve” comments by clicking on the e-mails I’ve been receiving so there was a bit of a logjam with the comments. Now I know.

    Yes, it is depressing to see people wearing masks when they don’t have to. Some people were born to be slaves and the PerpZ knew that and played their game accordingly. Here in BC the unvaxZed cannot go to any entertainment venues, restaurants, pubs etc. Recently my Son and his wife invited us to go to a local pumpkin farm to pick out a pumpkin with our granddaughters. We were happy to see that the pumpkin farm website had “No proof of vaccination required”. so we could have actually gone out to a social event. Sadly the tickets were all gone when we tried to get some.

    These unvaxZinated permitted events are extremely popular…dontchaknow.


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