For any Duffus who still thinks Canada is a free country–or that our Charter means anything…Read this!

PETITION: Fire Justice Adam Germain

Sign the petition to have Justice Germain investigated for court misconduct.

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Goal: 20,000 Signatures

In a shocking court order more suited to Communist China than to a liberal democracy, a Canadian judge just sentenced a Christian pastor to a bizarre form of censorship.

It’s actually worse than censorship, it’s compelled speech: whenever Pastor Artur Pawlowski speaks in public about the pandemic, government lockdowns or forced vaccines, he must then immediately repudiate his own views and express the official government opinion.

Whether it’s a sermon, a media interview or even a Facebook post, Pastor Artur is now compelled to say things he doesn’t believe — and if he doesn’t, he risks another prison term.

In a shocking 40-minute rant, the Canadian judge — Justice Adam Germain of the Court of Queen’s Bench — repeatedly attacked Pastor Artur’s character and engaged in a series of personal insults, none of which had anything to do with the issues at trial.

The judge also raged that Pastor Artur dared to visit other churches, including in the U.S., to warn them about the threat to their liberty — and so he tailored his court order to make that impossible, by forbidding Pastor Artur from leaving the Province of Alberta for 18 months.

The judge summarized his rant in a shocking 12-page ruling, which you can see here.

We are crowdfunding Pastor Artur’s appeal of this appalling ruling, and we are optimistic that it will be overturned by higher courts as unconstitutional and without legal precedent in a democracy.

But that’s not enough. Justice Adam Germain’s hate-filled rant has brought the administration of justice into disrepute. His anti-Christian bigotry has no place in Canadian courts.

Please sign the petition on this page to have the Canadian Judicial Council, the body that disciplines abusive judges, suspend Justice Germain while his misconduct is investigated.

There is no room for anti-Christian hate in Canadian courts.

Please click here to help us crowdfund Pastor Artur’s appeal.


Greencrow comments: This is the worst legal decision I have ever seen in my life and, in the very remote possibility that Canada survives this Communist Takeover [which I now highly doubt] the legal decision above will be parsed by law students forever as to how the Justice System could be completely destroyed in the space of 18 months.

They want the Pastor dead. That is evident. I watched an interview with Pastor Pawlowski after the so-called “decision” was handed down and he said, rightfully, that he would rather die than follow it. I would feel the same way. And that is the intention of the decision…to destroy the man spiritually and, because they know he is a spiritual man…they hope that will result in him destroying himself physically.

I would call what happened in the Alberta court not a bad decision, not even a travesty of Justice…I would call it an obliteration of the justice system and an attempted murder of Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

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