Graphene flake in the blood of a vaccinated victim – notice the damaged “clumping” red blood cells around the graphene

Good Morning Sentients. Boy do I have a treat for the unbraindead this morning. Last evening I was sent the links below by pusnboots2. The video shows the “amaZing” properties of Graphene. Isn’t it reassuring to know that your friends, neighbours and perhaps your adult children are now full of this stuff? Watch how…when exposed to another substance, added by the scientist it begins to smoke, heat up, then totally explodes and incinerates into weightless flakes. No need for coffins…what a concept!

pusnboots2 says:

“Was just sent this. thanks for sending me this.  added in the vid download and another 2 links.


wowsers- imagine the nanotechnology implications of this material.

Graphene : Demonstration of Graphene (HRCM) to Indian Scientific delegation led by Dr.Vijay Bhatkar.

Pusnboots2 continues: I’m not sending this to get anyone to invest; just to point out how important this is to the agenda. this is not an investment I’m interested in knowing it is being used for evil and not for our own good.  .

Greencrow says: For good measure pusnboots2 also included the link below as to what the Spanish are saying is in the chemtrails over their skies.

Finally, for this post we have this from FreakedOut:

Greencrow comments: Funny how some people, like Claudia from “Cabin Talk” are able to see into the future while others walk around in the present with their “Eyes Wide Shut”.

FreakedOut adds: NOTE: “The date of October 2019 in the post? Before our POTUS election year of 2020! “2 years ago” was the furthest back I could see the comments go.”

Greencrow concludes: Will be posting more later on but this should be enough to get people spilling their coffee all over their keyboards ; )

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