Weather Assault on BC coincides with RCMP vax standoff

Good morning readers. Just an update on a few things…specifically, the weather here in BC and the status of this blog on its new WordPress Platform.

After yesterday’s historic flood situation in the Pacific Northwest…where a new buZZword was used to describe yet another weaponiZed weather incident: This time calling it an “Atmospheric River” [TM] , this, the morning after the flood… it’s dry, cool and sunny in the Pacific Northwest. Folks, am I the only one connecting the dotZ between all these Madison Avenue-style created buZZwords, i.e., the unprecedented “Heat Dome”[TM] on Canada Day, July 1, 2021 followed by the unprecedented “Cyclone Bomb”[TM} scheduled for Labour Day, September 1, 2021…followed by the unprecedented “Atmospheric River”[TM] scheduled for Remembrance Day, November 11, 2021.

Here is an updated report on the BC Flood situation just sent to me by BC Bureau Chief RAH:


BC Patriot RAH

Vancouver is now completely cut off from the rest of Canada by road


“The only way to drive between the coast and the rest of Canada at this time is through the United States.

However, Washington is also seeing highway closures due to the inclement weather and residents would need a COVID-19 test to re-enter Canada.



Chilliwack area is under water…major food supplier.

Well engineered weather event, probably co-ordinated with heat compliments the other. Coquihalla apparently will take months to re -open. If these reports are true, the Gov’t is hiding how bad this is.



Greencrow continues: How many more of these unprecedented WeaponiZed Weather events need to take place before the sheeple wake up and say Duh?! What’s the next new buZZword weather event scheduled for Christmas, 2021? An unprecedented BliZZard/Ice Storm of the century???!!!…Stay tuned.

No doubt our home here on Vancouver Island sustained some structural damage due to yesterday’s flood but it is minimal when compared with what others have suffered all over this Province…so I am not complaining. I am just very thankful that the previous owner of this home took the time, expense and effort to shore up the foundation with loads and loads of tightly packed gravel all around the foundation perimeter. I believe it held about 95%.

Another coinkydynk that must be mentioned before we leave the topic of the Turd’s weather assault on BC–is the timing to occur on the very day that the RCMP members must all either be vaxZed with the bioweapon vaxZine or quit their jobs serving and protecting Canadians.

NOTE: the Mounties for Freedom group posted a notice about this vax mandate on their Telegram channel yesterday. I don’t seem to have the link to that anymore. It is significant to note that when I Went to the Mounties for Freedom website I got a  Dangerous Webpage Blocked!! Notice We’re not in Canada anymore Toto. The opposition is not allowed to speak out anymore. We are now in the Communist dictatorship of Kanada!

The timing of this was not lost on the greencrow. The perpZ wanted the effects of the flood to be exacerbated by the low staffing levels of the National/Provincial police who are charged with protecting British Columbians from the dangers and effects of the flood. This Satanic deprivation of humanity from the services we created and paid for with our taxes to protect us is not only happening in Canada. It is happening throughout Christendom. Here’s a story from RT about how the same practice is going on in the United States vis a vis the National Guard:

Am I the only one to see this methodical kicking of the slats out from under humanity? Long and carefully planned by the Satanists…in preparation for their final assault…which will be sooner than later as time is running out for them. See the link below to the shocking disclosures of criminality in the just released book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The Impact of this book will put more pressure on the PerpZ to pull the pin on their de-population grenade.

Now on to the status of this blog. Just a brief report that so far I am quite happy with the new platform. The only thing I would love to add is my infamous Blogroll. I tried but it seems incompatible with this “theme”. Additionally, the blogroll only appears on the cover page of the blog but those who have subscribed to GATCF get notified and are directed to the latest blog post…not the cover page. So, even if I managed to add a blogroll, few would ever see it.

BTW, the subscriptions to the blog have risen steadily as have the daily views. It is now almost on a par with my old Blogger platform. That was a very quick transition, IMO. Also, greencrow’s popularity on Twitter has skyrocketed to 41 followers, lol. That’s a lot for me and translates to more hits on my blog as I always post on Twitter when I have a new blog post. I walk a very fine line on Twitter, however. I say things that I should be banned for and am stunned that I’m still on that platform. Fortunately, or not, greencrow only has one posting gear– “full throttle”. I am unable to post “conservative” or “diplomatic” views. So it is just a matter of time. Frankly, I do not care if I am kicked off Twitter…I have absolutely no respect for the “gatekeeper” social media. IMO, it is one of the many reasons we are stuck in thi CovIDian Cult quick sand and sinking fast as a species.

Finally, I want to present a post sent to me this morning by one of the rarest of all breeds…the longtime truth blogger…John Kaminski. He sent me this article from The Cariboo Sentinal. It is a review by Doctor Joseph Mercola of the new book just out by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. exposing the Arch Satanic criminal “Dr” Mengale Fauci. Here is The Book Review. Please read at the link below and I will have final comments to follow:

Arthur Topham, Pub/Ed., The Cariboo Sentinel

“Standing Guard for the People and the Land”

Greencrow concludes: Yes, folks, brave bloggers like John Kaminski, Arthur Topham, and the “Three Canadian Amigos”: Northerntruthseeker, Penny for your thoughts and Greencrow as the crow flies…are a rare and endangered species. In this past year all the Amigos were booted off Blogger and are now on new platforms. Coinkydink? I think Not. We are now down to the short strokes of the Depopulation, Technocratic ColonialiZation of the Human Body Agenda. Funny how it was all laid out back in 2013 by a neat waiter [D.Dees] and tied up in a bow in the artwork below. I Rest my case [for now ; )]

7 thoughts on “Weather Assault on BC coincides with RCMP vax standoff

  1. RAH here:

    Apparently, only 2/3 of Austrians have been ” vaxxed”…ie one should read the stories carefully…they often waiver between “UNvaccinated” versus “FULLY vaccinated”. The definition keeps changing…soon to include boosters.

    What is intriguing is that the current Austrian Chancellor Schallenberg has been in office for barely a month….he was appointed after his predecessor had to step down due to some scandal.


  2. Hi RAH
    Thanks for this insight. Context is crucial in understanding the CovIDian Cult Media lieZ. They make blanket statements as fear porn. It is only when you find out the context do you understand the magnitude of their deception and manipulation. For instance, I believe only about 50% of Canadians are what they now call “fully vaxZed”. One of the clues to this “context” is the panic the perpZ are currently in to fear porn us all into stampeding off the vaxZine cliff. They have pulled out all the stops and are blatantly and openly criminal in their overriding our legal rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Constitution. They all belong in jail, the sooner, the better.


  3. RAH here:

    Watched Dr Bullshite presser

    As you allude to, the PerpZ are giving signs of desperation.

    She was asked about Austria’s lockdown and if this could happen here…she gave a very cryptic answer aka not now….

    Then she chirps about masks…people should move to more medically approved…even though we know they don’t work.

    J and J vaccine coming for health care workers….sucker may not be mRNA but still damaging.

    BC has,…drum roll…..approx. 30 cases of flu…..GET YOUR FLU SHOT !!! (aka wtf, haven’t people figured this out yet ????)

    More variants on the way…

    Vaxx for young children coming soon…

    Towns flooded out have “coincidentally” have LOWER vaxx rates. One can deduce that people on evacuation will ” spread Covid “.

    Adrian Dickhead waffled re “surgeries” and operating rooms….when it is clear many hospital staff have quit

    Media whore Keith Baldrey is now a certifiable sell out.
    Talked about some infamous cartoon of tombstone with words “I did my own research”, implying people who don’t swallow the Covid Koolaid deserve to die.
    F*ck off asshole.

    Scumbags will pull more stunts between now and Xmas…



    From Jim Stone site:

    Definitive proof the vax is a scam.
    Gibraltar is almost 100 percent triple jabbed, and they are shutting down for Christmas over an “outbreak”. Also, look at Pitcairn. Pitcairn is the last place on earth anyone would ever want to be. It is a small island that was mined to oblivion for fertilizer and the landscape is wasted. Fewer than 50 people live there. 50 people who were an isolated pocket that would never have gotten Covid, yet all are double jabbed and 12 are triple jabbed (just do the math on the numbers posted). Pitcairn proves that someone is so hell bent on wiping out humanity that they could not even leave Pitcairn alone. That right there, on this chart, is proof of how grave the situation is, and how hard “they” are going to push this shot.


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