“Jumping the Shark” means to finally exceed the
boundaries of believability and thus destroy your basic premise

Good morning folks. Another rainy day deep in the mountains of the Pacific North West. But sadly not far away enough to escape the florid psychosis of the Satanic Globalist De-populators. They’re frantically working towards their immediate goal for Christmas [total lockdown] in their long term project of corralling of all humanity and funneling it onto their depopulation “soft kill” slaughter house ramps with the help of their omnipresent political and HELLth authority Judas Goats.

The current gambit for the month of December, 2021 is to shut down all travel over the Christmas Holidays and lock everyone in their homes. That’s the immediate goal folks–so do please keep your eye on the bouncing ball! Do not waste your precious time sorting through the mound of steaming feces called “Omicron“. On this blog I will no longer give that word algorithmic power but will simply call it the “Shark”–because that’s what’s going on here. Jon Rappoport called it a “Kindergarten covert op” and that’s how intellectually feeble it is.

“The new African virus mutation: right on time; a kindergarten covert op for the ignorant” – Jon Rappoport

It is a sign to us sentients from heaven–of how desperate they are–that they are risking it all by jumping the shark. Things are not going well. Sentients can confirm that by watching any US sports event and seeing the crowds, unmasked, totally ignoring the grave “Plandemic threat/hoax”. It’s all over in the US except in the political and media Cult Priests/Judas goat class.

omicron variant: From announcement to trendy to 48 hours

King Herod…appears in the Christian Gospel of Matthew as the ruler of Judea who orders the Massacre of the Innocents at the time of the birth of Jesus, [NOTE: The fact that Wikipedia doubts that the “slaughter of the innocents” occurred actually lends credibility to the Matthew version of events”
King Herod the Turd following the ancient tradition of the King Herod the First

Of course up here in Kanada where we’re subsisting under the hammer of King Herod the Turd…it’s a slightly different story.

Canada Confirms Five Omicron Cases

The lockstep is working much better in the smaller, more acquiescent/sheeplefied Canadian “market”. Although, folks, I had a good laff last night when I was watching the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Team play the Montreal Canadiens in Montreal. On the few occasions when the camera panned the hockey team benches…there were all the coaches and trainers…masked to the hilt. While, seated directly behind them, were the fans…almost all unmasked. It was a stark comical confirmation that the Masking is entirely a Cult! I laughed out loud. Nobody bothers with it anymore. It is like an arcane religious ritual that has lost its cachet….like the sign of the crossgenuflecting, wearing ashes on your forehead and a scapular around your neck. It is now limited to the priest class of the cult only!

As for the rest of us…WE WILL NOT COMPLY!

The cult Priests [and wanna be priestesses] are now nervously looking over their shoulders and seeing the opposition not only ignoring their diktats…but approaching and menacing their hitherto sacred lairs. Witness this recently Op-ed from the Toronto Sun:

Teresa Tam – Canada’s unelected, Globalist appointed, Chief HELLth Authority

STUDIN: Dr. Theresa Tam must now resign

What does Cult Priest-ess[?] have to say about this link just sent to me by Dennis?

1st 4 cases omicron….previous vaxed

“shouldn’t surprise us, right?” Must keep this “small” detail hidden from the sheeple flock. Of course there are so many contradictions to their orthodoxy/theology now that the Cult Priests can barely keep up and must keep calling for reinforcements from their Globalist media and United Nations assets.

The shark has raised its terrible head out of the water but is now being recognized by all sentients and even some sheeple as a papier mache replica with a mechaniZed, movable jaw. The “behind the scenes” manipulators of the shark jaw are now becoming concerned that the public will see and know the real mechanics of the monster….


…as written about by Clive Maund HERE originally published Thursday, November 25, 2021

The closer we get to victory…the harder they will lash out. Like the cornered ratZ that they are. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “OMICRON – THEY’VE FINALLY “JUMPED THE SHARK” + We Will Not Comply!

  1. Jim Stone site pointed out OMICRON is an anagram for MORONIC.

    His site also had a screen shot of the “variant” schedule…”OMICRON” was not due till summer 2022.

    I’m like many truthers getting overwhelmed with info…but one thing that stands out is the FULLY VAXXED have gained NOTHING….they are in the same loop as UNvaxxed re: testing, quarantining etc. moreso if they indulge in such previous freedom as as travel . Between now and Xmas will be hell on earth as PerpZ tighten the noose.



    1. You called it correctly, RAH, when you called the vaxZed “suckers”. With all the Booster diktat’s coming up…they’re even worse off than had they grown some gonads and stood up for human freedom.

      Sadly. nobody wants to admit when they’ve been suckered. That’s why they will be played again by the media and political Globalist assets–into blaming the unvaxZinated for their woes. That’s the next gambit.


  2. Not alone I know, I have long pondered means, motive, and machinations associated with a more recent (of many) layers of the COVID SCAMdemic, namely, VAXXED|NOT VAXXED. I had an insight last night as I headed toward dreamland. The phrase “approach|avoidance” came to mind. Those of us who had passing introduction to “Psychology” will recognize at least the pairing of words. A few will know the animal cruelty that proceeded under that “banner”. I suspect lessons learned from experimenting with and on animals has been applied by those who consider (all of, most of) mankind “animals”.

    Perhaps someone more versed in the pseudo-science of Psychology can speak to this insight more intelligently than I can. What I recall is that “approach|avoidance” environments wreak havoc in the mentation and physical well-being of mice and rats. No doubt dogs and cats and moneys and humans were (and are!) subjected to the same kinds of torture.

    We speak of “cognitive dissonance” and other syndromes. As the “experimental genetically modifying” injections took center stage in this bizarre, Orwellian|Kafkesque story-line, The Dialectics of COVID appear to have applied “approach|avoidance” techniques that reach into the core of human relationships, from marriage and family, through neighbors and community, ripping right through whole countries!

    Comments welcome.


    1. Good analysis Alan. As Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has said many times…the psychological war being waged against humanity is highly sophisticated and uses all the latest cutting edge techniques. No doubt there are some strategies being used we don’t even know exist yet…such as weather warfare geoengineering as a possible example. When we win this war [and we must win it!] experts will dissect the methodology of the perpetrators for thousands of years into the future…in order to prevent this from ever happening to our species again.


  3. Green Crow, Namaste.
    Watched an incredible video last night about a German scientist Dr Andreas Naock, who spoke of the graphene in the shots.. That was on Nov., 23, two hours after posting his video, he was killed.

    “Graphene hydroxide was found in all the vaccines studied. Graphene oxide form structures in the blood stream approximately 50 nm wide and 0.1 nm thick. They are very thin but very strong. They act like little razor blades in the blood stream that can cut the blood vessels. They do not decompose
    While not a site I frequent, the video has been censored elsewhere.

    Garuda sends Blessings


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