Dr. Charles Hoffe – Canada’s Doctor hero!

Dr. Charles Hoffe BC Doctor burned out of his office during firebombing of Lytton BC in summer 2021

Good evening folks. It’s difficult to post about the absolute criminal murderous tyranny that’s going on in Canada and particularly in British Columbia over the past few days. The BC Bullshitter came out with another diktat yesterday where she forbid any unvaxZinated person to attend or be invited to any gathering over the holidays. Oh, and the Vancouver Canucks Hockey team is on a “covID protocol” lockdown of sorts with tonight’s game summarily cancelled due to “covID Protocol”. In other words, they’re putting the screws to us IMO, because the target numbers set by the international Globalist PerpZ for their death-dealing biometric surveillance vaxZ uptake have not been met. We plebs don’t know what those numbers might be but the political assets know what they are–and what the punishments are for not meeting them.

Remember this…all those who stupidly went and took the mRNA, DNA-destroying vaxZines because they thought the government would leave them alone and give them back all the freedoms they had before the hell started…have been proven to be dupes. The vaxZed can’t travel…without the threat of having Scwabs tickling their blood-brain barrier and/or being quarantined in a prison-like setting for dayZ after their return. They can’t go into restaurants in groups and mingle with their vaxZed friends…and they can’t go to Hockey games. BUT, But, but…they can STILL get and transmit the so-called covID. So what did they actually get out of the vaxZed deal? They got to swagger around town for a couple of months thinking they were better than the unvaxZed. Now they know the government wants THEM dead–as much as they want US dead.

IMO, one of the reasons BC has been singled out for particularly harsh illegal and criminal treatment is because of the doctor who speaks in the following two videos. BC Doctor Charles Hoffe gives two barnburner speeches below. I advise readers to listen to every word of both speeches. The good doctor does not mince words. In the second video that I got from Press for Truth, Dan Dicks website [H/T FreakedOut and Dennis] Dr. Hoffe alleges that it was because of the research he was doing on the covid vaxZine effect on human blood–that his Lytton BC office was firebombed last summer during the so-called “Heat Dome” [TM] weaponiZed Weather event. We all suspected that the Lytton fire was targeted…because of the outspoken Dr. Hoffe…but this is the first time I’ve heard Dr. Hoffe say he suspects this government criminality as well.


Greencrow concludes: Another reason why the bullshitter was ordered by her International Handlers to deny British Columbians our god-given right to celebrate the biggest feast day of the year could be because it is suspected that British Columbia…like the UK in the report below, is well under the publicly-disclosed numbers for vaxZinations. As you can see below and when you listen to Hugo Talks in the attached video…the UK has 23 million totally unvaxZinated citizens–not 5 million as reported in the MZM. Extrapolated from those figures…there are probably only a couple hundred thousand British Columbians vaxZinated. Sadly, most of them are related or personally known to me. [sarc]

Greencrow concludes: I want to thank and commend Dr. Hoffe for single-handedly [along with Dr. Malthouse] preserving the tattered and sullied reputation of the medical community here in British Columbia. My own doctor showed me she was a complete imbecile and a corrupt and complicit coward by going along with the masking, the social distancing and then the vaxZing. The Covidian Cult has been a great litmus test to see whether your doctor has any brain cells or not.

Finally, the Bullshitter might win the war to destroy Christmas 2021…but I do believe it could very well be a Pyrrhic victory. All the vaxZed who belatedly wake up and smell the coffee as a result–could result in her reach exceeding her grasp. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: On 12/18/2021 at 7:08 PM, “John Kaminski” wrote:

No gatherings for households with unvaccinated people in them under new B.C. restrictions | 17 Dec 2021 | The new restrictions on gatherings announced in B.C. on Friday include an outright ban on parties and other informal events if unvaccinated people are on the guest list. During Friday’s announcement, provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said the new rules mean households that include unvaccinated people cannot host parties or other gatherings. “If you are unvaccinated or have members of your family who are unvaccinated, we cannot have personal gatherings in those settings right now,” Henry said. The new restrictions take effect at midnight on Monday. They limit personal gatherings to one household plus 10 people or one other household, and only if everyone involved in the gathering aged 12 or older is vaccinated.


Since they began to attack our children…hanging is too good for them.

14 thoughts on “Dr. Charles Hoffe – Canada’s Doctor hero!

  1. Here we go again, sweetheart. They are proving us right, sigh. Again. Yanno, I wish we could be very wrong, just once. I mean really wrong on a big one but that just does not seem to happen. You name it, we have predicted it ages before. I wish I could say we are running out of ‘conspiracy” theories but they just keep coming up with more crimes every day to keep us busy. But so far, the huge and worst ones are manifesting at an incrementally horrific rate. All the rest are distractions and dividers of the people.

    I just listened to both videos. Thanks again for your work. To be honest, I am beyond words with this all. It blows me away how people have fallen for this same crap again and again and again and now, ALLOW another CHRISTIAN holiday ruined for so many. The holiday of union and all things good between us, a short time, if possible, to shut the world out and enjoy each other. I know my little family cancelled all gatherings and visits again. Fear of the … well fear of this crap. BS Bonnie can do no wrong. What she says… goes.

    Dr. Hoffe is truly a hero. My own doctor is showing himself, after 29 years, to be like yours ~ sucked in.

    Son in law is pushing me for the booster and said, “Well just talk to Walter. He will help you feel better about it.”

    My response, “No one could make this ‘better’.”

    Interesting note. I could feel a sinus infection coming on. Slow, a week of twitches. I got some echinacea and went on “heavy duty” dosage (30 drops 5X a day.) and the next day it was gone. I just knew if that had gotten to my lungs I would have come down with bronchitis or something. It has always been thus for me. Why I swim, for the lungs. Massive doses of C, D, K, zinc and echinacea.

    I am hoping to avoid the booster confrontation until after Christmas because this time, sacrifices will be made and I am hardening my heart to the emotional pulls. This time, with all the evidence, I ain’t going there again. My sis in law has been supervising the shot centres since the beginning and STILL believes the mumbo jumbo and I do not dare go up against her because, of course, she is the expert. (I admire her for her previous surgical work and great successes, but we do not see eye to eye on much.)

    OK there is rare sunshine outside, much like the skies of cold crisp Ontario winters. I am heading out to get some air…

    Keep well. I like knowing we are on the same island!


    1. Hi Snippits:

      Don’t take any more shit! VaxZ shit or verbal shit from your son-in-law. Take a page out of RAH’s book as written below and draw a line in the sand. Say: “You demanded I get vaxZed–and i got vaxZed–so no more and take your booster and shove it!”.

      I just found out my younger vaxZed son got engaged a few days ago in Ireland. They will probably want a big wedding…perhaps even in Ireland. Of course i will not be able to travel there due to not being vaxZed and also I would not be able to attend a catered event for the same reason.

      It took me less than five minutes to adjust to that reality and to chose in favour of my bodily sovereignty over attending a social function. For the first, say minute and a half I was very sad because ever since they were babies I dreamed of attending their weddings.

      But then I put my priorities in order and decided it’s a no brainer. I can always have them over for a nice small dinner celebration after their wedding.

      I’m going to be posting a video interview with an Irish woman tomorrow who explains what’s really going on better than most. After watching and listening to what she has to say I am even more convinced that I am and will be making the right decision.

      Best of the season to you with lots of warm wishes going your way. Maybe we can meet in 2022. : )



  2. Personally, I have had enough of this Covid BULLSHIT and am going to draw a line in the sand in the near future.

    If my family, immediate and extended, is going to keep swallowing the Kool Aid I am just going to have envision them as alien creatures and increasingly distance myself from them.

    No one is obligated to torture oneself over this matter.


  3. “No gatherings for households with unvaccinated people in them under new B.C. restrictions | 17 Dec 2021 |


    I am drafting an e mail to my vaxxed family that due to this restriction, I will recuse myself(UNvaxxed) from ALL family functions , starting with or Xmas dinner next week.

    I will of course embellish it with dire consequences , penalties etc. if “caught”.

    They are vaxxed…and we have to be consisted with the diktats by BC Goddess Dr Bonnie etc..
    Stoopidity needs to be cornered, boxed in and flushed.

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    1. Hi RAH

      I think you’re on to something. Yes, back up the Bullshitter 100%. Take it to the Limit! Show them the insanity of it all. And let them pay for their own “vaxZed only” Christmas celebration. I also like your adverb…”flushed”…it jives so well with the “Bullshitter:,

      You and I will keep in close contact over the holidays and enjoy/celebrate/toast to one another’s sentience,



  4. Hi GC

    I have parties that are sounding boards…and I will sleep on my proposed action..but not for long.

    Talking to a colleague …I submitted even Jim Jones and other CULT leaders at least had set doctrines……this COVID CULT keeps morphing and evolving. If Dr Bullshite said cut of X..Y..Z…COVID cult member would.

    However…I think in the battle for humanity it is at the “SHITE OR GET OFF THE POT” stage.

    Make your “HILL I WILL DIE ON” decision and strategic moves asap…….or line up for jab..quarantine camps and draft your epitaphs etc.

    In other words WAKE THE F#CK UP…… yesterday

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  5. What will it take for people to wake up and stop complying? Will it be the number of booster shots they will be forced to take or will it be the number of vaxxed family or friends that are injured or die suddenly and unexpectedly before they realize they have been had? Will it be too late by then?

    My son, who is unvaxxed and staying that way, was talking to a group of Hutterite farmers in Alberta recently and could not help asking them if they were taking the jabs. They said “Hell no!, nobody in the colony has taken them or will be taking them.”. Why are they awake when so many in society are not? ….They don’t watch TV!!!

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  6. It just happened, I am, as of 15 minutes ago, banned from the family and am reeling from the emotional dump that is guaranteed to expand within me over the next while. It is all my fault I am told.

    I am selfish. I am trying to live up to an on-line persona. I don’t know the science. My daughter is sleepless and it is my fault. She thinks I am being unbearably selfish in this. The children have had breathing challenges (let us discuss the toddler going to daycare.) It does not matter that I do almost nothing, go almost nowhere, the virus could get me in my apartment hallway and I could carry it. Oh sister, he went on and on, and I just went unheard. Saying that the others had been no good within months just brought on a scientific explanation of why that was an erroneous assumption that I am not educated enough to refute. I told him I did not want long discussions because I was incapable of refuting him, I just knew what I had read and seen. That was immediately dismissed as junk alternative sources..

    If I were not so broke I would go and buy a bottle, but that is out of the question. Cannot send you an email at the moment cos I am too upset to find the new password to open up the account. Gonna be a very long Christmas Day….

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    1. Christmas Days are “relative” [in every sense of that word, lol] You could spend the day with people who don’t respect your humanity never mind your intelligence or independence…or, you can dine alone and preserve your self-respect.

      Pity your daughter having sleepless nights due to a callous, thick-sculled bully. Pity having to live with such an entity. At least you do not have that burden.

      Due to these kinds of government-provoked family losses, RAH, FreakedOut and I formed a new adopted family earlier this year. I predict that these new sentient “families” will spring up all over the world….Sister!!! : )


  7. Hi Greencrow;

    A most excellent talk by Dr. Hoffe. He lays his thoughts out well.

    Reading through the comments makes me think we really do need to start another parallel society.
    We voted in humans and agreed to abide by laws created by humans, so why are we letting genetically modified organisms have any authority over us.? The vaccinated GMO former humans might have memories of when they were human and perhaps at that time they did carry some authority, but they abdicated their right to both when they rolled up their sleeve and chose genetic modification over remaining human.
    In the plant world we differentiate between heritage and GMO, with the clear understanding that heritage crops are original, pure, trusted and whole. After more than two decades we still can not trust GMO foods, and do not know how much they might be contributing to cancers or how much damage is actually being done to the natural environment where they are grown.
    We can assume that the former human GMO’s are suffering from spike protein damage to the brain; that they are also suffering from mass psychosis, and are willingly joined to a death cult.
    Many might even be fully disconnected from God and are leading the unaware down a negative path.
    They have clearly broken many laws concerning peoples rights and freedoms as well as having committed crimes against humanity, not only against adults, but their anti-human agenda has even extended to our children
    Although I don’t like the idea of further dividing society, for our own safety and sanity we need to jettison the former human GMO crowd from having any bearing on the future direction of humanity.


    1. I agree with your view of the transhumans, CNC. They have eaten the forbidden fruit and now are not worthy of Eden. There are some who have repented and they should be allowed to have a DNA test to see if their DNA has been damaged.

      You’ll note they put all the focus on tests to see if they have Omicron or whatever. Rather, they should be testing to see if there has been permanent damage to their DNA…always distracting from the essential…that’s the name of their game.


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