Disband the CovIDian Cult –with all it’s sacred rituals. distancing, masking, and the holy sacrament–synthetic mRNA injection.

Church of the Holy Synthetic mRNA Injection – Blessed Sacrament

Disband the CovIDian Cult –with all it’s sacred rituals. distancing, masking, and Its holy sacrament–The synthetic mRNA injection.

Good morning readers. I am definitely trying to keep my blogging down today. The hopelessness of our nation is over the top and now beyond description. We have been taken over by the worst Satanic cult in human history. The only way to describe it is in the graphic I made at the top of this page. All I have to offer is a few tidbits from twitter which I will present with a last comment at the end.

Who is the Real Canuck in this Photo?

Folks…as I posted on Twitter yesterday, I am old enough to remember when NDP MP Charlie Angus used to tell the truth in the House of Commons, when Globe and Mail “journalist” Susan Delacourt used to be a real investigative journalist…and when the police used to help the elderly cross the road…instead of trampling them into it. In that regard, we have an update and a photo of the Indigenous Elder who was mowed down by the galloping RCMP horses a few days ago:

CandySero is a legend
She is a full blooded Mohawk elder from Turtle Island
She has the love of hundreds of freedom loving Canadians who signed her truck
And thousands around the world 🌎🧿🍄🙏🏻
Please send her your love and prayers

They deliberately went after Alexandra because Trudeau was personally humiliated by one of her questions during the last selection campaign

Folks, it is literally making my mind spin seeing how the Lockstep Agenda30 is rolling out like clockwork, especially here in the Communist geographic locale formerly known as Canada. It’s all dovetailing nicely into place…the demonstration…the Emergencies Act…the swiping of money from people’s bank accounts…the financial meltdown.

Here is a panorama of photos of the traitors who are going to be voting for permanent Tyranny in Canada in the House of Commons tonight:

HT Dennis:


Greencrow concludes: Sentients…I don’t know how much longer this blog will last on the Internet. While all the distracting hoopla was going on in Ottawa…again in lockstep and like a well oiled clock…the Trudeau legislation to clamp down on Freedom of Speech in Canada was reintroduced into Parliament. Previously, this draconian legislation which is contrary to the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was tossed out at least twice. But he dragged the shit-stained piece of legislation back into Parliament again under the cover of the Emergencies Act and no doubt this time the “minority government” will pass it again. Perhaps, like the swiping of money from peoples’ bank accounts…it will be made retroactive so that bloggers like me, Northerntruthseeker and Penny for your thoughts will be dragged off to gulags on the basis of our past posts–written when the Charter and Constitution DID apply. That’s how bad things are in Canada now, folks. I would escape if I could. Believe me, I think about how to get the fuck out of here every single day.

Just one more thing before I close. Keep an eye on what’s going on in Russia/Ukraine. the Freeloader might have her lovely little war yet. Read this report from Russia Today about the Putin announcement that Russia will recognize Donetsk and Lugansk [the Donbass] as independent states. This may be a preliminary step to annexing the Donbass back into Russia. Putin said in his speech that the only reason this territory is NOT currently part of Russia is because the Bolsheviks gave it away [during the ‘divide and conquer’ part of their tyranny.] So, mentioning “the Bolsheviks” in his speech was an important clue as to who he believes are the enemies of Russia. Keep in mind–both Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are communists…as is the Freeloader.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Putin just ordered the Russian military into the Donbass as “peacekeepers”…CHECKMATE FREELOADER!!!

Stay Tuned.

This protest is against the expanded mandates that now prevent me from visiting my disabled brother

4 thoughts on “Disband the CovIDian Cult –with all it’s sacred rituals. distancing, masking, and the holy sacrament–synthetic mRNA injection.

  1. You are not a defeatist,2.more years and we all will be freed.from these satanic.If you know anything about astrology ,you will see this to be true. The American an French Revolution and the American civil war were fought where the planets are theses next two an a half years .Also remember how complacent we become to our freedom allowing the Turd to steal three elections.The Holy One is awakening the spiritual in us,as so many have turned away .You are safe where you are.An please stop taking verbal abuse from your family.No more cooking diner’s for them. Your granddaughters don’t need to witness that .Your stronger than you know.Eleanor an I will keep you in our prayers.I didn’t tell you I lived in Point Roberts for 16 years and the Canadian government never stopped messing with me.4 times I went to jail for them trying to stop me from entering Canada. My father was born in Alberta,They denied me my citizenship.but my brother lives on Vancouver Island now. So be strong an let your granddaughter’s see who you really are. GOD BLESS You. Gregory Taylor Fort Davis Texas

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  2. That Klaus shwab quote isn’t true. I bought that stupid book so I would have evidence of his evilness. Ugh I had to use Amazon to get it too. . But it’s a quote from a book written in the 90s I believe. The shwab book is terrible in its own way, but he does not call for the death of billions.


    1. You’re right W. This particular quote is dysinfo. I forgot when I re-posted it after finding it again on Twitter. The principles stated do, however, correctly reflect the Agenda21 agenda.


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