Smelling a Judicial Rat all the way from Nova scotia

I smell a Dead Judicial Rat All the Way from Nova Scotia to BC

Good Sunday Morning folks. Another beautiful but cool day on the Malahat. I figure the climate modification perpZ must be off manipulating the weather in Australia at the moment. Hey! They can’t be EVERYWHERE! I saw a headline a few days ago saying there’s massive flooding down under again this year.

Today I’m going to take a break from addressing the Globalist PerpZ current caper of whipsawing the Sheeple back and forth between the CovIDian cult/vaxxxZination scam and the Start WWIII with Russia terror campaign. This morning a saw a rare update on the inquiry into the ‘WORST MASS SHOOTING IN CANADIAN HISTORY’. Here’s the report from Twitter below. Please read and I will have concluding comments to follow:

Nova Scotia Mounties should be compelled to testify at mass shooting inquiry: experts

Michael McDonald, The Canadian Press
Published Sunday, March 6, 2022 8:50AM EST
Last Updated Sunday, March 6, 2022 8:51AM EST

Public trust in the inquiry investigating the mass shooting in Nova Scotia almost two years ago would be undermined if the RCMP officers involved are not compelled to testify, legal experts say.

Last week, the commission of inquiry came under intense scrutiny when the RCMP’s union argued the 18 officers would be “re-traumatized” if they are forced to relive April 18-19, 2020, when a man disguised as a Mountie fatally shot 22 people during a 13-hour rampage.

Police officers routinely give evidence under oath at trials and public inquiries, even when the subject matter is profoundly disturbing and graphic. But the federal-provincial inquiry in Halifax, which started hearings last month, has adopted a novel, “trauma-informed” approach.

Last Thursday, federal lawyer Lori Ward — who represents the RCMP — said the inquiry had entered a “brave new world,” where the traditional trial-style approach had to make way for a new approach of gathering evidence.

The RCMP’s union — the National Police Federation — argued that the Mounties in question have already provided detailed statements to police and the commission, which it said should be good enough for the inquiry.

Christopher Schneider, a sociology professor at Brandon University in Manitoba, said the inquiry must be careful not to cause more trauma, given the horrific nature of Canada’s worst mass shooting. But that priority must be balanced with the public’s right to know what happened.

“The officers’ testimony is integral to having a complete picture of what happened so that we … can make sure that this never happens again,” said Schneider, author of the book “Policing and Social Media.”

“That’s really important to restore public confidence and trust … The RCMP should be compelled to provide testimony.”

Schneider said he doesn’t buy the union’s argument that previously provided unsworn statements should be good enough for the inquiry.

“We could surmise that maybe there’s something that the RCMP don’t want the public to know,” he said. “Maybe they’re trying to conceal something. We don’t know.”

Tamara Cherry, a communications specialist who works with trauma survivors and the media, said she can understand why some survivors of the shootings and victims’ relatives believe the RCMP are trying to hide something. She agreed that the officers should testify, but she insisted that their participation must be handled in a trauma-informed way. And the key to accomplishing this is advance preparation, she said.

“We need to be having thoughtful, meaningful conversations along every step of the way, thinking about how every action, every decision, every question could potentially be harmful to anybody in the room,” she said, noting that an RCMP officer — Const. Heidi Stevenson — was among those killed.

That’s why the lawyers and others involved in the inquiry should have received training on how to handle a trauma-informed proceeding, she said.

“We wouldn’t have these sorts of arguments coming forward if this inquiry made a commitment ahead of time to ensure that all the questioning would be done in the trauma-informed way,” Cherry said.

Part of that process would be preparing witnesses to ensure they aren’t triggered and that potential harm is mitigated through the use of supports and accommodations, she said.

In sexual assault cases, for example, complainants are given the option of testifying from another room, rather than facing the alleged perpetrator. During public inquiries, graphic crime scene and autopsy photos are no longer shown.

Meanwhile, the rancour over the direction of the inquiry is probably causing further trauma for the victims’ families and survivors, she said.

“Right now, I can see how the (RCMP union) could say, ‘Oh well, this system isn’t set up to properly take care of the (officers),’” she said. “It is absolutely a valid argument, and one that should be opening up the broader conversation.”

Wayne MacKay, a professor emeritus of law at Dalhousie University in Halifax, said it’s clear that the investigating officers should not be treated in a way that triggers more trauma.

“There must be creative and innovative ways or even traditional ways in which you can deal with witnesses, both on examination and cross-examination, that would allow that to happen,” he said.

“However, not having people testify at all is a very extreme way to achieve a trauma-informed approach. While it might not produce trauma, it … could possibly call into question people’s trust in the commission.”

The RCMP’s role in trying to stop the unfolding tragedy is central to the work of the inquiry, MacKay said.

“There is no real way to deal with this horrific matter without causing some discomfort for a wide range of people,” he said.

On another front, MacKay said he agreed with speculation that the Mounties may be trying to avoid testimony and cross-examination in anticipation of two civil lawsuits that have been filed against the police force by some victims’ families.

MacKay said if the RCMP continue to push for an exemption, the commission should issue subpoenas to compel their testimony. And he stressed that all testimony should be subject to cross-examination, which will allow lawyers for the victims’ families to test the validity of each officer’s statement.

“That is the best way to get to the truth,” MacKay said, adding that rumours and conspiracy theories about the RCMP proliferated as the inquiry completed a 15-month investigation behind closed doors.

“So in a case like this, to have evidence which is not … tested evidence puts the whole inquiry under a cloud from which it may never escape.”

Brandon Trask, an assistant professor of law at the University of Manitoba, said the RCMP’s union could not direct members to ignore a subpoena.

“If there is a subpoena issued, it’s not an invitation, it’s an order,” he said. “If a subpoena is issued, you know that that would certainly be a game changer.”

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 6, 2022.


Greencrow concludes: lol…the above report could be given to first year law students as a primer on what corruption of the judicial system looks like. Having excuses being made for not requiring RCMP to testify before a “15-month investigation [being held] behind closed doors. is the epitome of a kangaroo court.

lol oh those lily-livered RCMP SWAT team members and regular forces…we must protect them at all costs [including the judicial system itself] from the “trauma” of telling the truth about what happened in Nova Scotia two years ago–when a “madman lone nut [TM]” rampaged around the Nova Scotia outback in an RCMP police cruiser shooting up civilians. lol. These police knew when they joined the RCMP that they would be viewing and later testifying in court about traumatic events AS PART OF THEIR JOB!–yet now we must spare their tender psyches.

SIDEBAR: As a frontline child protection social worker for the BC government for eight years I frequently testified in court about the traumatic events I witnessed in the course of my service to the children of British Columbia. At times I needed to testify about very traumatic events but I never once shirked my duty. My last day on the job, ironically, was spent in court testifying all day about a child in need of protection. During the coffee break I happened to be next to the Judge in line at the courthouse coffee shop. She turned to me and said: “I understand you are retiring. The Ministry will miss you as you are one of the best social workers I have ever heard testify in court.” Folks. My own ministry did not say such kind words to me when I retired. I took the random words of this judge as the crowning moment of my career.

The truth folks, is that Nova Scotia is one, if not THE most corrupt provinces in Canada in terms of its bureaucracy and institutions. Nova Scotia is once again proving that dubious distinction…by making a mockery of justice in this “closed door investigation”. The truth is that the mass murder that took place in Nova Scotia two years ago was a False Flag carried out by the RCMP itself at the behest of the Federal and provincial WEF/CSIS moles in those governments. It was perpetrated on the people both as a terror event and as a means of corrupting the security agencies involved. The False Flag operation continues as the corruption moves from the security agencies to corruption of the judiciary. As you can see from the lawyers and “stakeholders” ludicrous defense of “preventing trauma” to the police. Every time they use this as a tool to truncate justice…they are corrupting the judicial institution itself.

Nobody knows and nobody ever will know what happened on that night two years ago. That’s how citizens will know that the False Flag was an unmitigated success for the evil perpZ that are now keeping stalwart and sentient citizens, myself included, under indefinite house arrest in the formerly Free Nation of Canada.

6 thoughts on “Smelling a Judicial Rat all the way from Nova scotia

  1. Hi GC..

    Great post as usual,

    IMHO..the RCMP have always been a disgrace….moreso now.
    They are the equivalent of the FBI in USA…they are Gov’t goons whose role is to compromise/obstruct justice.

    Keep in mind that any current RCMP officer has had to show proof of vaccination since last Fall 2021, which means they are gutless cowards and likely suffered mental and physical damage from the Vaxxes.


  2. Here are some of the questions I have on this.

    Where did the $475,000 in $100 bills that Wortman picked up from a Binks facility in Dartmouth NS come from? The public can’t just walk into a Brinks facility and pickup a duffel bag of cash. This was prearranged at a high level. Was Wortman an RCMP Agent? RCMP informants never get that kind of money but agents do if they provide enough really good information.

    Had Wortman infiltrated the NS Hell’s Angels and ratted them out to the RCMP? The HA kill informants if they find out. Did the RCMP some how blow his cover and were the HA on to him? If so, he would be very angry and would have nothing to lose (except ending up in hell) by going on a rampage.

    Where did Worman’s guns come from? Did the RCMP provide them so he could protect himself from the HA?

    If this speculation is anywhere close to correct the RCMP are going to look very bad indeed. No wonder the RCMP don’t want to testify under oath.


    1. Here is a good BC site:

      This blogger often exposes the criminal element and their relationship with RCMP.
      Their thesis via many posts is the RCMP wishes to arrest one class of criminals so that the HA can control drug trade. Having a criminal monopoly makes life easier for the “authorities”.

      Further to GC post above….recall if you fight a traffic ticket…if the officer does not appear in court the ticket is thrown out.

      Is this what the underlying goal is with police failure to appear because they may shite their pants wah wah wah….and as a consequence the case is thrown out…all by design ???


  3. Greencrow,

    I don’t know if you know JP Sears.

    I like him a lot.

    My retirement came when my mother got very ill and ended up near death. ‘They’ (The evil HQ US Department of Transportation potentates) told me I had to travel for mandatory training.

    I told them ‘I can’t travel because my mother is very ill’.

    They called my boss’s boss and told her I was an embarrassment.

    I know corruption is rife in all governments.

    I actually knew a man who got his wife involved in an illegal scheme. She was naive and believed him. It cost her 10s of thousands. She divorced him and he was forced out of public service, but kept his pension. He had a heart attack though.

    I could go on, but it would take pages.

    The most corrupt are the people that are very good at it and they rise up thru the ranks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I watched that video by JP Sears. By far the most compelling part of it were the clips of interviews with that Dr. Harari who is one of the “masterminds” of the Great Reset. Anyone, and I mean even the most abject Sheeple, who listens to that man would understand the pure evil of their project/agenda and would fight like hell to defeat it.


  4. RCMP anecdote:

    In 2003 I drove to see the aftermath of massive Barriere BC wildfire.
    I drove over a bridge and was pulled over by an RCMP for alleged seatbelt violation.
    I was given a ticket….but something didn’t seem right…

    The RCMP officer was a Sargeant, who was posted in town about 2 hours away.
    The town of Barriere had its own RCMP detachment, so why is this officer here 2 hours from his own detachment

    Later, I saw an article that the very same RCMP Sargeant that had ticketed me was caught stealing cocaine from an RCMP evidence locker. The courts went a bit easy on him because he had a ” substance abuse problem. ”

    Again…why was he outside his own jurisdiction ..was he doing dirty deals ???
    How many people had they arrested that the courts showed zero mercy on ?

    I have more stories coming…


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