Western elites are exploiting the Ukraine conflict to lower the standard of living

Scam Alert

Good Sunday morning Sentients. Here in the “new Iron Curtain” country of Kanada we are being acclimatiZed to the new “covID Economy”. Just this morning my partner told me that our yearly utilities bill has gone up by $600. They tacked on the new charge of “sewage” to the regular items of garbage collection etc. I guess in the coming years we’ll have such items as “fresh air”…”being able to walk outside” and “having rain fall on our backyard garden” as extra items arbitrarily tacked onto our taxes and assessments. They will push the envelope as hard as they can because, as we shall see in the analysis below, their agenda is to generally lower our standard of living.

Hey, this has been done all throughout history when the elite come to coloniZe a tribe or a nation. Remember how the Europeans moved the First Nations off the prime coastal lands and into “reservations” in the interior deserts? Well, that is the same process that is going on to us. Except, because it is and will be done via “high tech” the sheeple won’t recognize it and perhaps they’ll be so impressed by all the giZmos, bells and whistles, that they’ll even PAY FOR IT to happen to them. That’s the plan.

The War on Ukraine, like the CovIDian Cult Scam before it, are two of the tools being used to lower our standard of living. The other is the “carbon tax”/Climate Change HOAX…where our taxes are being use to pay for the weaponiZation of the weather which is used to destroy our land/environment…move us off the land into urban highrise rathole shit towers…so they can then grab our land at bargain basement prices. So easy to see…for those with unblinkered eyes anyway.

Have you noticed on TV these days all the advertisements are full of blacks and black culture? There’s one commercial for eye glasses which you would think was being shown in the US deep south. All the actors are black and the narrator has one of those deep south “black” accents. Very annoying. I don’t relate to it at all. I dated a black man for four years when I was in my 20’s so I don’t think you can call me racist. I call those ads racist! I think they are geared towards minimiZing the majority white culture in a method to set us up for more of their selective depopulation schemes. I also believe the War in Ukraine is a “white on white” war that was set up to depopulate the whites in that region–in preparation for a elite-driven infusion of blacks from all over the world. That’s what they’ve done all over the West…without the whites even catching on…we’re SO naïve.

Here is a video from Twitter of a white man going off to fight the Ukraine War on the side of Russia…perhaps he knows what side is going to leave him with a plot of land to raise his family on in the end…vs what side is going to make sure he’s killed in battle.

Below is an op-ed I found in Russia Today yesterday which I am able to access via the Browser Brave.com. Canadian athlete and writer Rachel Marsden was born and grew up just a km or two from where I’ve lived for over 30 years here in Coquitlam. She now lives in Paris and writes a regular column picked up by news agencies world wide. I agree with Rachel that the Ukraine War was yet another of these long-planned covert psy-op that, along with the CovID psy-op and the Climate Change psy-op is supposed to bring about the destruction of the current western economy and the installation of a new economy based largely on the theft of resources from the middle/lower classes and the depopulation/enslavement/pan-surveillance of survivors by vaxxxZine mRNA nano-technology. No wonder they’re rolling out the biometric ID/QR Code currency already in Ukraine. Canada, currently under the jackboot heel of the Turvert, is also being lined up for the rollout. Without further ado…here’s Rachel’s take on the big picture goal of the Ukraine conflict. I will have concluding comments to follow:


Western elites are exploiting the Ukraine conflict to lower the standard of living

“It seems to be a continuation of the trend where you must sacrifice for the greater global good or be ostracized by the thought police

by Rachel Marsden


Western elites are exploiting the Ukraine conflict to lower the standard of living OP-ED

It’s impossible to escape the constant undertone of the need to sacrifice for the greater global good or else be viewed as a selfish prick. And now, you risk even worse branding by the thought police if you don’t fall in line with this new outlook: That of a Putin-enabler. 

Since Russia launched its military campaign in Ukraine, Western elites have been arguing that we all must collectively and senselessly concede to lowering our basic standards of living in order to hit back at President Vladimir Putin. In reality, all it does is allow them to continue to profit from our increasingly lowered expectations while all we get in return is the satisfaction of our own virtue signaling. 

French Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire called on all the French to “make an effort” on their energy consumption to cope with the rising prices. People should “realize that we’re entering into a new world” amid the conflict in Ukraine, in which we “must accelerate our independence vis-à-vis fossil fuel,” he said in an interview with the news channel BFMTV earlier in March.  

Meanwhile, France’s ecological transition minister, Barbara Pompili, announced that public institutions would be asked to “reduce by one degree” their heating in response to the spike in energy prices since the onset of the conflict. 

Le Maire let the cat out of the bag in evoking a “new world” – a phrase which seems to be on the lips of top western officials these days, including US President Joe Biden earlier this week at a business round table. “Now is a time when things are shifting and there’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it,” Biden said“We’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.”

And chief EU diplomat Josep Borrell has also asked Europeans to “cut the umbilical cord that connects with Russia,” by using less heating, apparently unaware that it could potentially be redirected to other markets while Europeans sit around waiting for their newfound beaming virtue to generate heat. 

There has long been American pressure on Europe to cut itself off from Russian gas. The hostility towards the needs of the average citizen living within the European Union has been framed as looking out for their best interests against Russia. The Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act of 2019 was designed to sanction corporations involved in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction to “address Russian pipeline projects that create risks to U.S. national security, threaten Europe’s energy security, and consequently, endanger Europe’s political and economic welfare.” 

Not surprisingly, the legislation was introduced by Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from “big oil” Texas, which could eventually profit from the EU losing Russia as its supplier. According to US government data, in 2021, the EU was buying about 2.3 million barrels a day of Russian crude oil and condensate – or 49 % of the country’s exports.

The problem is that there are no immediate practical substitutions for Russian energy. And while turning down “Putin’s gas” in your French home may be appropriate in any case – and I speak as someone who has never once turned on the heat in my home in 13 years of French living – there’s something else going on here. It seems like politicians are exploiting the current situation to condition people to accept paying more while accepting less value, and with no real end or practical solution in sight. The fact that Le Maire manipulatively played on emotions by evoking images of Ukrainian children in an appeal for basic energy conservation should raise red flags.

Likewise, German Agriculture Minister Cem Ozdemir told Spiegel magazine that people should fight Putin by changing their diet. “Despite the fact that I am a vegetarian, I will not preach that everyone should go vegetarian,” he said. “But let’s put it this way: Eating less meat would be a contribution against Putin.”

This message is brought to us by the same elites who routinely peddle the idea of westerners eating bugs in mainstream media. Ozedemir’s request has nothing to do with Putin or Ukraine and everything to do with this obsession of relentlessly guilting the average person into complying with, and pressuring one another into, lowering their own living standards under the pretext of fighting climate change, or Putin, or whatever other cockamamie excuse they think you’ll accept.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, climate change fighter, and relentless vaccine peddler, has become the largest private farmland owner in the United States and is set up to be one of the big beneficiaries of a meatless future. Particularly when considering that Gates has openly supported genetically modified food production, while the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested millions into the genetically modified food company, Monsanto, according to NBC News. Other Silicon Valley billionaires are also investing in fake food production, including PayPal founder Peter Thiel and Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

This makes one wonder if it’s really about sticking it to Putin and not about the wealthy trying to convince you to advocate against your own best interests. 

Not even your sacred pets are safe. A Bloomberg News opinion piece suggested recently that people should cut corners on the health of their companion animals in this period of crisis-provoked inflation. “If you’re one of the many Americans who became a new pet owner during the pandemic, you might want to rethink those costly pet medical needs,” the piece stated.

Another op-ed in France’s Liberation newspaper asks“How far are we prepared to go in economic sanctions against Russia and what they mean in our daily lives?” 

It’s impossible to escape the constant undertone of the need to sacrifice for the greater global good or else be viewed as a selfish prick. And now, you risk even worse branding by the thought police if you don’t fall in line with this new outlook: That of a Putin-enabler. 

At this rate, we’ll soon be at the point where if you aren’t living at the same standard as a Ukrainian refugee, then you’re an earth-killing, gas-guzzling, democracy-hating glutton who has no business participating in polite society. If you think that it can’t happen, just ask any of those who were shunned and marginalized without pity, losing their jobs, lifestyle, or freedom of travel amid the Covid crisis when they refused to get vaccinated in order to obtain the coveted digital health pass.

Western elites are exploiting this crisis to accelerate a long articulated agenda that seems destined to lead to collective impoverishment to the benefit of a select few. They point and scream at Russia, advancing their pawns and scapegoats from behind fake virtue. Don’t fall for it. “


Greencrow concludes: I laughed at the Twitter treatment American actor Leonardo DiCaprio received a week or so ago. He’s one of the many celebrities who’s being blackmailed into fronting for the cabal re the Climate Change HOAX/agenda. Well, after one of his recent virtue signals…Twitter became alive with photos of his private collection of luxury jets and yachts…all big CO2 burners. DiCaprio was proven to be, like the rest of them, an arch hypocrite!

Just like the Turvert…who never saw a hippo he didn’t want to crite!” as I frequently comment on Twitter.

If Rachel Marsden’s analysis is correct, however, we in the West are being set up by the Globalist elite for a ‘controlled demolition’ of our Western Standard of Living. By the end of this year we will likely be in a society where the standard of living has dropped enormously, leading to:

–empty store shelves – highly inflated prices

–gasoline will put vehicles/travel out of reach for the average driver

–Banks will limit ability to borrow and withdraw our OWN money

–QR codes will be implemented which will surveil [and ultimately control] every single purchase we make

–There will be regular and increasingly severe climate “weather events–Heat Domes, Cluster Tornadoes, Atmospheric Rivers [TM]–all destroying our private lands–in order to move us off them into pre-built Urban High Rise warehouse/ghettos…like the Chinese.

This is all on the table for the future–and will be our fate–unless something happens to intervene. Whether it be a massive public awakening…or divine intervention…or just Vladimir Putin giving the Globalist ghouls a good ass-kicking in Ukraine [I’m hoping for the latter] Stay Tuned.

2 thoughts on “Western elites are exploiting the Ukraine conflict to lower the standard of living

  1. From Jim Stone:
    Sent to him by a reader:
    (IMHO…this party NAILS it…)

    A reader sent the following. I ask my readers to consider this might be true.
    “You know what?

    I’m thinking tonight.

    Putin was a WEF Young Global Leader trained by Schwab&co. Supposedly he dropped out of the program…….where is the evidence of this?…..oh, I know, the Ukraine war is supposed to convince us of this.

    Again, this WAR in Ukraine, was just TOO timely, to quash the covid kill shot narratives. It is a distractionm AND, more importanty it provides a NEW source of BLAME for all of our woes….supply chain shortages, energy shortages, food shortages, etc,etc. All the things necessary to strip average people of their wealth, to lay the foundation for the GREAT RESET.

    And recall that Putin forced a lot of covid kill shots on the Russians too. For what? The common cold/flu??? So Putin was in lock step agreement with this HUGE FRAUD. You never heard of russia using Ivermectin or HCQ which is a known anti-viral, which if used stops all the colds and flus. Don’t tell me that Putin is clueless about all this.

    Soros has been criticizing Russia…..and now China too. What’s up with that? I think it is pure smoke and mirrors.

    Jewish Communists CREATED Communist China and Communist Russia.

    All the pre-planned sanctions against Russia have been nullified by BRICS countries (China, India, etc.) providing a way around ALL the sanctions. Russia isn’t hurting at all.

    The US sanctions this, and Russia retaliates with that. Tit for tat…..just a little too even handed. It seems pre-planned and orchestrated.

    The sanctions against Russia are hurting NATO countries more than Russia. What’s up with that?

    We know this Phony war plays perfectly with the Great Reset: to strip everyone of their wealth and kill off a lot of people due to energy shortages and food shortages and other supply chain shortages…..and that all gets blamed on Russia. . . .Russia is the new scape goat. It used to all be blamed on Covid, but now we have Russia.

    The energy shortages, we KNOW Biden is causing them by shuting down domestic energy development. We don’t need Russian energy AT ALL!

    Same deal with PLANNED food shortages, to cause starvation in NATO and Caucasian countries. Biden Admin paying Farmers to destroy their crops, and punishing them if they don’t. Its all part of the planned FAMINE/STARVATION……untimely DEATH.
    I think we are being scammed again.
    Fool me once, shame on you.

    Fool me twice, shame on ME!

    Did you really think the covid crap was all there was to this game plan to kill and steal, and roll out the Jewish Communist Global New World Order Dictatorship?

    Think again.

    I think we are being totally scammed AGAIN.

    Putin is no more our “savior” than Trump turned out to be. They are all a con.


    As I have submitted before…we are all being played on the global chessboard. Barring WW3..Russia and its allies will exit relatively intact. China and Russia have been under and will remain under communism. The West is succumbing to the terminal rot of the Cultural Marxism with the final attack via vaccines, economic collapse and commodity shortages etc. etc..


  2. More from Jim Stone:



    Want to see how realistic a Ukraine deep fake can be?

    This is on Vidmax so I cannot save it or embed it or anything, you just have to go there and see it.
    There are countless things wrong with this video that immediately set my spidey senses off as it being fake, HOWEVER, THERE’S ONE GLARING ERROR YOU NEED NO SPIDEY SENSES FOR: When the girl is walking forward her foot hits a piece of metal and it makes a very loud bouncing clank that you only get when metal is thrown. However, her foot passes right through it and it stays exactly where it was in the frame. That’s something anyone can see –

    THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO REAL IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY. real looking, yet easily proven fake in a way anyone with eyesight can see.

    It is a stunning bad screwup people need to see before this gets deleted because I cannot save anything off Vidmax. If you are not paying attention it looks very real, but there are other dead giveaways I noticed in video games all the way back before 1995 that are in this despite how real the graphics look. I won’t say what those dead giveaways are because I don’t want to tip the enemy off to how to fake it better. In this video the metal is such an obvious blooper you can’t expect something like that to be repeated and it is something everyone will see. This is probably why video game graphics were held back for so long – they did not want people to realize fakes could be so realistic.



    As we all know…first casualty of war is truth

    Whether the Ukraine conflict is real….or CGI …or hybrid of both is irrelevant.
    The key is how this crisis is being leveraged globally to create NWO


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