PfiZer is Over!

UPDATE: January 28, 2023 Steve Kirsch has a good update on the PfiZer Sting Operation fallout:


UPDATE: January 27, 2023 – PfiZer has formally replied to the Project Veritas sting operation undercover interview. Here is the link to their response:

Pfizer Responds to Research Claims

Greencrow comments: Not one reference to the main disclosure of Dr. Walker–that PfiZer is working on ‘Directed Evolution’ of viruses–that they then will formulate vaccines to treat. This PfiZer statement, IMO, is just scientific mumbo jumbo in an effort to impress/distract the gullible public they direct their marketing at.


Folks…this huge Breaking Story has been bubbling away on Twitter all day. At first I ignored it…some gay guy in a restaurant talking to a Project Veritas Undercover Journalist about mutating viruses. Then the video below was released. Have a watch and you tell me. Is PfiZer finished…or what?

Greencrow continues: Now go back to listen [in the video below] to what the PfiZer employee was actually telling the Project Veritas undercover journalist…also found on Twitter. Listen carefully to the questions the journalist asks and the answers the PfiZer employee gives. This is a clear case of massive crimes against humanity. This is the smoking gun, folks. We will see how PfiZer’s and their criminal alliances respond. Will they start WWIII to distract from the catastrophic fall out world wide???!!!

Or, will PfiZer…as it has done so many times in the past…be able to bob and weave and avoid the Fresh Hell that they deserve? Stay tuned!

YouCan’tWatchTube has removed the Project Veritas video for over-truthiness. You can watch it on Project Veritas website at this link


Greencrow continues. Below, watch a further analysis of the information by Dr. Robert Malone on Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson interviews Dr. Robert Malone about the Project Veritas interview.

Using Humanity as guinea pigs in their far out studies of “evolutionary” vaccines. Get it?!

UPDATE: Here’s a Rebel News Report on the Bombshell news that a Pfizer researcher disclosed that PfiZer is working on ‘direct evolution’ of the virus into new variations so that the company can profit off future vaccines:


Pfizer under fire after video allegedly captures executive discussing ‘directed evolution’ of COVID virus

A man identified as a Pfizer director is seen discussing the company’s plans to explore the possibility of mutating the virus in order to preemptively develop new vaccines for the purpose of profit.


Project Veritas owner James O’Keefe being interviewed by Steve Bannon

Unsolved Mysteries:

Meanwhile, he’s killed and maimed millions but is only worried about whether he’ll ever be able to trust again:

3 thoughts on “PfiZer is Over!

  1. Greencrow, There are multiple lawsuits against Pfizer. Thomas Renz has filed a 1 trillion dollar lawsuit against Pfizer! Other people have lawsuits also. If you observe things very carefully of the disasterous Davos conference.  You will see things are going very bad for the Schwabites. Albert Bourla was press ambushed by rebel news guys (Australian and Canadian dudes).  On a long walk without any real security!?  Those two rebel news guys could have easily have been assassins.  Bourla knows this. And seriously,  can Bourla or Schwab defend themselves from anyone? I think a grandma with a walker could take them out.

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  2. From the Rebel News article:
    “A man identified as a Pfizer director is seen discussing the company’s plans to explore the possibility of mutating the virus in order to preemptively develop new vaccines for the purpose of profit.”

    SOP for Big Harma, cause a disease and them profit from treating the symptoms.

    Question: It seems to me that NO ONE has identified this SARS COV2 “virus”, so how can you mutate something that may not exist?

    Anyway, if this story develops teeth and goes somewhere then things should get real interesting shortly.

    False Flag Event(s) incoming in……….3………….2…………1…….😲🙄


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