UPDATED: EyeZ on UK during coronation of worst king in Brit history – and that’s saying something!

Repugnant couple will be sitting on the UK thrones. He had his wife offed so he could marry the paramour he had likely before Diana was even born!


UPDATE: May 5, 2023

Journalist Julian Assange, imprisoned in the UK for over 10 years without trial for publishing a video showing a US military war crime has penned a letter to King Charles.

UPDATE: May 4, 2023 Diana’s brother not invited to coronation…probably because he signaled in advance that he would not attend!


Good morning readers. Back on the Malahat today where for the past two days we’ve been experiencing Spring-like weather for the first time this year. My daffodils are lovely!

I want to comment on the upcoming coronation of someone I often refer to as “that awful guy”, Charles Windsor. Word has it he’s going to be crowned King of England this coming weekend. Of course, this incidentally provides yet another excuse for our own useful idiot, JFT, to take his private taxpayer-funded jet to England to attend yet another hyped Elitist event.

Word has it that the Brits are in a foul mood these days with the code words for the public reaction to the coronation “Fuck Off!” being voiced lately by David Icke. Icke said this in response to a “suggestion” in the MSM that all Brits pledge allegiance aloud to their new Monarch on the day of the coronation.

On the contrary, ordinary Brits are making signs and bunting with the words “Fuck Off” and hanging them outside their doors. Below is a headline and story that reveals the distaste that Brits have for the King and his consort, the dreaded Camilla Parker Bowles.

Brits don’t think Camilla should become Queen as shock poll takes aim at Kings wife


Younger readers may not remember the horrific scandals that involved this pair shortly before, during and after the assassination of Princess Diana. Enough negative information surfaced about them that normally would warrant both of them crawling away in shame. But no.

Before she was murdered by M6 or whatever the Brit Intelligence Agency is called, Diana revealed that she expected to be murdered “in an accident with my car”. She also revealed how utterly heartbroken she was in the days before her marriage to Charles, when she discovered he had recently purchased a bracelet for Camilla with the entwined “C’s” [Charles & Camilla] prominently engraved on it. That should have been her cue to exit the situation but, remember, Diana was only 19 when she became involved with Charles. She was subjected to enormous pressure from her family and the Royals.

All the tragedy and scandal of the assassination of the pregnant Diana [and her fiancé] have been carefully airbrushed out of the official narrative–but I’m old enough to remember the result of the heavily redacted inquest into her murder pronounced it as an “unlawful death”. I followed the transcripts of the inquest daily on the Internet at the time. Believe me, there was enough evidence of an assassination by the Brit secret service [with international assistance] to choke a horse.

Flash forward to this week, and all the ostentatious pageantry of the coronation. I don’t know how the Brits will tolerate having such a disgusting remnant of humanity as their titular head. They’ve had centuries of practice–but not recently. Some say this is the end of the monarchy in the UK. Well, it will certainly put the ancient relic of an institution to a severe test.

Charles, amongst many other disgusting attributes, is a founding member of the WEF. He’s been hanging around with Klaus Schwab and George Soros for decades. Charles has often talked about his belief in the need to drastically depopulate humans from the planet…just not his blood line…mind you.

I spend most of my time on Twitter nowadays and have conducted my own little campaign on it over the past week or two. I keep posting a suggestion that people boycott the coronation on TV unless and until Journalist Julian Assange, the imprisoned for over 10 years [without trial] is freed. Julian Assange, as you may recall, is the creator of Wikileaks. He has been imprisoned for over 10 years in the UK [at the behest of the US] for publishing the infamous video of the US military mowing down innocent Iraqis as they were exiting a Mosque during the illegal war on Iraq a few decades ago.

So, publishing the above video of a war crime is what got journalist Julian Assange imprisoned indefinitely without trial by the UK government.

And they want us all to chant “God Save the King”?

Folks, no decent/ethical person would watch the coronation of such an opprobrious monarch of such a scofflaw nation. Boycott his coronation, and/or do what the ethical and decent Brits are doing….put up bunting or signs on your home saying “Fuck Off!”

Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “UPDATED: EyeZ on UK during coronation of worst king in Brit history – and that’s saying something!

  1. You do understand that the REAL legitimate KING of England is out in Australia.. Charles Battenberg (real last name as he is the son of that heinous criminal “MONTBATTEN’ who’s real last name is ‘Battenberg’ as he was a Greek JEW..)and his evil siblings have ZERO rights to the English throne and have illegally occupied that throne since Edward III way back in the 16th century and the illegitimacy started then…

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  2. That’s why when I said that Charles Windsor was going to be the worst King in UK history I added the qualification “and that’s saying something”. I didn’t even get into the disgrace of when Charles was overheard, during a clandestine phone conversation with Camilla Parker Bowles, saying he wanted to be her tampon. That’s what I used to call him on my other blog…”Tampon Boy”.

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