Vax HOAX/Genocide – The Aftermath

Good Sunday morning Sentients. As I said in my last post, the weather up here on the Malahat has been so fantastic that the urge to post has been overwhelmed by the urge to get outside and garden. This is what I’ve been doing the for the past week. I’ve been making up flower pots with the seedlings I grew in the spring and then also buying smaller annuals and perennials to put in the ground and in hanging baskets.

This morning there is some chemtrail clouds in the sky and a cool breeze so I’ll spend the morning posting while it warms up outside. I have an incredible collection of links and tweets assembled below having to do with the aftermath of the three year [and counting] global Plandemic/vaccine genocide HOAX. As the sentients always knew, there would come a time when the criminal cabal’s chickens would come home to roost. Statistics would mount up about the excess deaths since the vaccine roll-out.

Other fall out such as lockdown damages to society and the lethal blows to our already vulnerable health care system are becoming more evident by the day. Here are the links and reports in no particular order [except the order I collected them in : ) ] and I’ll have concluding comments to follow:

The first link is to an article that appeared in the Vancouver Island CHEK news this morning. Rural hospitals are on the ropes due to the lack of staff. I believe this is a deliberate defenestration of the rural health care system–to force those ‘living on the land’ to move into urban ghettos that are being prepared for them…


Eleven doctors issue warning in signed letter from Salt Spring Island hospital

@Dave_Eby⁩, ⁦⁦@adriandix⁩ John Horgan & Bonnie Henry fired over 6000 unvaccinated BC Healthcare professionals. Today, amidst a catastrophic healthcare crisis, they refuse to hire back doctors & nurses. Talk to your MLA


Below is a brief video comparing the changing mainstream media coverage of the CovID vaccines – then and now. The mainstream media is one of the top three criminal groups that should be tried for mass murder during the CovIDian HOAX/Genocide:


Another video showing the way the unvaccinated were [and still are] treated.

The Unvaccinated are Scum”


Greencrow continues: Folks. Don’t forget to check in to the National Citizens Inquiry Website and view the amazing collection of testimonies by experts and ordinary people telling the truth about what happened to the west during the criminal occupation of the WEFerites–that is still going on and threatens to escalate as they desperately attempt to impose their globalist agenda.

The NCI Public Hearings phase is now completed and the video and written evidence is being compiled. When this becomes available I plan on purchasing a complete set for my library. My children are beyond hope, but perhaps my grandchildren might be interested in learning first hand about the atrocities that were perpetrated on all of us during the Plandemic/Scandemic/HOAX. Sometimes truth has to “skip a generation”.

Greencrow continues: Sometimes I think that the Province of British Columbia was singled out for especially horrific treatment by the PTB. Not only are we the only province that still forbids the unvaxxxZinated to regain their employment as healthcare workers in hospitals…but we have absolutely the most criminal piece of lying scum in the entire nation as our unelected so-called “Chief Hellth Authority”. Bullshit Bonnie has been lying non stop for three years now. She just managed to get the criminally complicit BC Legislature to pass another one of her illegal “health orders”. These pieces of shit garbage do not constitute legislation–as passed by duly elected representatives. Strictly speaking they do not have the force of law…the “Health Orders” are a contrived ‘back door’ to tyranny. Citizens have been fired and people have lost their businesses and driven to suicide because of “Abomination Bonnie.”


Real Doctor Dr. Byram Bridle tears a strip off Bonnie’s Bullshit Order. Watch the above video.


Greencrow continues: But, folks, in some areas the worm is turning. IMO, eventually all the fired healthcare workers will have to be re-hired and compensated for lost earnings. It is just a matter of time. Otherwise average citizens will completely lose respect for the so-called “judicial system”.

Judge Rules Chicago Employees Fired For Not Getting Vax Must Be Reinstated, Repaid For Lost Wages And Benefits


Greencrow continues: Finally, folks, let us listen again to one of the leading truthtellers of the past few years, Max Igan in one of his latest rants. At the height of the CovID Bullshit, Max was forced to flee his native Australia. I believe he’s still in Mexico where he made this video with more future predictions and his inimitable ability to connect the dotZ….


Greencrow concludes: Folks, now we’re able to stand back a bit from the holocaust of the past three years and make assessments in its aftermath as to degree of destruction and portents for the future. One of the results is that a goodly number of parents are now questioning all the vaccines being injected into their children–according to what’s known as the “vaccine schedule” pontificated on them by Big Pharma captured pediatricians. Of course pediatricians get paid big time to push these drugs and toxic adjuvants [such as aluminum and mercury] on our children.

I remember back 40 or so years ago now when my husband and I, along with our circle of friends, were all having our children. One couple in our circle had a set of prematurely born twins, a boy and a girl. Everyone was thrilled for them. About a month or two after the birth of the twins, the boy died. I will never forget it. We were all shocked and saddened.

The infant’s death was blamed on SIDS. [“sudden infant death syndrome]. Well, now we know/highly suspect that almost all these SIDS deaths were caused by allergic reactions to the myriad of vaccines/injections given to babies almost from the day of birth. Injections given to newborns, especially preemies…must have a highly toxic effect on the tiny/vulnerable neurological system.

Over the ensuing years I keep thinking of that little tyke–and how he would be a young man today–were it not for vaccines that his parents, unwittingly, allowed to defile his little body. Ironically, that couple today, particularly the woman, are virulant pro-vaxxers.  She will not even discuss any negative possible side effects of vaccines.  You should see the scornful look on her face when the topic of anti-vaxxers comes up!  We had our two boys vaccinated with all the ‘right’ vaccines too…but at least I know acknowledge that my older boy’s ADD was most likely caused by the MMR vaccine he received at fifteen months [see chart below],

If only the other mother knew why she lost her boy! Stay tuned folks…but also get out and enjoy this beautiful Spring 2023!


Childhood Vaccines 1983 – 2023

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