Criminal and Vicious Behaviour

Paramedic is going to get fired rather than take the Gene therapy

Good morning readers. I am still getting used to the vagaries of the Word Press compose features. Uploading links is a lot different than on Blogger. You will find the link to the above video below. It is an interview with Canadian paramedic Thomas O’Connor who relates what he has experienced as a front line worker during the past two years up until last September when he received an e-mail from his employer demanding that he get “fully vaccinated’ with the Experimental Gene Therapy” jab. Since then, he has been attempting to educate his employer as to his basic human rights….as well as let society at large know that the majority of patients he brings to hospitals now are “fully vaccinated” and are suffering from complications/adverse effects of the “Experimental Gene Therapy/aka “bioweapon” as he calls it.

I found out yesterday from the well known blog site Global that medical researchers are now concerned that the small amount of mRNA in the vaxZines will cause dormant cancer cells in cancer survivors to activate and cause a reoccurrence of cancer.

I am a cancer survivor, having had colon cancer when I was 50 years of age. It was absolutely shocking to me to think that I have narrowly escaped [so far] a reoccurrence of this cancer simply by protecting my right to sovereignty over my body and refusing the bioweapon injections.

Based on this concern for my health, that has now been written about in scientific research papers, I should be given an automatic exemption from receiving the disease/death-causing injections. However, since they want us all dead ASAP, I doubt that I would qualify for an exemption based on my past medical history. Stay tuned.

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