Good morning readers. Hoping to catch up on my backlog of Draft Posts today. The new Word Press Blogging Platform has provided enough challenges to grease my poor, aging brain for the rest of 2021! The formatting alone has been two steps forward and one step back.

But it’s absolutely nothing compared with the residents of the BC Interior town of Lytton have had to experience since they were hit with an EMP bioweaponization of the weather during the so-called “Heat Dome”[TM] that the PerpZ attacked British Columbians with, beginning on Canada Day, July 1st, 2021.

As I and other Canadians reported after that False Flag event–the town of Lytton is a small mostly First Nations community in one of the hottest places in Canada, Every summer it gets hotter than Hades in Lytton and the surrounding region. The people of Lytton must be accustomed to the heat by now as the little community has continued to thrive since colonial times.

So when the town went up in smoke after the “Heat Dome”[TM] fire last July, nobody was surprised….except the people of Lytton themselves and those of us in the congenitally cynical, sentient community. We were surprised because photos taken by amateur photographers and Mainstream “journalists” alike of the devastation were very peculiar, to say the least. Greencrow did a couple of posts at the time on my now defunct “Blogger” blog. The photos I put up with my posts showed the weird burn patterns…including homes being razed to the ground with nearby trees remaining virtually untouched. White picket fences remaining in immaculate condition around burn patches where homes used to be. Huge steel trucks with molten metal flowing on the ground and, lastly, a wooden railway bridge across the Thompson River that was burned on one half but miraculously untouched on the other.

There were reports of other oddities coming out of Lytton sparking demands by the townspeople for a thorough investigation as to what had destroyed their town and also, not incidentally, temporarily cut one of the most important rail supply lines between Eastern and Western Canada. We found out that “coincidentally” Baal GateZ is the main shareholder in the CN railway line that was immediately accused of causing the fire by emitting a “spark” from the wheels into the nearby tinder dry forest.

Well, folks as you will see by reading the report at the link above, the Railway company has now been absolved of causing the fire. So, like many other false flags, the source of the damage will remain forever “unknown”….just like what brought down the structured steel skyscrapers in 6.5 seconds EACH neatly into their footprints on 9/11. Yes, it will be just like that.

As readers will see from the report above, the good people of Lytton continue to remain unsatisfied and unconvinced by the results of the “investigation“.,,Why? You may ask. Well, because NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM WAS INTERVIEWED OR CONSULTED AS TO WHAT THEY EYE WITNESSED ON THAT DAY. That’s why.

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