Parasites in your Blood

Ramola D reviews recent scientific research as to what is really in the Experimental Gene therapy, graphene oxide nanoparticle, metalic, parasitic vaxZines

Good morning sentients. As usual lately I have a super abundance of materials that I should be putting up on this blog. Unfortunately composing on the format of my new blog is like slogging through quicksand so I will be satisfied to put just one post up every day until I can manage the “compose” functions. I really want to add a side bar with my “favourites” blogroll but that seems beyond my capacity at the moment.

Today I have yet another stunning report on the vaxZine ingredients that are now being forcibly pumped into the arms of humans all over the world. Moments ago I was just alerted via an e-mail from “Ron” that the Turd has gone on the Talmudvision again just this morning haranguing marents to get their children 5 to 12 injected with the ingredients that I will be presenting in this post. After viewing the video at the link below…I am sure readers will want to string the Turd up by his tiny knackers…if he has any.

The information and the video below were suggested to me in an e-mail I received from pusnboots2 I have the link to the excellent “Must Watch” video of Ramola D below, followed by more comments and links from pusnboots2.

pusnboots2 writes:


i am wondering after watching rbn link  and  researching   synthetic biology  that there is both a biological parasite componet and  a synthetic manmade nanotech   component in the injections.

«When someone injected  takes ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine you would knock out the biological parasite component but the trojan horse synthetic biology operating system is still active in the body to do irreversible damage to the dna activated by 5 or 6g.. «these people will still be shedding poisonous spike peptide  proteins that their own body has been commanded to make   which can and has made the uninjected sick. (clip attached). there are many accounts of this out there

since the uninjected never got the shot their immune systems can still fight this off since their immune systems were not bypassed and incapacitated by the shot.

»As for people who have not taken the shot ,get sick and take  ivermectin or hydroxychorquine they may  get better . since the virus has never been isolated pehaps the biological weapon was the introduction of these special man altered  parasites using a graphene oxide delivery system  into our enviroment via various means which could be from the sky, food supply, commercial building AC or heating systems , womens hygiene products, toilet paper, detergents,  water supply(add to the fluoride)  etc..if this stuff is in the covid tests and masks then this is another way to get it in us . Since we  are essentially in an undeclared war with china; anything that comes from there is suspect to me at this time which unfortunately is almost everything these days.

the people that early on got sick died  in the hospital then and especially know if remdesivir is given and the final killer was and still is   the ventilator.

the attached audio is quite interesting and is where i got some of the ideas above from

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines


if you want to learn more about how  dna works check out the link at the 33 minute mark . I believe it  is a god given gift  operating system we are supposed to take care of so our genetics can be passed to the next generation. . They in my opinion want to reverse the gift that was given to us just like they were probably doing in the days of noah.

please check out from the 33 minute mark of the clip below and the links . this is from someone who has been studying synthetic nanobiology for 13 years. he appeared on deana spingolas RBN show on several occasions .Some bad language and very hard hitting talk in here.

33 minute mark

DNA Replication and why its not realistic to think we have a solution to something as permanent as this

Synthetic Biology

Illustration of Dna and Synthetic dna

Repairing DNA pay close attention this is about DNA not operating system integrated with dna

Professor Christian Perronne, a former head at the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) European Advisory Group of Experts in Immunisation, has warned that “fully vaccinated” people must quarantine in the winter months or risk becoming seriously ill or dying. He said that their immune systems have been permanently altered following vaccination (clip attached)



best regards,



Greencrow comments: Ever since the Apocalypse Nightmare began almost two years ago now, Ramola D has been at the forefront of truthtellers via her excellent website, Ramola D Reports Broadcasting Center. It was she who spelled out the now confirmed scenario that the masterminds of the cataclysmic genocide now underway operate out of the United Nations and its Baal GateZ funded subcontracters the WEF and the WHO.

It was Ramola D who found the specific UN document that was signed by all the participating member countries where they agreed to sacrifice their populations under duress of some still unknown blackmail and extortion machinations.

Those of us truthtellers who’ve been on the frontlines battling the government, globalist corporatist lies since the 9/11 atrocity and even before…will remember the mysterious “purge” by random assassination of microbiologists over a couple of decades. Sites like even published lists of dozens of scientific researchers all over the world who were killed [some shot outside their homes] and their murders unsolved.

Well, as I always say, one of the dubious benefits of living a long life is that many mysteries get solved simply by the passage of time…dotZ between seemingly unrelated events become connected. The CovIDism Criminal Caper has solved many mysteries for me…including why an international assassination ring was targeting microbiologists. Now we know that it was because this genocide is predicated on the ignorance of the masses about what is being injected into their bodies…the longer this can remain hidden from them…the more will be successfully killed…particularly the children of the Sheeple.

It is a testament to the innate resilience of Humanity that so many doctors, scientists, medical and microbiologists have stepped forward to give us a sadly belated but still comprehensive WARNING about the vaxZine contents. The list of these courageous doctors include but is not limited to the following:

Dr. Judy Mikovitz

Dr. Carrie Madej

Dr. Sucharit Bhakti

Dr Peter McCullough

Dr. Charles Hoffe

Dr. Michael Yeadon

Dr. Robert O. Young

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

and many others.

The above doctors have sacrificed their careers and risked their lives on behalf of humanity…as have all of those who have taken their research findings and disseminated them to the best of OUR ability. As my dear mother used to say…”A word to the wise is sufficient thereof.”

Please spread the shocking ingredients of this “criminal mass murder by injection” far and wide. And stay tuned.

“Master Jack” – H/T “Ron”

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