this should allow me a vaxZine Exemption

Good Evening Sentients! After wrestling with the Word Press formatting features for most of the day I have one more post to share with you. Hopefully it will not go Klablooey when I press “Publish” like the one I posted earlier today did.

In between wrestling with Word Press I have been watching some extremely important videos. The first one was the latest by Australian freedom fighter Max Igan. He has fled the once free and democratic nation of Australia to Mexico where he has at least temporarily joined Dollar Vigilante ex pat Canadian Jeff Berwick. Max felt the completely out-of-control police [security agencies] in Australia were closing in on him…sending him e-mails inviting him to their station for a “chat” as well as mucking about with his bank account.

FreakedOut alerted me about Max’s exodus from “Down Under” early this morning:

Good Morning gc,

You need to watch Max’s latest video! He apparently had to escape from Australia to get away from the PerpZ who were closing in on him. Looks like Jeff Berwick helped him to get into Mexico!

  He starts talking about his status around the 26:20MM:

Law No Longer Exists So Its Time We Create Our Own

It’s getting crazy!


Greencrow comments: So Max fled Australia just like a refugee from a war torn country. At the very least, this marks an escalation in the oppression going on Down Under. When an internationally well known activist does not feel safe in his own country, that speaks volumes to the world about the degree of lawless tyranny that has taken hold.

The other day I posted about the possibility that the Synthetic Gene Therapy Injections might either cause or re-activate cancer in those being vaxcinated. Now we have an excellent post by my friend and blogging colleague, Northerntruthseeker on this same report. NTS went further and posted the entire article which I encourage readers to look at because this is a whole new element of terror being added to the horrific adverse events that are cropping up by the doZen every day.

Cancer Cells

Greencrow comments: As a survivor of colon cancer which I had when I was 50 years old. the link above makes the case that I should be eligible for a vaxZine exemption.

“…Several months ago, we expressed at least “theoretical reservations” about vaccinating cancer patients or former patients who had been cured, because of the underlying mechanism of the gene injection on immunity.

Several geneticists had also expressed their concerns about the possible interference between active or dormant cancer cells and the activity of gene therapy on lymphocytes in particular...”

This will be my official reason for not getting vaxZinated. I beat cancer once and I don’t want to get it again! Speaking of adverse reactions to the vaxZines. Below a US Senator eloquently spoke truth to power during a hearing. Watch the brief video on twitter:

Greencrow comments: Very rare indeed to hear the truth being spoken in the “Halls of Political Power”. Usually it is wall to wall lies. This indicates there are some so-called “leaders” beginning to wake up to the genocidal catastrophe that is now fully underway across the globe…and the inevitability that they will also be swept away in the flood.

Finally, back to the “Baal GateZ hydra” that leads this post. below we have War Correspondent Stew Peters interviewing Dr. Carrie Madej about the little parasitic critters that all the scientists are now seeing when they look at slides containing the Synthetic mRNA Gene therapy Injections/vaxZines under their high resolution microscopes. It’s like a scene from the worst horror movie you can imagine.

Dr. Madej correctly says that the entities who are forcing these injections on humanity are “not human”. The best you can say about them is that they are psychopaths. That would give them too much humanity, however. It almost seems like these entities are the “greys” [aliens with big black eyes] that Max Igan speculates about in his video. He says that the incidence of “black eyed babies” could mean that the “greys” want us to transition via the vaxZines to be more like them. Is THAT the caper???!!! Stay tuned.

Grey Alien

2 thoughts on “this should allow me a vaxZine Exemption

  1. GC says:
    “It almost seems like these entities are the “greys” [aliens with big black eyes] that Max Igan speculates about in his video.”
    Yeah…WOW… what’s with the weird black eyes?!?!
    From La Quinta Columna:
    “La Quinta Columna on more on Black-Eyed Babies (Pandemic Babies)”


  2. Greencrow, glad I found your blog again and can get my daily fix of BC news. Could I suggest you post your new location to rumourmillnews, I’m sure there are others like me who’d like to know that the fight goes on.


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