Mother Miriam speaks




Mother Miriam

H/T FreakedOut

Listen to Mother Miriam…the mirror opposite to the majority of the so-called “religious” who are pushing the evil Satanic CovIDian agenda.


Greencrow says: Good morning sentients. On this Sunday morning, as we await yet another [in addition to the “Heat Dome”[TM] we suffered through last Canada Day July 1, 2021] bioweaponized weather event…a “Severe Wind Warning”…coinkydinkally coupled with a burning hazmat cargo ship “anchored” only one km off the coast of metropolitan Victoria BC. FreakedOut has been watching this development and has sent me the following links and comments:


Hi gc,

Just saw this report, thinking about the “WINDS” website I brought to your attention previously:

I hope your forests survive?!?!  :-O


And Earlier

Good Morning gc

When you open the map look for a small green circle. Take your pointer and go to an area(Your hometown for instance) you want to measure wind speed and location and click on that area and the green circle will move to that area and then look down in the lower left corner and you’ll see wind speed and location in latitude/longitude.

I got this from Jeff Rense’s site, thought you and your husband might find it helpful/interesting.,50.65,1178/loc=-124.672,49.121

 Check out the high winds off your coast right now!


Greencrow comments: Due to the imminent arrival of a weaponized weather event, where even the Internet might go down…. I’m rushing this post and editing on the fly. I ask for your patience. The original post was to admit I am behind in publishing and that I have some catching up to do.

Below are many links to stories that I have been meaning to post about but, due to humanity now entering the “hot” phase of this Species War against us…I have had to relegate to the continuing expanding ‘Draft” file. So now I am going to dump all these stories below…with little or no commentary…not that much is needed as they all speak volumes for themselves. Then, later on today, I hope to update readers on the status of the Severe Wind Warning and Hazmat Fire as well as post another very important RAH update on the Gulag now being built in Vancouver for the vaxZine recalcitrants…who will likely include many of the Mounties who signed the Open Letter I just posted. I ask all readers to go to that post, read the incredible letter which I take as a final “Throwing down the gauntlet” between the law abiding members of the RCMP and the lawless covIDian Federal Government Tyrants who have seiZed power…so far without a bullet being fired.

H/T FreakedOut

Listen to Mother Miriam…the mirror opposite to the majority of the so-called “religious” who are pushing the evil Satanic CovIDian agenda.

And here is a priest who is beginning to get an inkling of what’s really going on:


Greencrow comments: Brian Ruhe is a Buddhist activist friend of mine who I met in person while marching in five separate Vancouver anti-lockdown freedom marches during 1920/21 Here he is reporting on how he has been personally discriminated against due to his anti-covIDian stance. Brian has been turfed out of his rental suite. This is exactly what the RCMP are decrying in the Open Letter I just posted earlier. This is what will ultimately happen to every activist to dares protest against the Tyranny that has now enveloped Canada.

2,900 videos:

Hi everyone,

I now have a heading on my website titled, COVICTION, at

I was evicted from my apartment on June 30th because I had two guests at my place on Dec. 11, 2020. This went to adjudication on June 8th, 2021 and the adjudicator, Derek E. Tangedal, made a snap decision that I was guilty and he evicted me.

This arbitrator’s decision is posted on my website, which records the history of this injustice with the documents that were made during this time period. It is over 17,000 words long. I spoke with three lawyers getting help with my case and they all said that they have never heard of anyone in Canada ever being evicted for a Covid violation, like this. Mine was the first case.

This is newsworthy as this could happen to anyone. The rules for Covid can be abused by anyone who wants power over others and is able to use Covid as an excuse. I would like this to get out to any media outlets so please do pass this email or the link, to anyone you like!


Brian Ruhe




Greencrow comments: I wish I would have saved the video news analysis put out on this event by a northern alternative video blogger. Her first name is Marjorie, I believe. She says that both Trudeau and the female First Nations Chief were lying. The Turd lied about giving the FN all the historical records about how they were treated during colonian times [this has NOT been done] and the FN chief lied about the media “scandal” that led to the entire kerfuffle—the supposed “hidden graves” of children killed during the residential schools era. There has been no confirmation that these graves even exist! It is all a media BS distraction/pretext/ make out of whole cloth lies…like everything else that the Legacy Media defecates out of its airwaves today…now read on…

Now an update on the Turd from RAH

The Turd in Kamloops yesterday…..[LAST WEEK]

It hit me right away….can’t wait for Nuremberg 2.0

IMHO ……………his “Tofino”trip was planned with blessing of First Nations…this was a staged Hollywood-esque production. This Castro JR is a shameless immoral unethical whore…he has zero conscience. 

Case Closed.

He played the role of guilt- ridden white man..then Chief Casimir rubbed his nose in his “Tofino” trip shite, and he bent over and took it up ass…

Throughout the 2 part news feed were well -choreographed native speakers and rituals.

Sorry…..nothing spontaneous here.


We keep hearing about “215” unmarked graves in Kamloops. 


YET…….This same MoFo is fully prepared to KILL THOUSANDS of INNOCENT CHILDREN IN CANADA with an UNeccessary, UNproven, UNtested Experimental Gene Therapy




…………………………..anybody home ????




Canada was preparing for “Covid 19” back in 2016 by trying to stock up on grenades and tear gas

Mike Whitney – Excellent Commentary – “It all makes sense once you realize they want to kill us.”

Time to start withholding our taxes:

One of our hero doctors – Dr. Brian Ardis – with tips for surviving their attempt at genocide on humanity

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