Hazmat ship fire +


Zim Kingston – reportedly owned by Israeli Company Photo from Global NewZ

Monday, October 25, 2021 4 p.m. Heavy rain all afternoon but no wind to speak of. Currently not raining. Saw this update on MSN


Interesting, but totally usual, they are very incurious as to what may have caused the fire. No speculation and that likely means no future investigation. The Israeli container ship ZIM Kingston looks very ramshackle for an ocean-going vessel…overloaded. I used to live near English Bay in Vancouver and am used to seeing container ships. This one looks like a dumpster fire ready to happen. To think it was carrying HaZmat materials!

Again, the main concern is that once the Trans Mountain pipeline is complete we will have oil and gas tankers threefold to what is cruising the oceans today. If this is the way things are going to be handled…God help us all!


Monday, October 25, 2021 – 10 a.m. LOL folks. What a Nothingburger the “Cyclone Bomb” [TM] was! Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened and now the “severe wind warning” has disappeared off the weather map.

What happened? Did the Weather Modification WeaponiZers blink? It sure would appear so. Or, was it simply another terror psy-op…”full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Here’s one scenario that has been running through my mind. The weather modification/weaponiZation perps had a huge wind storm all primed in the Pacific ready to blow down all the trees dead and/or dying in the Pacific North West and erode the soil on the mountainside so that the forests would not grow back for at least a century or two. They even thought up catchy buZZ words for it “Cyclone Bomb”. But then the Israeli container ship heeled over off the Victoria coast and presented a far more deadly scenario. Containers with HaZmat materials were tossed off the ship into the ocean and more HaZmat containers caught fire after the ZIM Kingston was “anchored” only one km of Victoria.

Whether this additional threat was tacked on to the initial FF without alerting the Weather WeaponiZers we’ll never know. Whether it was a bit too rich for their blood we’ll also never know. Whatever the case, it appears the entire caper was suddenly and abruptly called off on Sunday around noon. The only ones with egg on their faces, of course, are the Legacy Media “weather reporters” who blabbed away for days about the severe wind warning. Whether the “Severe Wind” storm has been rescheduled to take place AFTER the Israeli container ship fiasco has been forgotten by the sheeple, we will also never know.

Finally, there will be NO attempt in the Mainstream Legacy Media to ask the question: What was a heavily loaded HAZMAT container ship doing sailing through a severe gale near a heavily populated area in the first place? Is this an indication of what the forthcoming oil and gas pipeline tanker traffic to our coast will bring about? What caused the fire on the container ship that spewed toxic substances into the air just outside of Victoria? Will there be an investigation into this potential disaster???!!! Or, as will most likely be the case…will the Israeli Container Ship ZIM Kingston just slink quietly off into the open water in the dead of night?


Sunday, October 24, 2021 9:00 PST – Final Update for today on the Hazmat Ship fire and the Severe Weather Warning.


Where I’m located it looked as though a squall was going to go through around noon Sunday but then quite suddenly, the winds died down completely and the sun came out. Now, they’re saying it will be late tonight and early tomorrow. Will check in tomorrow with a further update.

Good afternoon readers: continuing in the tradition of opening live posts for crisis/breaking news events…this post will contain ongoing updates on the above two “Perfect Storm” events that are now impacting Vancouver Island, British Columbia. HERE is a weather map for the region:

In my mind I cannot separate this threatened event of a severe wind storm…from the so-called “Heat Dome” [TM] that was inflicted on our region last Canada Day July 1st, 2021…a record breaking heat wave that went on for weeks and destroyed much of the forests of British Columbia. Now these dead and dying trees will be subjected to severe winds. Hmmmmmmmm.

For as long as I have Internet Power/Electricity and this crisis status continues I will be updating this post.

Fire cascades down from the deck of the container ship ZIM Kingston into the waters off the coast of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, October 23, 2021, as seen through a pair of binoculars, in this image obtained via social media. SURFRIDER FOUNDATION CANADA via REUTERS

Readers are invited to compare and contrast the photo above with this one…distinct differences abound.

Here is some background to the event.

Here is another photo of the ship. None of these photos matches with the other!

Here is the latest report from the CBC


2 of the burning containers on ship’s deck held ‘reactive flammable’ potassium amylxanthate.

Interestingly, the ZIM shipping line began by transporting immigrants to the new state of Israel. 75 years ago. This is getting too much for my 75 year old heart. Will take a short break.

Back from my mental health “moment”.

First we have a BC Ferries Update regarding cancelled ferries for the next two days:


Ferries are the corotid artery of British Columbia. Our economy and our province absolutely depends on the smooth running of the “water highway” BC ferries. My fear about the covID HOAX is that the Tyranical government will resort to prohibiting the unvaxZed to travel on the ferries like they have on all other boats in Canada.

IMO the reason they have held off thus far is because the Ferries are considered PART OF THE TRANS CANADA HIGHWAY. And it would be tantamount to forbidding the unvaxed to travel on the roads by car…but I’m sure the tyrants will find a way around that law…as they have found a way to break every other law in this nation. Now, here is some background to the severe weather that has been threatening Vancouver Island:

First the “Heat Dome”[TM] last Canada Day July 1, 2021 and now the “Bomb Cyclone”[TM]. You know it’s the PerpZ behind it…when the Legacy Media invents a new”catchy” buZZ word to call it.

 Global News SkyTracker Sunday’s storm is expected to pack quite a punch.


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