UPDATED: 109–not 4–containers lost!

UPDATED: October 30, 2021 – CHEK news says that 104 of the containers remain unaccounted for:

This stinks like a false flag folks. Any kind of environmental disaster could/and WILL be blamed on the ISRAELI container ship MV ZIM Kingston.

105 Zim Kingston containers remain unaccounted for, recovery of sunken ones unclear

None recovered as yet. at least four were Hazmat. We are not told whether the HaZmat containers sunk or are heading for Vancouver Island shores…that’s what happens when you have liars in charge of emergency management/government.

Israeli Container ship Zim Kingston off Coast of Vancouver Island

Lost Hazmat containers report grows exponentially from 4 containers lost…to 109! Somebody was/is/will be lying!!!


What do liars do? They lie.

Even when they don’t have to. Here is an update on the BC story I posted about a few days ago. Remember what was going on? We were expecting a “Cyclone Bomb”[TM] wind and rain storm which had been predicted and ramped up for almost a week previous. Everyone had “battened down the hatches”. Just before the storm was finally to commence…we heard that an Israeli container ship was out and about in gale force winds and lost four of its containers when it heeled over. A day or so later we were told by the MZM that some of the containers contained a very hazardous material. Still later, we were told that two of the containers still on the vessel somehow “caught fire”. Meanwhile…the Cyclone Bomb fiZZled and the entire scaremongering that went on for a week evaporated into the horizon. Just the usual rain and blustery fall weather…no apologies for the terror mongering and the cancellation of BC Ferries for two days.

Now we’re being told that not 4–but 109 containers fell from the ship. Some of them sunk and some of them have even drifted to shore. We’re told that “…at least two containers that went overboard contained hazardous materials — potassium amylxanthate and thiourea dioxide…” but we are not told whether those two containers sunk or are amongst the 3 that have already reached shore. Folks, do you really believe a single thing is true about this story? The only thing we know for certain is that we’re in a whole world of trouble if those containers break open. Next thing we’ll hear is that all the 109 contained the HaZmat and they’re all gonna leak all over the place. Oh, and looking at the photos of the container ship…it does not look as though it lost almost all of its cargo. If it lost 109 containers…from looking at the ship it must have been at least half of the total load. There is no gaps in the containers in the photos. It seems to be carrying about 50 to 75 containers right now. If it contained 109 more it would have been twice as loaded and very unseaworthy…Something stinks about this story!

There is just too much discrepancy between the original story and the current one to invest any credibility in those who are “in charge”. Looks like we could be in for another “cascading series of errors” like the Air India bombing. Nobody doing anything wrong…all just one big “accident”…or it could be developing into a false flag bioweapon attack. Stay tuned. 

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