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UnvaxZed Nurse Employee Notifies Manager of the manager’s personal liability. Suddenly, the manager and her HR crony scurried off like cockroaches when the light’s turned on

Greencrow comments: Listen to the video linked above. When the Manager was read the legal “Riot Act” by the nurse employee who knew her dismissal for not being vaxZinated was contrary to all the laws of Canada and the constitution…the manager turned tail, switched off the “Zoom” call and cancelled all subsequent meetings with other potential nurse victims of the Tyrants.

As the nurse says: Know your rights…and Knowledge is Power!


From the Rumble Description: A BC nurse was well prepared to address the government mandate to get jabbed or lose her job. Using Action4Canada’s resources and strategy the nurse successfully warned her manager that she would hold her personally liable for any loss of income she suffered as a result of her actions in support of the government’s unlawful measures.

The manager not only ended the meeting but cancelled any further meetings with Nurse X’s Colleagues.

If you are being threatened by your employer join Action4Canada today and find the resources needed to protect yourself and your job.

Unionized Workers Unite

Union Notice of Liability

Employer Notice of Liability

Notice of Liability Against Forced Covid Testing

Right to REFUSE COVID Testing.

Additional comment to make to employer or anyone interfering with your employment.

“Extortion, committing tort, privacy violations and willful misconduct are against the law. Interfering with someone’s right to gainful employment is a violation of the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I further advise you that if you persist in hindering my employment I will hold you personally liable for any loss of income I suffer due to your unlawful actions against me by interfering with my right to gainful employment. You are personally not protected under any Act or Statute that is in violation of the Canadian Rule of Law, Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. You have been duly warned.”

Advance Medical Directive

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  1. Reblogged this on Did You Know and commented:
    Be sure to go to the site and read it all. There is very important information all Canadians can use to protect themselves. The more you know the harder it is for them to manipulate you.


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