Greencrow snippets and snappits

3 thoughts on “Greencrow snippets and snappits

    1. Hi Rick Kare:
      Yes, regular contributor RAH told me that earlier. My first reaction was…good news. It supports the claim of cancer survivors for an exemption, based on many research scientists now saying the jabs could set up cancer survivors [which Premier John Horgan is having survived an earlier bout with throat cancer] for a relapse.

      I am also a cancer survivor. I survived colon cancer 25 years ago next year. That’s one of the reasons why I will never agree to be injected with the experimental gene therapy.

      My lack of empathy for Whore-gun may alienate some, but too many people have already died at his and Bullshit Bonnies’ hands. My own brother died last March, 2021 from the deadly “CovID hospital protocols”. No. I don’t feel a smidgen of empathy for him. I do believe his cancer relapse was self-inflicted.


  1. Hi GC,
    “It supports the claim of cancer survivors for an exemption”
    I do understand and have sympathy.
    My take on any exeption is that first I need to be voluntary included.
    Deputised store clerks ask me “where is your mask, do you have exeption?” no I dont have exeption from something I never accepted. Be free.



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