10 year old girl Speaks

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NOTE: If you are unable to access or get sound on the above video please click on this LINK.

Good morning readers, British Columbians just found out two days ago that our British Columbian Premier John Horgan-–who I call “the Whore-gun” is now being tested for a reoccurrence of cancer that he beat a decade or more ago. Horgan recently discovered a lump in his throat and underwent a biopsy yesterday. [incidentally jumping the long queue of British Columbians stuck waiting for tests now that the Hospitals have been rendered non functional/killing fields due to “Hospital Protocols” and staff walkouts. 4000 hospital workers have been fired due to refusing to take the Kill shots.] But, back to the Whore-gun.

Horgan had bladder cancer when he was in his late 40s and now in his early 60’s after being jabbed twice….it seems to have been reactivated. This is what medical researchers have recently posited. Those who have beat cancer once are in extreme danger of having dormant cancer cells in their bodies reactivated by the mRNA vaccines. But, tragically, that’s just the tip of the VaxZed Nightmare Iceberg. Listen to the 10 year old UK girl in the video above. She lays it out like a neat waiter.

“Justine” 10 year old UK girl speaks the entire truth–to power. Listen to the entire speech.

Shocking and hard hitting–every word she says is heavy–with the terrible truths that are now being realized in Ireland, Canada, the UK and all over the western CovIDian “Cull” Nations. God. I wish she were wrong! I wish and hope that it is not as terrible as she says it will be–once the spike proteins start causing early breakthrough “covid” deaths to children and young adults. Three to five years is all they have to live after being vaccinated. What a hell hole our nations will become shortly. Out of the mouths of babes…as the old saying goes.

Already in Ireland, where 91% of the populations of some centres have been vaxxed…the hospitals are full of covid “break through” cases. The real Covid Holocaust has now been unleashed as the kill shots begin to do their genocidal work.

Irish Quandary — Who to blame when everybody’s Vaccinated?

In the Republic of Ireland, health officials are running out of people to blame. This has become embarrassingly obvious in County Waterford. As reported in the Irish Times, the nation’s establishment newspaper, two of the three most COVID-infected electoral areas in Ireland are located in the county “with the highest rate of vaccination in the country.”

H/T Dennis

Finally, folks. It has become blatantly apparent that the worst crime in the history of humanity is now underway. Where are our police? Where are our prosecutors and judges? Where is our military–who have sworn to defend us??? Why is a child fighting on the front lines–while our “men” are stuck in their “man caves” watching the TV football–like the brainwashed Zombies that they are???

By Pat Shannan [H/T Dennis]

“There is no doubt that there is a terrifying conspiracy afoot — some say it will result in being the most murderous movement in world history — maybe so, but we know that whatever its length and breadth turns out to be in the be, it is no mere theory but a blatant fact. Indeed, there is chaos ahead, as we appear to be entering a period without precedence. But what is it?”


6 thoughts on “10 year old girl Speaks

    1. nooralhaqiqa sometimes you have to click on the red dot more then once. It played for me the first time and the sound was fine. You could also reboot your computer and see what happens.

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  1. Horgan will get cancer as many do after getting vaccinated. Seems the vaccines cause cancer especially in those that have already had it and it does that quickly. Horgan’s days may be numbered. It was Dr Ryan Cole I heard, that talked about the cancer problem.

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  2. BTW, Sis, Blogspot is sniffing hard around my heels as well. This week they “drafted” two of my recent posts due to “complaints” and the innocuous “against community standards”. Within hours one was reinstated after I removed photos that might insult Muslims despite factual accuracy. The other post, based on an interview with Stew Peters and Dr. Medjev, given my own little touches, visuals, links, etc, will probably never be allowed back up since it discusses the truth of what is in vaccines.

    As for Horgan. No pity. But what would come after him? Another globalist turncoat? I am beyond caring about this man or any of his ilk. I don’t wish them bad but I do wish whatever will bring them down the best of luck.

    And TY Rainbow, I have tried all of that. I think the only solution will be a new computer but that cannot be until I can save enough to buy one! A few months at best.

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  3. Hi Noor al Haqiqa

    Just copy the bitchute link into your browser. I will embed the bitchute link after I put up this reply. You should have sound then. Usually all you have to do is double click on the video.

    Regarding Blogger. Yes I would agree that your daZe there are numbered. Do you have a WordPress blog ready to be activated like I did? I was able to post my first article on WordPress the evening of the day I was taken down from Blogger…I consider that a victory of sorts.

    I think you’ll enjoy WordPress much more than Blogger…which has been being degraded in functionality for years. I have no problem posting photos and cartoons. You could probably set up a much nicer blog than I have, due to your higher degree of technical ability.

    Now, upon reflection, I believe that Blogger is being phased out and the bloggers being funneled over here. WordPress is closely linked to Google, dontchaknow.


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