Aussie Tyrant declares war

on the Citizens of Victoria, NSW, Australia. PLUS QR Code ‘Prison Kanada’

Good morning sentients. Due to repositioning logistics I have not posted for the past day or so. Certainly not due to a dearth in subject matter. What I hope to do today is a couple of rapid-fire posts to catch up, as it were. I will post this one about Australia now–and others throughout the day as time permits. This post has been in my “Drafts” for at least a week and certainly deserves to be launched. Difficult to believe that the Aussies would be visited by such a government-sponsored terror program. Fellow blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker has a post up this morning saying that the PerpZ are targeting white, Christian nations for depopulation. Looking at what has gone down ‘Down Under’, that appears to be the case. Here are the links and I will have more comments to follow:


BC Patriot RAH reports

Hi gc: UNREAL…expect this elsewhere…they are in waaayyyy too deep to stop now



Dan Andrews power grab: Victorians could be fined up to $90,000 and jailed for TWO YEARS just for not wearing a mask or protesting lockdown under law that allows him to invoke pandemic restrictions at will

Recent Stew Peters Broadcasts

Greencrow comments: Yes, all the terror contained in the link updates above is what is coming to Kanada–sooner than most expect.

The Perp Asset Turd [“PAT” for short]. announced a week or more ago now that he will be imposing a “nationwide vaxZination passport system” on Kanadians. Nobody paid much attention. But I did, because this is the logical next step to depopulation in Kanada…forcing the recalcitrants to be imprisoned in their homes–without access to travel, healthcare, their bank accounts and, in the not too distant future, food. Attaching the vaxZination QR code to our driver’s licences, healthcare and financial affairs is the “logical” next step in the slide down the swirly.  My husband and I were waiting in our car for the ferry when we suddenly remembered that both our driver’s licenses will expire at the end of 2021.

As the Perp Asset Turd announced–he will be bringing in a nationwide vaxZination ID shortly, I’m thinking that, as it has been reported in some truth outlets…this nationwide ID will be in the form of a QR code and our healthcare, drivers licenses, Passports and VAX ID will all be rolled into it.  They will then, illegally and criminally, not to mention undemocratically, make it a requirement to have your QR code scanned before you can access your own bank account and get your groceries scanned at a Super Market.

This is the end game and it is only two months away! Everything mentioned above is monstrous…not to mention highly illegal and criminal according to our Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But it doesn’t matter…we don’t live in Canada any more Toto. We live in Kanada. Just like the Australians…who don’t live in Australia any more,,,they live in Auschwitzlia.

The only thing that will stop this genocidal tyranny that is only two months away is a general uprising led by our military, our police and our justice system.

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