A Rude Awakening

Good afternoon sentients. Just finished reading where our provincial official bullshitter/HELLth Authority Bonnie Henry says that those in the Health field who refuse vaxZinations “are in the wrong profession”. Here is the quote:

“Some people are quite dogmatic against vaccines, which is unfortunate,” she said.

Henry said vaccines are considered a lifesaver during pandemics.

“If people are in our health-care system and not recognizing the importance of vaccination, then this is probably not the right profession for them, to be frank,” she said.

IMO, Bonnie is the one in the wrong profession…but then again she never has treated a single patient in medical practice in her sorry life. She has only injured and terrorized citizens an entire Province with her criminal diktats.

Regular contributor FreakedOut sent me an example of the kind of harm the Bullshitter and her ilk have perpetrated during the past two years and counting. In this example, a very “edumicated” teacher recently and sadly had a very rude awakening–as described in the messages from her social media account below.

From Dana Ashlie’s Telegram channel:

Dana Ashlie says:

“A teacher with “a few science degrees” who was chomping at the bit to get all three of her kids jabbed has a change of perspective after her son gets life debilitating heart issues and has to foot the bill herself. Very interesting to see her journey of becoming humble here. Poor kid.”

8 Photos follow and my comment….

Too bad she didn’t have “a few degrees” in critical thinking! Another victim of mind control along with the one guy commenting on the virus and preventing it.



Greencrow concludes: Folks…just like the government/HELLth entities who trapped the mother to injure her own child…Bonnie Henry is a menace to all the citizens of British Columbia. More specifically, she is a menace to families and children. Witness the devastating trap the simple-minded, naïve, hubristic mother fell into in the above cautionary tale. Now her family is ruined and she will forever feel responsible for the attack that took place on her child–with her permission.

How many children have been destroyed by these Snake Oil/Charlatan Salesmen and women? When will they be brought to trial? I don’t see any punishment severe enough for Bonnie and her ilk. Tar and feathering? Way too kind. Hopefully Nuremberg 2.0 will come up with some punishments that will forever act as a deterrent against these Crimes Against Humanity in future.

9 thoughts on “A Rude Awakening

  1. GC says:
    “Now her family is ruined and she will forever feel responsible for the attack that took place on her child–with her permission.”
    Well said Greencrow, and what a sad story to read, and, unfortunately, we’ll probably be seeing many more of these tragic stories in the coming months.


  2. Re: Dr Bullshite condescendng comment…more a sign of desperation. Intriguing is many jurisdictions are now backing off vaccine mandates.

    Re: parent tweets about vaxxed damaged child….be more honourable if she said “I FUCKED UP…AVOID VAXXes PERIOD.”

    Pray for the children now that Vaxx is approved for children 5-11 in USA…coming here in Canada soon. In my extended family…nephews and nieces have a total of 8 children in that age category, and I fear ALL of them will be vaxxed.


    1. Hi FreakedOut and RAH

      There is a fate worse than not being allowed to travel, go to bars and restaurants and eventually not even be able to get money out of the bank. Yes, believe it or not there is. That fate is knowing you allowed your own child to be attacked and maimed through your own stupidity.

      Another fate worse than what the perpZ have designed for the unvaxZed is getting jabbed and then waiting for your health/natural immunity to decline. That kind of stress…must be a killer.


      1. ‘Another fate worse than what the perpZ have designed for the unvaxZed is getting jabbed and then waiting for your health/natural immunity to decline. That kind of stress…must be a killer.’

        SUCH a bingo statement. Those of us who know.. well we are a different breed from those who insist everyone vax up just like them. As I have said to you before, the soul-ed out aspect is very real. Yes I watch things go on. However, now, to combat much of it I am now swimming 3+ Kilometers a week and seriously taking care of myself despite knowing … the price of the shots is waiting to activate. Unless I got the saline, but I don’t think I did. I have a few friends who have avoided the shot. It is difficult for them ~ many cannot work out in their gyms now. Older folk who also socialized in those places. So they walk their dogs more…

        I find it difficult that people are so terribly divided on this issue. Common sense is gone. Empathy seems to be dead on all sides of the vaccine issue. This, in itself, is a win for our common enemy.

        My fam approaches the vax like this woman / mother did. But how can you convince these eddercated folks of anything when A) they think you are politically off the wall and B) they cannot even comprehend the concept of deep true conspiracy theory as we know it. They think everything … just happens… coincidental theory. The killing of history has been a huge success for the enemy.

        I, too, am so sad that my grandchildren will be vaxxed. There seems to be nothing that deters an edjumacated brain when it knows a little about a lot and considers itself “in tune with the science”. I cannot even go there!

        I take small pleasure in things going on south of the border these past two days. A glimmer of light but we shall see what goes on down South as things settle back down.

        As for Bonnie the B____ (fill in the blanks)… there is a warm spot in hell reserved for her. I do believe she will be twisted and deformed in the fires ~ along with the rest of them.

        It is 2:40 am and I am drinking a mug of milk and whiskey. Don’t go ‘ugh’ until you try it as a bedtime drink yourself! It is raining outside but I will still put on a YouTube 10 hour rain in the forest video. Sleep does not come so easily these days.

        Blessings to you and thanks for the honourable salute the other day!


  3. Updates

    Ontario and Quebec have decided to NOT mandate the Covid “Vaxx” for health care workers

    In BC…New West, Surrey and Abbotsford school districts will NOT mandate Covid “Vaxx” for teachers

    A Surrey school trustee stated that 5 % of staff amounted to several hundred parties (implying these are the vaxx hesitant) and the system couldn’t tolerate such an absentee blow. Same appears to apply to other agencies noted earlier, so some victory was achieved.

    However, the suspicion still exists this is the calm before the storm that they are simply waiting for the Federal Gov’t to bring the hammer down and thus claim innocence.


  4. Hi RAH
    It seems to be a numbers game…how many staff these institutions can eliminate and still pretend to provide adequate public services…before they can get the robots and drones up and running. I believe the vaxZine hesitants are closer to the 40% mark than the 5% mark. Otherwise they would just fire them and be done with it.

    The Ontario and Quebec health workers have an open invitation from the Governor of Florida to come and work there with a $5,000 re-settlement bonus. Wonder if that includes flying them down by private jet which is what would have to happen to allow them to avoid the illegal and criminal incarcerating strategy of the mandatory vax in order to exercise their constutional right to travel.


  5. Garuda sending Blessings’
    Took a bit of time to find your new site,–Well Done
    I’m in agreement with you on the numbers, 40 % is more likely than 5 %.,
    and the Liberal “Letter” is pretty much on the mark.
    Came across an interesting video that is so well made it raised my suspicious reflex immediately.
    The message seems to be, it’ a done deal, give up. Still worth watching.



  6. I don’t mean to be nitpicky and I truly appreciate your blog but I do feel compelled to offer my opinion whenever I hear folks calling for new Nuremberg “trials.” What we want, what we desperately need is justice and I assure you, the trials in Nuremberg had nothing to do with justice. Noble German leaders and soldiers, who had just finished fighting valiantly against the rest of the developed world in a desperate attempt to save Germany from international jewry, were tortured and their families were threatened until they broke down and signed false confessions wherein they admit to absolutely preposterous fictions. The main adversary of the Germans were the same people who put on the Nuremberg show trials and are, ironically, the same people running this entire Covid op from top to bottom.


    1. Hi John Wannamaker:

      You may be surprised to learn that I am in total agreement with you re Nuremberg. I do believe it was a show trial and that the “Allies” also spirited a lot of their former “enemies” over to North America under “operation paperclip” to develop armaments for future wars.

      What I would like to ask you is what do you think we could possibly compare what needs to happen…i.e., bringing these perps to justice…to? What can we possibly point to in history where justice truly took place against the tyrants of history?

      Time is running short and the brief window of opportunity to wake up the sheeple is closing. What examples can we use to point the way to justice?


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