coercive mind control tactics + James Corbett Q & A

Coercive Mind Control and Brainwashing Tactics

The tactics used to create undue psychological and social influence, often by means involving anxiety and stress

Good morning again folks. Just a few very interesting links that I have saved “for a rainy day” like this certainly is on the Wet Coast.

Above is a highly informative article found on Global Written by the late Dr. Margaret Singer, who was a foremost psychologist, this article drills down into the tactics being used by the PerpZ to keep the entire population of Christendom in a state of high anxiety and stress. This is the state that renders the population of the targeted nations malleable and vulnerable to control and funneling into mass panic over the population cliffs carefully erected for them.

Once you have read that article, then watch the video linked below where James Corbett of The Corbett delves into the mystery of the Deagle Report on population estimates for 2025. This is the report that was widely circulated and then disappeared off the Internet last year.

James also analyses the e-mail sent by the Canadian Liberal Parliamentary Insider who set out the list of steps to total destruction of democracy in Canada and the imposition of the surveillance state fostered by Klaus Schwab and his ilk–where we will all “Own nothing and be happy. Please watch and I will have final comments to follow:

James Corbett of The Corbett and his regular Q & A feature:

“Questions for Corbett” discusses “The Deagle Report” Population Forecast for 2025

Greencrow comments: Spoiler Alert…James believes The Deagle Report is all a bunch of predictive programming “hooey” as he calls it. He believes the same adjective applies to the anonymous email sent in October 2020 by the “Liberal Parliamentarian Insider.” His dismissal of these two documents is based on the lack of sources for both, the anonymity of the writer…and the poor grammar contained in both.

James certainly gave me some points to ponder in the above video because I have frequently cited both documents on this blog. Now I find that, according to James, I have just been fooled by “conspira-tainment” false leads. He says that these sorts of documents are put on the Internet in order to then “fact check” them. This allows the infamous corporatist “fact checkers” an opportunity to smear and tar all conspiracies with the same brush.

James works himself into quite a huff over his blanket dismissal of these two documents. One of his arguments falls flat with me and that’s the “poor grammar” argument. We all know that even well educated and brilliant people in all fields can have poor writing/grammar skills…particularly the younger generations who have been so poorly edumicated in the fundamental rules of writing and grammar.

I also feel that the Liberal MP leaker document, in particular, has been correct in the general thrust of its predictions. Most of us can forgive the writer if they were wrong on one of the timeline “Quarters” that the program was supposed to have been rolled out in. We all know that the softening up of the public to these oppressions is a step-by-step strategy which by definition must be adjusted according to the process described in the first article/link above: Coercive Mind Control and Brainwashing Tactics.

Until the public is properly terrorized–they will not be receptive/vulnerable to the next level of oppression. So, while I disagree with James Corbett on that point…it is truly a relief that he has for once and for all debunked the Deagle [or Deagle] report. For that I offer him my congratulations and thanks!

The Deagle Report has been buried, once and for all. RIP Deagle Report!

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