Alec Baldwin

Good Morning readers. It is a very dark and rainy day in the Pacific Northwest. Definitely an “inside day” except that I should go out and rake some soggy and moldering fall leaves.

As I said in yesterday’s post, I have a few “Draft” posts in the hopper waiting for launch and this is one of them. I have been following the “Alec Baldwin” criminal negligence causing death saga since it happened last month and consider it to be at the least…a covert message to all the Satanists out there who are beginning to doubt whether or not they will get away with mass murder in the CovIDian Cult Holocaust mass vaxZination genocide that is currently well under way in all of Christendom.

First clue that it is a covert signal that “they” are still in control–is the fiend’s name…”Baldwin”. “Bald” as in the “bald-faced” lies they are noted for–and “win” as in “We will win over the sentients and kill them all.“–just as Baldwin killed the female cinematographer and will get away with it.

The above two links, one from RT and the other from The Truthseeker, support my view that there are just too many subliminal, evil messages to ignore. Baldwin is the messenger. He is proof to “them”, i.e., all the other evil psychopath/sociopaths in Hollywood and elsewhere, that they can continue to do their “thang” and get away with it.

The complete and total message has not yet been delivered…it will be delivered in a few more months or years–when Bald-win will walk. In the meantime…it will serve multiple purposes…encouragement for the Satanists and distraction for the Sheeple…amongst other clues.

2 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin

  1. I recently discovered your blog via aangirfan. You had an excellent interview of three healthcare workers who were laid off because of vaccine refusal on Rebel News and I was trying to access it today. I am not sure how your site works. I am unclear as to how to access previous blog posts on your site and would like to access that interview again. Hope to hear from you.


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