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Good morning readers. As many will remember, one of my most stalwart contributors is Dennis. Nearly every day Dennis will send me links to information, reports and stories that are all pure gems…valuable information and updates on information that sentients need for our survival and our War for Humanity.

Today is no exception. I am going to present in full two e-mails sent to me this morning by Dennis…both of which will “rock your socks” as the old 70’s saying went. My own comments will follow each e-mail:


“Summary of the Midazolam Murders Case

In PUB v Hancock et al, the prosecution will allege that, between 01/04/2020 and the present day, the defendants did willfully conspire, in a joint enterprise, whether with primary or secondary liability, to commit the murders by government policy of more than 136,000 people in UK care homes, by injecting the over 65’s with the infamous lethal injection drug, Midazolam.

Furthermore, we can also emphatically demonstrate that it is extant government policy to maximise the number of people placed on the end-of-life-pathway via predictive prescribing of Midazolam, to any patient of any demographic, whom a man or woman in a white coat deems likely to catch COVID-19 and die.

Moreover, documentary evidence shows that the UK Government and its institutions have been acting as if euthanasia is perfectly legal since 2008, when in fact it is murder to end anybody’s life prematurely in this country, even with the express consent of the departed and/or their loved ones.

Therefore, to argue that the graph at the top of the page is merely an illustration of the administration of standard end-of-life care is synonymous with arguing that prematurely terminating life is both legal and well established practice within the NHS, when only the latter is correct.”

Greencrow comments: Where is all of this murder by government decree leading? Well, it’s leading to a story I read on the CBC yesterday. Apparently funeral homes are going to get permission to kill people under the MAIDS legislation already in place…and then cremate them. A “One Stop Shop” so to speak.

Funeral homes pivot to offer rooms for medically assisted deaths

So the government is going to continue to make life unlivable through LockDowns, Lock Outs, No ability to escape the country or travel, masking, forced vaccination–and then make it easy for the terminally depressed/oppressed/isolated/vilified to end their lives…according to a decades old government plot.

Then, as these oppressions always go…the oppression will escalate to where those recalcitrants who still hold out and refuse to participate in the legislated mass suicide…will simply be arrested and carted off to the funeral home to be executed and cremated. That’s where these things always end up. Now we have another report from Dennis where he presents another report from yet another British Funeral Director who has gone public with all the criminality he is seeing in his work. This time “Wesley” is reporting on the uptick in numbers of dead babies he is having to prepare for funeral. Please read and I will have final comments to follow:


“A British funeral director [“Wesley”] interviewing with says he’s seeing untold numbers of dead babies and newborns in cold storage and piling up in mortuaries waiting for their funerals.

Funeral Director “Wesley” says bodies of Dead Babies are piling up in hospital morgues

“…The unprecedented numbers of babies that he and other morticians are dealing with are matched only by the excessive number of younger people in their 30s and 40s who have been dying since the COVID-19 vaccine rolled out, he says.

When the pandemic first began the mortuaries saw a flurry of deaths which, in a few months, calmed down, even though media continued to hype COVID deaths. There was an uptick in suicides in the summer of 2020 in mostly younger men, but when fall 2020 came, everything was rather quiet.

And then, he said, “Come January [2021] the numbers were going through the roof … and that’s since people were being vaccinated.”  Now he’s having the most funerals he’s ever seen in a period of two weeks, and in younger people, he’s averaging about 12 “in one go,” when before the vaccine he would see only “four or five funerals going, not 12, and not all in that age group.”

And now, he says, what he’s seeing is a lot of newborn babies … “really high, about 30” when he’s used to seeing only three or four. In other words, about 10 times the number of newborn babies are dying than he normally would see — so many they’re having to keep them in the adult section, where there’s more room. “Obviously they’re either miscarried or full-term births, but not a lot is being said about it,” he says.

To put the causes of deaths in perspective, he says he’s only had one COVID death this year. All the rest are myocarditis, infarctions (heart attacks) and some pneumonia. He also notes that “anybody and everybody” who died when the pandemic started was marked as COVID on their death certificates, but that’s not happening since the vaccine was introduced. 

SOURCE: Brighteon November 4, 2021


Greencrow concludes: We are fortunate to have such truth tellers revealing what is going on behind the OZian curtain that the government has erected around their genocidal HELLth programs. No doubt, all the grieving parents of the dead babies think that their loss is a rare anomaly instead of a rising demographic trend. Because of the funeral director speaking out…we know that the statistics [or should I say lack thereof] in the MZM are complete lies.

Soon we will be seeing dead bodies in the streets…which the government will also try to dismiss and minimize and “normaliZe”. We will read headlines like the one I read just yesterday in the MSN propaganda newZ rag:


Next, we will hear about how kids under 5 are suddenly dropping dead from “heart attacks”…with the message attached….”Move along Folks, Nothing to See Here.”

4 thoughts on “Two Exclusive DenNis Reports

  1. Thanks for posted contributions..I’ll dig through them.

    Since the Covid scam started, (and pre vaccine roll -out), the elderly were targetted to embellish COVID infection and death statistics. They became fair game to literally murder.

    Next….when vaccines were rolled out, those of us “Immunized” from cognitive dissonance had the shiver go down our collective spines that the youth would be next vaxx targets. We are now at that abyss. The sheeple just don’t get it…we are now into the satanic “slaughter of innocence” mode.

    Christmas 2021 is approaching..
    ….my concern is the soon-to-be vaxxed children will suffer adverse events, including death and the UNvaxxed will be blamed.


  2. It is getting to the crux, fight or flight, if you have the ways or means get to hell out of here. Vote with your feet, or prepare for another ending. Bill Cooper comes to mind. I see some gunsmith in Ontario was murdered by the state.


  3. Hi Nova Sceptical:

    I have a feeling that many are fleeing…paying big bucks for private jet flights and perhaps even hiding in groups in trucks like refugees all over the when it is no longer viable to live in their own country anymore. Soon Canadians will be like the Mexican “wet backs” of yore or the Cubans fleeing in tiny rafts…or in small boats in the Mediterranean that sometimes tip in the waves…washing tiny infant bodies up on the shorelines of Turkey and such places. Yes, Canadians will be like that before long…trying to save their children from the Globalist Genocidal PerpZ who now have Canadian citizens’ offspring in the cross hairs of the vaxZine attack.


  4. Parents:
    …….Get your heads out of your asses…YESTERDAY..



    “…….Dr. Jane Ruby joined the Stew Peters Show to discuss the THREE big CDC lies about the Covid-19 vaccine for children, and how the Covid-19 vaccine now contains Tromethamine to prevent severe adverse reactions in children. ”


    “……..Dr. Jane Ruby joined “The Stew Peters Show” for the weekly “Ask Dr. Jane” segment, at which time Ruby announced that new findings suggest the booster shots are “10 times more potent” than the first series of shots that are responsible for the death of nearly 20,000 documented on just the VAERS site, which it has been said only represents as little as 1% of the actual adverse events….”


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