Weather Weapons + BC Ferries

Good morning sentients. Last night we finally had the “Cyclone Bomb”[TM] that has been promised/threatened for about three weeks now. The wind came up on our mountainside bug-out sometime around 2 am and blew till about 4. Heavy rains. Our swing chair on the front deck was blown over and sprawled across the deck when we awoke this morning.

The electricity went out twice…but only for about 5 seconds each time and then came flickering back on. This morning the newZ reports that “1,000’s” are still without power on Vancouver Island. Folks. Those of you who have been reading my posts for a couple of years at least will know that I believe that these weather events are about as “natural” as the synthetic mRNA that the PerpZ are threatening to pump into our children’s bodies.

No. The Plandemic/Climatedemic is a total technocratic, Globalist, last ditch grasp for power construct and strategy that was planned decades ago and is now being rolled out post haste…in a dramatic race to the finish line…between the would-be tyrants and the sentient humans. We’re watching the race of the planetary existence of life on earth in real time. This IS the apocalypse…and, like any self-respecting apocalypse, it must have components of all the four horsemen: death, famine, war and conquest,

So, here in British Columbia we have the amaZing coinkydynk of the recent “Cyclone Bomb”[TM] weather happening at the exact same time as the BC Ferries Union standing up for its members–and refusing to support the “submit to the experimental vaxZine, or you will be fired from your job” diktat of the BC Government. Astoundingly, last night the Vancouver Sun published an article about the potential slowdown/shut down of the Government-owned BC Ferries that cross the Georgia Strait between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. This unusually candid report said that only 30% of the BC Ferries workers have reported in to the “authorities” with their hitherto private medical information…aka their “vaxZine status.” Folks…if we are to believe the MZM Vancouver Sun…then that will give sentients a huge morale boost. The professional LYING MZM has been saying non stop for months now that BC is 80% vaxZed. WTF?!

…B.C. Ferries has asked employees to declare their vaccination status by Wednesday, but McNeely said fewer than 30 per cent of its 5,000 employees have done so. The ferry corporation appears unconcerned at that rate of return….”

Here are some links that I have saved over the past month or so dealing with weather weaponization and the brewing BC Ferries labour storm/fiasco:

First the “Heat Dome”[TM] last Canada Day July 1, 2021 and now the “Bomb Cyclone”[TM]

You know it’s the PerpZ when the Legacy Media invents a new”catchy” buZZ word to call it.

 Global News SkyTracker Sunday’s storm is expected to pack quite a punch.


Greencrow continues: Yes…the weather and the mandatory vaxZine drive have been rolled out together and are proceeding apace–hand in hand–a little bit of vaxZine resistance by the “Essential Worker BC Ferries Union”…followed by the weaponiZed weather of yet another concocted “Cyclone Bomb” [TM] event [or non event as the case may be].

So, this morning, as British Columbians mop up after the latest “unprecedented” windstorm event…we look forward to the next important date on the 2021 calendar of calamities…November 15, 2021. This is the date that the BC gubermint has set for the 70% of yet unvaxZinated BC Ferries workers–to either be vaxZed or be fired. Logic dictates that if the BC Ferries Union members hold their ground…and are then fired…there will be no more ferry service between Vancouver and Vancouver Island or the many Gulf Islands–also served by this Essential Service. The very lives and the economy of British Columbia are being held to ransom…in the choke hold taxpayer-funded transport system that supplies British Columbians with all kinds of goods and services. The Ferry system is the jugular vein of our coastal Province.

The Provincial British Columbian government is nominally led by the recently vaxZine-injured Premier John Whore-gun [who has been sidelined with a highly suspicious reactivation of the cancer he had in his 40’s] but is really under the Satanic mis-rule of Chief Hellth Authority “Bullshit” Bonnie Henry. These so-called “leaders” are being forced to choose between the lives and economy of the Province–or the conquest of British Columbia by the Globalist Death Plotters. Folks…you have three guesses which option they will chose–and the first two don’t count.

When I first read the headline below last night:

I was initially staggered at the enormity of becoming marooned without transport on and off of Vancouver Island…suffering food and medicine shortages, delays and even health risks caused by the possible Ferry service interruption. But, then, as the “Cyclone Bomb”[TM] winds howled outside my door…my back stiffened…along with my resolve. If this is what it takes to get rid of the criminal and evil vaxZine diktats that are now threatening our children…then so be it. Let the ferries stop…let the Union Members stand up for their rights and for the rights of ALL BRITISH COLUMBIANS. If this is what it takes…

…so be it!

Cpl Daniel Bulford, Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police speaks out against the VaxZine Mandate.

5 thoughts on “Weather Weapons + BC Ferries

  1. RAH here:

    The (cemetery) plot thickens…

    Island Health will require Vaxx status for all parties entering their hospitals, even visitors.
    As Greencrow submits…Ferry Workers vaxx situation may cripple Vancouver Island and this may end up being a massive quarantine experiment. IMHO, they will take various regions…impose draconian rules/regs…test the waters ….and use as template elsewhere.

    Reported 11,000 BC health care workers from lowly basic staff to MDs, Dentists etc. have been diagnosed with Covid.

    A video from BC had parents of young lady who got vaxxed and who had severe adverse impact. The mother also stated she works from home as Admin. in the health care system, but is still required to get the vaxx.(???)

    THE shocker were the mother’s superiors submitting knowledge of the mothers vaxx status(WTF???). Her outrage at this privacy violation was met with her superiors saying these were “emergency times” , so end justifies the means so they illegally accessed her health status. The implication is EVERYONE’s vaxx status has been accessed.

    The lesson to be learned is the Covid scam is a blank cheque for PerpZ to lie….cheat…steal..maim…murder…etc . etc. etc.


  2. Hi RAH:

    In spite of wall to wall government/MZM propaganda and lieZ…the truth is slowly bubbling to the surface. The vaxinjured cannot be hidden any longer. Here is one video that should be shared widely:

    Yes, this video packs a powerful punch. What if one of these young men was YOUR son?


  3. RAH here:

    Thanks for video….it is going viral….sent to my son.

    Here in BC…the PerpZ will now try a ” bait and switch” to lure more suckers.

    The allegedly “Non mRNA” J – and – J vaxx will be shipped in for next week…health care workers given priority. My guess is many will take the bait and , but like all these vaxxes…ultimately regret it.

    Clown World…only 4 flu cases in all of BC…BUT DR. BONNIE SAYS GET THE FLU SHOT !!!

    Dr Bonnie again insulted health care workers…implying that if pro-choice /anti- vaxx they are selfish, risk others and should maybe look for another line of work.

    Answer: Nuremberg 2.0 baby !!!


    1. Hi S75p
      Because they’ve been hypnotiZed and brainwashed. it’s hard for us to understand because some of us, i.e., the sentients…are immune to hypnotism and brainwashing. We can’t imagine our brains being taken over and controlled by another force. But unfortunately some people are susceptible and that is what has happened.


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