Cpl. Daniel Bulford Speaks in Toronto

This man is proving me right every time he opens his mouth. When I first heard him being interviewed a few weeks ago, I posted the following predictionCpl. Daniel Bulford is our Newest Canadian Hero.

Now we find out Daniel Bulford a family man with three “kids at home”. He’s putting his career and life on the line so he can look his children in the eye. Bravo to Daniel. This is a barn burner of a speech!

RCMP Cpl. Dan Bulford is our newest Canadian General in this War for Humanity. Here is how the war is going in Australia. We are winning!

Goodbye Premier Dan Andrews. The Melbourne Rebellion has begun.

6 thoughts on “Cpl. Daniel Bulford Speaks in Toronto

  1. I’m gonna play Devil’s Advocate re: CPL. Buford

    That established…this is like a FIRE and the Fireman coming after they finish their poker game…much too little and Waaaaaayyyyyy to late.

    The damage has been done….we Joe and Jane Average Citizen now try to tabulate to what degree…and keep our fingers crossed.

    Canadian Taxpayer- funded Military…Health Care, ..Police etc etc. should have blown the whistle early last year. The evidence was overwhelming Canada(and other nations) was being subjected to a coup.
    The jails should be filled with Politicians, Public Health Officers, Bureaucrats etc. etc. awaiting Life Sentences (at minimum.)

    What do we pay these clowns for ????
    The horse has not only left the barn…the barn no longer exists.

    The best case scenario is these treasonous/incompetent parties get the hell out of the way, they have failed us miserably.

    I’ll expand on this more later…


  2. RAH here:

    Envision a pyramid..
    ….the PerpZ at the top,
    …. the masses at the bottom,
    ….and the Military, Cops, Medical system etc. in between (aka gatekeepers at the choke point.)

    Military, Cops, Medical and Legal system had powers and fiduciary/professional obligations to assess the alleged threats and act upon them.

    The medical profession should have immediately deduced that COVID was a nothing burger..then liasoned with the Legal system , Military and Cops, then all the aforementioned should have collectively and immediately surmised a criminal coup was in place.

    Were they that stupid??? and/or in self preservation mode?
    Did they not understand history…Yuri Bezmenov warnings….the Bolshevik Revoluton etc,??
    In classic Communism…the useful idiots will be disposed of in a heartbeat, as instead of bullets they will have vaxx mandates.

    In many ways I have more disgust with the Military, Cops, Legal and Medical system etc. than the Perpz…the PerpZ have been identifiable for centuries yet nothing has changed, except this Communist attack is far all the marbles…the ultimate End Game.

    Cpl Bulford and his ilks 11th hour epiphanies ring hollow ..self serving and.almost insulting
    Actually NO, they ARE insulting !!!


    1. Hi RAH
      I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one. Everybody complained when nobody stepped up to the plate. Now RCMP Cpl Bulford has sacrificed his career and put his family in danger by stepping up and it’s still not enough. He waited too long.

      This reminds me of the old Biblical fable about the two brothers vying for favoritism from their father. One son was faithful, loyal and always did his father’s bidding while the other was MIA and never did anything for his aging parent. Then there was a feast and the second son said he was coming. The father prepared a huge welcome for him and “killed the fatted calf”. The first son complained. The father said words to the effect…”You are both my sons and I love you equally. Better to have come late than not come at all.”

      If we don’t respect and appreciate those who step up to lead us into battle…then we don’t DESERVE to have leaders at all. That’s my POV. I am astounded at the quality of Cpl. Daniel Bulford’s contribution thus far. It goes way beyond all my hopes and expectations. Did you even watch his speech in Toronto that I posted? It was very moving.


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