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The Dumbest Ones

Good morning sentients. Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. Great day to remember when we still had the “freedoms” that the soldiers fought for in WWI and II, supposedly. I say “supposedly” because now we know it was all a big lie. We were inculcated with the belief that the soldiers “won” freedoms for us. But now we know the truth. We were played. ‘They’ allowed us to have certain freedoms because it suited their agenda. Now our freedom does not suit their agenda [genocide] anymore so they have been taken away like a parent takes a rattle away from a baby. That easy. So I did not wear a poppy this year and will never wear a poppy again. Just as easy to do.

I was thinking this morning that today is as good a day as any to go to the “wayback” machine and look at the very first post I did on the CovID Genocide Plot. I wrote about it back in January of 2020 when the cruise ships were ordered back to port. Remember when humans were “allowed” to take vacations on huge cruise liners and see the world from the comfort and luxury of their own onboard cabin? I went on a half dozen cruises and enjoyed them all. Seems like a dream now. I will never go on another cruise–as that was just one of the countless “freedoms” that have been taken away from me during the past almost two years. Anyhoooooo...for the record and for the edification of those who are not yet familiar with the reliability of greencrow’s uncanny “spidey sense”–here are the first two posts I ever did on the bullshit– copied from my old Blogger blog. Please review and I will have further comments to follow:


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Chinese Corona Virus, Spanish Flu, German Measles

Corona virus same-old-same-old Imperial Terror Tactic
It’s the first sign of Spring, even before the first crocii peep their heads above the snow.  I’m talking about the olde government fear tactic of scaring the Sheeple by raising the tried and true ancient boogyman of epidemics.  In spite of all the progress of modern medicine, have you ever noticed how, when they drag these old tactics out, they always associate them with the same country that the hegemon is trying to vilify?  Just a coinkydynk, I suppose.

China and the US are currently locked in a trade/tech war and USrael has employed the additional nefarious tactic of forcing its vassals [aka Canada] to embroil the countries in legal extradition battles.  Interspersed into the (((media))) headlines about the trade wars and the extradition wars–we now have headlines about a terrible virus that is jumping international borders and…wait for it…so far has made all of SEVEN people sick!

Hey, you can’t have all those highly paid “scientists” in those bioweapons labs/CDC/WHO agencies all over the West just sitting twiddling their thumbs.  You need to annually task them with coming up with plagues…like in the Old Testament…to terrorize the sheeple into submission.  When the UK was fighting Spain they had the Spanish flu. They also called syphilis “the Spanish Disease”. When the “allies” were fighting the Germans…we had “German measles”.  Now, when we’re trying to save our hegemonic economy from challenging nations like China…we have the Wuhun virus:

A mystery virus – previously unknown to science – is causing severe lung disease in the Chinese city of Wuhan. More than 50 people have been infected. Seven are currently in a critical condition. A new virus arriving on the scene, leaving patients with pneumonia, is always a worry and health officials around the world are on high alert.
Mystery Chinese virus: How worried should we be? – BBC News

Folks, relax.  It’s just another annual disease distraction.  It’s a “make work project” for the controlled government assets in the biomedical labs and the CDC.  It’s also a “drill” to make sure they’re all entirely corrupted [which we already know because of their silence on the real killers in Big Pharma–vaccinations] and primed for a bioweapon pan epidemic False Flag—which could be ordered if the stakes are high enough.

As I say, the big “tell” is that the “virus” just happens to come from the same nation that also happens to be the official “enemy du jour” of the globalist ziofascists.  The biomedical terror “drill” never fails to emerge…just like the crocii…in “slow newz” late Winter/early Spring.Posted by greencrow at 9:24 AM4 comments:  Labels: Canadachemical/biological warfareConspiracy TheoriescorruptionCovid-9/11Crimesdrugsfalse flagshealthhealthcaremainstream mediascienceUSAvacci

Monday, January 27, 2020

Chinese Coronavirus Perp Drill/Hoax/Distraction but from what?…the Iraqi Effort to dislodge Occupiers?

Chinese Coronavirus Booghah Booghah
Another slow newz Monday morning and more of the latest perp drill…the Chinese Coronavirus Booghah, Booghah.  Anybody who doesn’t recognize the done-to-death signature signs that this is a huge drill/global distraction is a Sheeple [which make up about 80% of humanity].  Here in Canada, one of the control hubs of the perps, we have the following ridiculous [to the sentient brain] headlines.  The first is from the CBC:

Second presumptive case of coronavirus diagnosed in Canada; first case confirmed

Folks, consider this.  You go into your doctor’s office to get the results of a lengthy series of tests done on you to detect a serious disease like cancer.  The doctor sits you down, holds your hand and in a sonorous tone tells you that you have a “presumptive” case of cancer.  What would be your reaction?  The use of such a pathetically unscientific term should tip everyone off.  But nooooooooo. Here’s another headline:

19 in Ontario being investigated for coronavirus after 1 case confirmed, 1 presumed

Lol.  Why didn’t they say 19,000 being investigated for coronavirus.  That would have been impressive.  The first number is supposed to scare the reader and distract from the second number [one confirmed case] or the third [one “presumed].  Why would you “presume” that a case is the coronavirus?  Why wouldn’t you confirm if confirmation is such a serious bidness with this disease?
Only a very few sentients see this farce for what it actually is:  a World wide drill of the bioweapons labs including the CDC and the WHO to make sure there aren’t any “off message” types working there or reporting in the MZM.  In order for the parade of False Flags to continue manipulating humanity, they MUST have regular drills to root out any truth tellers who might have seeped into the system by accident.  Even the supposedly uncorrupted media like RT are on board with these drills for whatever reason.  I guess if they’re not they risk being “sanctioned” off the Internet completely.

Here’s what my intrepid truth-telling colleague, Northerntruthseeker

Northerntruthseeker in Natural Habitat
is reporting about the drill/hoax from the depths of the frozen boreal forests in north/central Canada:

The Corona Virus Hysteria: 8 Things To Consider Before Panicking About The Coronavirus!

The point out of the eight things to consider that I like the best is that this is just the latest of a never-ending series of terrible diseases that come and go like the winter snows.  H1NI or whatever was the last one…long gone now.  This one will disappear too…as soon as USrael finds another “enemy du jour” and leaves China alone.

Cryptogon reported the other day that there was a mysterious incident at a Canadian Infectious Disease Lab last summer that may have some gonnection with what’s going on now.

July 2019: Chinese Researcher Escorted from Canadian Infectious Disease Lab Amid RCMP Investigation

There certainly is a mystery surrounding why there are/were so many westerners living in the “ground zero” Chinese city of Wuhan Give me the answer to that question, and I’ll tell you a lot more about this latest hoax/distraction/drill.  But, in the meantime…another clue is that somebody is also making a quick buck off the “presumptive” pandemic.  This from CTV:

Pandemic video game ‘Plague Inc.’ surges in popularity as coronavirus spreads

Well, they made big bucks off short selling on airline shares before 9/11 didn’t they?  There has to be a money angle to it.  The perps particularly like it when the taxpayers shoulder the cost of the entire enchilada…like 9/11…. or in this case when the “governments” are all running around at taxpayer expense along with government funded international agencies like WHO.  Gotta pay those high salaried pseudo-scientists in those bio-weapons labs, dontchaknow.

But, what geopolitical situation is in need of distraction from?  Just look around….we have 2.5 million Iraqis marching to city centre Baghdad demanding that the Satanists leave the country.  Then we have a steady stream of bombs going off in “The Green Zone”.  

“Trump’s Katyusha Conundrum: Unguided Artillery Deployed by Iraqi Insurgents against US Occupation Forces”

This is BIG newz.  But, did any of it reach the tiny, microscopic brains of the USraeli sheeple who have their mushy little minds pummeled daily with a relentless diet of celebrity/sports/hoax/celebrity/sports/hoax/celebrity/sports/hoax. No?  Well then, mission accomplished!
Can you imagine the MZM getting away with having NO coverage at all about the above two developments [massive opposition to occupation and emergence of counter attacks] in Iraq?  Hey, that’s what pandemics are FOR.

Finally, I have a few words from a regular reader who sent this brief commentary to my in basket yesterday:

I believe everyone should pay at least a little attention to Armstrong.

Once head of Princeton Economics.
Genius in his own way.
Advisor to all, but also to governments and largest investors .
Theory of cyclical events.
Hated by many.
Once imprisoned because would not co operate with corruption


No matter how drowned/drenched humanity sinks into the black sewage of perp lieZthe truth will emerge, rise up and shine out of the darkness. And, so I carry on, waiting for the coming of the 100th monkey messiah.
Posted by greencrow at 12:20 PM9 comments:  Labels: 9/11Big Pharmachemical/biological warfareChinaConspiracy TheoriescorruptionCovid-9/11drugsGlobalismhoaxesIraqscienceZiofascism


Greencrow comments: So there you have it folks. Greencrow called it correctly right out of the starting gate. Every word I wrote back in January 2020 remains true today. The Plandemic is utter bullshit from soup to nutZ. Still it marches on and escalates and still the sheeple sink deeper and deeper into the propaganda/genocide quicksand every day.

Here is a child speaking out courageously in Florida…to some adult “authorities” forcing her to “mask up” in order to be edjumicated. This was sent to me this morning by FreakedOut:

Florida girl forced to speak truth to power from behind a plexiglass screen


Greencrow continues: Meanwhile…as predicted by dozens of non-coerced, uncorrupted and non-compromised scientists…the vaxZed are beginning to drop like the flies they are [in the minds of the PerpZ] read this report:

Herland Report: Double Jabbed die rate Six Times higher: Recent data from the U.K. Office of National Statistics reveals people who have been double jabbed against COVID-19 are dying from all causes at a rate six times higher than the unvaccinated.

…and the PerpZ are ramping up the “famine” horse of the “four horsemen of the Apocalypse“…see the link below for details.


…all while rolling out a Satanic propaganda campaign against our children…see photo and link

Claudia is On Fire

H/T FreakedOut

Greencrow concludes: Sentients are now desperately attempting to head off the mass murder of our precious children at the pass. We are being blocked by the childrens’ parents themselves. These are the tragic, pathetic Zombified vaxZed…who are ignorantly determined to take their children along with them to the vaxZine slaughter. The Communists have always known about the stupidity of most humans:

9 thoughts on ““way back machine” to greencrow’s first posts about the covid bullshit and more…

  1. I am saddened that about 70% of the population have willingly (the rest are being coerced) given up their freedom on the false belief they will be protected. There is an abundance of information out there on this scam but they will not even look for it and prefer to believe the lies from the government, “health experts”, and MSM. In the end they will have lost both their freedoms AND their safety!


  2. RAH here:

    Re Remembrance Day is simply a psy-opp for the military to attempt to absolve itself of the FACT they are guilty of murder and the accomplices in the destruction of Western Civilization.

    I watched some ceremonies and one Vet talked about “COVID” as our latest enemy.

    If these brainwashed Vets and currently enlisted would wake up they should be arresting PHO, Politicians etc. who are irrefutably involved with murder, treason etc. against their own citizens.

    Otherwise…..Stick that poppy where the sun don’t shine….


  3. RAH here:

    Here in BC….it was reported that
    — MD’s
    — Pharmacist…
    — and Chiropractors
    …….in PRIVATE PRACTICE will soon be required to get the death jab err…vaccine

    This is consistent with Communist strategy/tactics…
    ………the “useful idiots” have sold out their fellow man and have served their purpose.

    They have to be eliminated before they wake up…….They will be the NEXT to go.


    1. Good comment.
      The vaxed will soon fall off their high horses as their status is so fragile and all it takes is to have our current overlords to change definition of “fully vaccinated”.
      They will be thrown into dungeons together with us.


  4. Thx GC,

    Great job as always!

    Because of today I’d like to mention some Canadian heroes of the past.
    My hat off to Victoria mutineers of Dec. 21, 1918 ! Not so much to traitors, some are burried in Churkin Naval cemetery in Vladivostok.
    I also pitty those of CAF howling like wolves in NF forests and those administering VX at gunpoint to their fellow citizens.

    Sanitized article here


  5. BC psycho Dr. Bullshite


    A recent public health order that resulted in thousands of healthy frontline health workers being laid off without pay due to their vaccine status, included a callous warning to front-line health a workers in the private sector, reads:

    “TAKE NOTICE that in accordance with further direction from me, health professionals to be determined by me and their staff, not otherwise required to be vaccinated under the Residential Care COVID-19 Preventive Measures Order or this Order, will be required to be vaccinated by a date to be determined by me, in order to provide health care or services in the Province.”


  6. This cuntry is fu¢ked. Pass the vomit bag
    Ottawa’s National War Memorial ceremony today

    Our Prime Minister shows up less than 5 minutes before the Moment of Silence.

    No one in proper placement as the clock strikes 11:00am.

    Prime Minister Truduh greeting people during his late walk through the Moment of Silence.

    Governor General drives up during the end of the Moment of Silence, interrupting it


  7. RAH,
    Re: MD’s shitting bricks
    Yes they are. One I know beter than well stated, “but people know where we live”. Same applies to many other priviliged members of society and unfortunately they might face harsh wrath of people. Somebody said “if people have nothing to loose, they loose it”
    This is very similar to situation before bolshevik revolution in Russia.
    It is very scary and anything can trigger major event.


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