Meanwhile…BC reports highest ever suicide…er, I mean overdose, record

Overdose Up 24%: Coroners

Overdose in BC

Drugs overdoses in British Columbia are continuing to rise with coroners saying that deaths are up 24 percent, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

1,534 people have died in BC from drug overdoses in a period from January to September of this year. This is the highest rate ever recorded. The vast majority of these deaths were men over 50 in high-density centres throughout the province.

These deaths were usually related to cocaine, fentanyl and methamphetamine. The coroner’s report stated that “post-mortem toxicology results suggest there has been a greater number of cases with extreme fentanyl concentrations in April to August compared with previous months.”

In response to this, BC’s provincial government and the city of Vancouver have lobbied the Trudeau government to decriminalize possession of these drugs.

“An increasing number of stakeholders are saying criminalizing personal drug possession is hurting not helping,” said a report on overdoses. The province has asked the federal health department to consider decriminalizing possession of heroin and cocaine.

In a report conducted by the federal government, officials noted that “the Government of Canada recognizes the overdose crisis is one of the most serious and unprecedented public health threats in Canada’s recent history.”

“We have lost too many Canadians to drug overdoses,” they added.


Greencrow comments: Folks. Calling these deaths “overdoses” is just another aspect of this criminal cover-up of government/Big Pharma sponsored genocidal murder. The intention is to create social situations where people want to kill themselves and then give them the means to do it cheaply and quickly.

The fact that the Bullshitter is not before the cameras, wringing her blood-stained hands in mock tribulation over this death record is proof that it is intentional–and is being covered up–so that it can continue and accelerate–as they increase the mental trauma on society.

Instead of even mentioning this record number of deaths…the Bullshitter is now lying about the number of child “covID cases” so they can start the genocidal mass murder of our children/grandchildren.

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile…BC reports highest ever suicide…er, I mean overdose, record

  1. Hi GC,
    I would strongly recomend Dimtri Orlov for understanding how USSR collapsed, we can draw parallels from it.
    It was difficult time for Russian nation and we are about to experience something much worse.
    Substance abuse is only beginning.


  2. For sure when people are being oppressed and victimized by the gov they do want to die. Drugs are a good way for them to go. They may not be OD’s but suicides? The number of those has gone up all over the world.

    World Wide Surge of Sports People Suffering Sudden Health Issues and Death
    It is no wonder some in sports are speaking out. This is not all of them there are more.
    Canadians that died or been injured 21 have submitted their stories so far.


  3. Hi S75P and Rainbow Warrior
    I feel in my heart that most of the “overdoses” reported for this year are in fact suicides. And those are not the only suicides this year. What about all those single vehicle traffic “accidents” and then the people who just go “hiking” and never come back.

    Despair is a real killer…and the governments and Big Pharma have managed to monetize it, along with everything else.


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