Brazilian President tells WHO Director “People are Dying” After COVID Shots –

WHO Director: “We’re Still Studying It.” [origin of virus]


Good morning fellow endangered sentients. I just informed my husband this morning that the Provincial Government of British Columbia as of last month, October, 2021 has now mandated that all who visit hospitals must be vaccinated. He was of course incredulous–and I had to provide “proof”. Here is what I sent him:

Visiting our hospitals, clinics & care homes – Vancouver Coastal Health (

Yes, the new “rules” are all “weasel words” and on the surface it does appear that unvaccinated British Columbians can still go to the Hospital ER if they are in a medical crisis…but of course they will be at the mercy of the now totally vaxZinated staff there…who have been programmed to regard them [the unvaxZinated] as lesser beings…not worthy of their best efforts. They will have to wait an ungodly amount of time to be treated–and then only after being subjected to having toxic/infected swabs shoved up their noses to massage their throat/brain barrier tissue. If they then test positive via the now discredited PCR test…they will be isolated and subjected to the “Hospital Protocol”[TM] routine assassination methodology that killed my two years older brother in March of 2021.

I told my husband…”I do not have to make this stuff up…it is horrible beyond belief all by itself”… as written down by the government and defecated out by the MZM.

Folks///Please read the illuminating report below from Health Impact News. It is a report on a recent telephone conversation between Jair Bolsonaro, the democratically elected President of Brazil and former Communist terrorist, Tedros Adhanon–the Appointed [paid for by Big Pharma/Baal GateZ] director of Globalist Asset WHO. In this case, ironically, it is the elected Jair Bolsonaro who is speaking truth to the unelected frontman/stooge who now holds power over the human race. I will have final comments to follow:


From Health Impact News

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

A video shot from a cell phone has surfaced of what appears to be an impromptu meeting between Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and Tedros Adhanom, the director of the World Health Organization, during the recent G20 Summit in Rome.

Present along with Bolsonaro was Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga, and a translator who translated from Portuguese to English, as President Bolsonaro is asking his questions to Tedros Adhanom in Portuguese, while Adhanom replies in English.

The audio is difficult to hear, but someone has made a 2-minute clip with English subtitles, which we have uploaded to our Bitchute and Rumble channels.

In the clip, President Bolsonaro is complaining to Tedros Adhanom that the lockdowns have destroyed the economy and that people are having a hard time feeding themselves.

Tedros Adhanom replied that he didn’t think we needed more lockdowns.

President Bolsonaro then asked Adhanom if the WHO was going to mandate vaccine passports, to which Adhanom replied “not now,” because there were still many countries with a low vaccination rate, and to implement vaccine passports would amount to “discrimination.”

Next, President Bolsonaro asked why so many people who are fully vaccinated in his country are still getting COVID-19.

Tedros Adhanom gave the official response, which is that the vaccines are not even designed to stop transmission, but to prevent serious illness and death.

This well-known fact alone should be reason enough to stop mandating the shots, but the health authorities around the world along with the pharma-controlled corporate media continue lying to the public and stating that people just get the shots to stop transmission.

But they were never designed to do that!

As to the claim that they reduce death, President Bolsonaro stated: “In Brazil, many who got the second dose are dying.”

Tedros Adhanom admitted that this can happen, and blamed it on “comorbidities and underlying conditions.”

President Bolsonaro then said something very revealing, if we are to trust the English transcription, and that is that he was lamenting the fact that these shots were being given to children, but that he was powerless to stop them, because governors and mayors have more power than him to mandate the shots to children, due to “a decision of the judicial power.”

If this is an accurate translation, then I think we are seeing a pattern here where executive branches of government are being over-ridden by the judiciary in trying to stop vaccine mandates, as that is exactly what is happening here in the U.S. where some governors are trying to stop the mandates, but the courts are over-ruling them.

The next part is not clear, and there is a longer version of this conversation on YouTube here that is over 13 minutes long, but without English subtitles, and it seems that President Bolsonaro is mentioning the fact that the WHO does not recommend the shots for children, and he apparently wanted the WHO to make a stronger statement on this to prevent countries from injecting children.

But it seems, especially from the longer version, that Tedros Adhanom mainly just listens here, and does not really say anything about changing what the WHO says regarding children receiving the shots.

President Bolsonaro complains that anything they try to say about the vaccines is labeled as “fake news” by the media.

He clearly seems distressed that these shots are being mandated for children, and states:

The lives of the children are at stake and nothing better than to follow what Adhanom said, this determination of the WHO.

He is apparently asking Tedros Adhanom for help in stopping the mandates for children, but I seriously doubt he will get it.

Tedros Adhanom is a known terrorist with ties to Bill Gates, the Clinton Foundation, Dr. Fauci, China, and many others. See:

Is W.H.O. Director Tedros a Terrorist? Global Ties to Bill Gates, Clinton Foundation, Dr. Fauci, China and Genocide

President Jair Bolsonaro has been very outspoken criticizing the official COVID response, and he himself is apparently one of the only heads of state that has chosen to NOT get a COVID shot.

When he attended the UN General Assembly in New York this past September, he was forced to eat pizza out on the street as New York’s vaccine policy did not allow him to dine indoors without proof of vaccination. (Source.)

Not included in this two-minute clip with English subtitles (but included in the longer clip on YouTube) are apparently comments President Bolsonaro made about being the only head of state currently under investigation for “genocide” regarding his response to COVID-19.

MercoPress, an English publication based out of Montevideo, Uruguay, reported:

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro was recorded telling World Health Organization (WHO) Director Tedros Adhanom he was the only head of state charged with crimes against humanity for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversation is said to have taken place on the sides of the G20 Summit in Rome.

An investigative committee made up of Brazilian Senators, known as CPI, has drafted a report accusing Bolsonaro of three crimes against humanity during the pandemic, an accusation that will be sent to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, as well as to local prosecutors.

“I am the only head of state in the world who is being investigated, accused of genocide,” Bolsonaro told Adhanom.

The informal dialogue is said to have taken place Sunday in Rome and it was recorded in a video quoted today by the daily Valor Economico.

Joining Bolsonaro and Adhanom was Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga, who joined the conversation to say, laughing: ”I’m also going to go with him (Bolsonaro) to The Hague, to walk to The Hague.“ Queiroga is also accused by the parliamentary commission of alleged crimes committed while managing the pandemic. (Source.)

The clip ends with President Bolsonaro asking Adhanom “What is the origin of the virus?”

Adhanom replies with a smile: “We’re still studying it” which prompted chuckles from those there.

President Bolsonaro replies: “Good answer.”

Watch the full clip.


Greencrow concludes: Let history record that ONE elected world leader, ie, Brazils Jair Bolsonaro, DID SPEAK OUT on behalf of the children of the human race prior to the mass genocide/murder of them that is about to take place. Only ONE leader, though. Astounding in its magnitude…beyond belief actually…

Why are they Doing this? A link and commentary sent to me this morning by Dennis:

Good morning gc:

This [the video linked above] is a very raw and straight forward statement of what some of us perceive to be True!

“This plan is to make sure that we can control and kill off a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned and so I think the justification for everything we see is warranted in understanding the endgame.”

Dr. Chetty is a general practitioner with a natural science background in genetics, advanced biology,microbiology and biochemistry. From the start of the Covid pandemic, he has been critically watching the information arising from observations around the world.

Listen carefully. The doctor says that once you realize the game plan, the counterproductive from the standpoint of human health Covid protocol makes sense. They do intend to kill most of us. That is the purpose of the spike protein in the “vaccine.”

Note that it is health care workers who have seen the effects of the “vaccine” on people who prefer to lose their job to being “vaccinated.”

Knight Dennis


15 thoughts on “Brazilian President tells WHO Director “People are Dying” After COVID Shots –

  1. Re: Children etc

    Here in BC Canada….we have approx. 70 school districts.
    Each district would have elected school trustees, and they are in essence the “employers”
    A few have stated they will NOT mandate vaccines for teachers and other workers.

    Sounds good..right???


    I suspected that the school districts had no appetite to mandate vaccines for various reasons.
    However, Covid “outbreaks” have occurred “right on cue” and several schools have now shut down and now back to remote learning

    I predict that our Chief Public Health Officer Dr Bullshite will then impose a vaccine mandate on ALL school districts and their staff, hence the school trustees can breathe a sigh of relief..but this was all orchestrated. Any day now Vaxxes for children 5-11 will be approved…so I further predict that ultimately all parties entering school will need to be vaxxed.


  2. Good catch GC.
    The cabal is incredibly crafty penetrating through every society at every level and sphere. Something which is not humanly possible, there must be some other forces in action.
    S@tan is deceiver, am I getting closer?
    Further, Bolsonaro is being charged while he is last one to deserve it, is devil breathing on his neck?
    Why soverein country needs to ask for permission from some strange international organization, how did they get so mighty?


  3. Dr. Chetty video and links have been posted before on GreenCrow site, but IMHO should continue to be posted. ” Engineered Virus..Mandate Vacccine “. He covers literally everything from A to Z and this video should be widely shared.

    He lays out the insidious bio- design and how it will either create new morbidities, and/or exacerbate existing ones in stealth mode, and further exacerbated by a complicit health care system in denial and cover-up.

    In other words..the perfect killing machine and supportive machinations..


    1. Hi RAh:

      Yes, I believe you and/or others may have sent me this link earlier. I do lose track of all the submissions. I ask for forgiveness and patience from all my readers during this time of information overload.


  4. Hi GreenCrow

    No worries…Dr Chetty video is a classic and should be re-posted periodically
    My colleague and have it lined up for our CoronaGate channel.

    An sheeple that still takes the vaxx after viewing it truly deserves what is forthcoming…they clearly have a Death Wish.


  5. Updates:

    Some “protestors” disrupted a Remembrance Day event in Kelowna yesterday .

    Today ….”Queens Cowboys” …..aka RCMP…. held news conference and are looking at possibility of civil and/or criminal charges based on the law that disrupting re: religious and other events is subject to charges.

    I seem to recall across Canada the police were continually interfering with faith groups congregating and worshipping. Talk about hypocrisy !!!

    Further to this, I wouldn’t be surprised if the protestors were deep state stooges whose goal is to create precedent/s to make any/all future protests illegal.


  6. Re: “are looking at possibility of civil and/or criminal charges based on the law that disrupting re: religious and other events is subject to charges.”

    I hope that governor general will be included in that investigation for cutting into 2 min silence ceremony.


    1. It appears the State is blaming the “lateness” of the GG to the Remembrance Day Ceremonies on a bomb scare. Bomb scares, whether real or manufactured, are often an integral part of the Official Story.


    1. Hi S75p

      I have been following this aspect of the alternative news investigation into the vaxZine roll out mass murder closely. The results of many investigations into the genocide plot are slow in coming in and we need a lot more info in order to assess what is really going on.

      Ft. Detrick Bioweapons lab worker/Whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits has been saying for years that the vaxZines are targeted towards certain racial [Black] ethnic and sex demographics. Sterilization of certain groups has been around for decades.

      But we need to back this up with more information. As I say, it is coming in…but way too slowly to stop the crimes already in progress.


  7. Hi GC,
    The article talks about how individual batches of vaccines are packed when they leave manufacturer’s facility and how the batches differ from placebo to outright killers. This might be explanation why there is such broad range of reaction


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