Weird oR What?

Dutch government telling citizens that the vaxZine passports are to protect the unvaxZinated from the vaxZinated…say what???

Greencrow comments: Watch to the end to see the short animation showing how the vaxZed transmit “CovID” [actually spike proteins?] to the unvaxZed.

This is getting super weird.

3 thoughts on “Weird oR What?

  1. Hi GC:

    RAH here:

    Intriguing….I will reflect on this, but initial intuition is that this is a psychological ploy to head off anticipated awakening and revolt by citizens.

    By admitting the obvious and irrefutable,..the Gov’t is trying to minimize backlash….aka they may be getting desperate.


    1. Hi RAH:

      It could very well be a “limited hangout”[TM] Baal Gatez seen swimming away from vaxZine ship was an important clue to Perp desperation. He gave an interview last week where he said “We need to do vaxZines better.” .


      1. Hi gc. The CDCs Green Zone Shielding plan aka isolation camp plan is phrased as shielding the vulnerable immunocompromised who can’t be vaccinated. It’s their way of selling the plan to the sheeple when the neighbours start getting ripped from their homes. It bodes ill.


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