Assault on BC Continues

Good evening folks. Two very important stories with a BC/Canada connection that I have to share with you this evening. The first is something that was brought to my attention by my great warrior fellow truth reporter FreakedOut. He sent a link to a video by Christian aka The Ice Age Farmer…who hails from BC.

According to Christian, the Port of Vancouver is now closed due to rail stoppages and highway washouts arising from the recent geoengineered weather event/flood that caused much damage and disruption…on the very day that the unvaxZinated RCMP were forced to leave their jobs. Please watch the video and listen to the report on a situation which Christian believes is quite dire. Amazingly, but not surprisingly, when I checked with the local media…there was no mention of The Port of Vancouver being closed…all was calm on the Western Front…as the saying goes. Oh, there was a tiny tidbit of a report about some panic buying but no connection to the closing of the Port of Vancouver…or other context as to why that might be.

So here is the report and I will have more comments and a tie-in to follow:

Christian [The Ice Age Farmer] gives his take on the flood damage:

Port of Vancouver CLOSES as BC flooding damages rail & roads


Greencrow says. Well the railway line was threatened when the Lytton EMP fire took place last summer so it seems to be an ongoing project to cut BC off from the rest of Canada. Wonder who might be spearheading such a criminal/treasonous project???

As chance would have it, around the same time as I received the link from FreakedOut about BC being cut loose from Canada…I received a link to another ‘must watch’ video. This one is of a speech by Dr. David Martin about the racketeering and bribery going on with PfiZer/Big Pharma’s genocidal depopulation via vaxZine plot.

Fugitive from Justice–now threatening our children with death

Dr. Martin points his accusatory finger directly at The Turd in this video…outlining the nefarious gonnections between Canada, the mRNA genocidal injections…and the deep, well-lined pockets of our Prime Minister Turd. It would seem that every time a Canadian [or indeed anyone the world over] gets a genocidal injection, The Turd gets a kickback. Thus the TV clips of the Turd making his sonorous, Grade B Actor announcements about purchasing [at taxpayer expense] millions of vials of poison–and now threatening to inject our precious children with what he calls “safe and effective” vaxZines–is put into the stark context of all the bribery and racketeering going on behind the scenes.

Greencrow concludes: Fellow Canadians. I believe we have had quite enough of the Turd and his cabal. There is more than enough evidence laid out by Dr. Martin to put Justin away for life….or worse…if treason is the charge that finally brings him before Court.

Now, with the spectre of a future of artificially created shortages and famine looming over us like they did in the Bolshevik Days of Lenin and Stalin…which resulted in millions of Russians being murdered in a similarly contrived genocidal communist plot…the time has come for some arrests. There is no more time to lose–as the dagger has been raised and is now pointed directly at our children.

To broaden the comparison between what is going on today in Christendom–and what went on in the Communist Soviet Union–here is yet another video. This one has Dr. Shepherd, a Russian ex pat painting the big picture of the catastrophe that is steaming towards us like a freight train in a long dark tunnel:


Dr. Igor Shepherd

9 thoughts on “Assault on BC Continues

  1. Hello Greencrow!

    As a long time bureaucrat – (and I am not ashamed of this title) – I knew the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) here in the US would have to take a knee and cry uncle after being totally humiliated and degraded by Biden’s vaccine mandates. This agency just can’t do it!

    OSHA would try to get stupid newbie flunkies to do this but it’s impossible.

    The lawsuits are piling up like a mega volcano. People injured by the vaccine, people injured by the masks. The lawsuits will never end!

    It would be a good time to be a lawyer!

    Now Bill Gates has been exposed trying to spread smallpox!! He needs to be arrested and soon and all HIS existing wealth confiscated. Except for the wealth granted to his poor ex-wife and children (who learned that their father likes raping and torturing little girls and killing people).


  2. Hi Bob:

    If we don’t see massive arrests in the next few weeks before our children start dropping…then we are lost as a species.

    Where is our military? We are under attack by Big Pharma/Technocracy and our own government!


    1. The parents need to step up. Don’t let your child be vaccinated and if comes to it use lethal force.

      A steel pipe would do. I have one along with sundry fire arms.

      The military is slowly stepping up. There was an open letter from a very lethal group of our military here in the US warning that military personal do not obey unlawful orders. NOT TO BE MESSED WITH.

      The ‘vaccine’ narrative is rapidly failing. The ‘Fauci Booster’ ought to put the nail in the coffin and all these idiots and criminals marched to the gallows.


  3. Hi GC,
    Yes this country resembles transition from tsarist Russia into bolshevism.
    There are same ethnic entities well hidden behind curtain and they are not permited to mention. If they follow same script next act will be heavy dieout. That regime lasted long time so it will here. Enjoy crumbs of remaining freedom.
    Heavens help us.
    WW3 fought with VX bioveapons as first salvos, target is softenning what next assault will be? Rumour has it that uncle gates is unleashing small pox and ground forces

    PS: im my circles a couple just got VX’d and payed dearly. Blood cloths, cardiac issues, neurological issues. Bullied by her employer to VX her whole family.
    Worse yet besides being crippled they are forcing 2nd jab on them.


  4. The Trans Mountain Pipeline has been shutdown as a precaution. Apparently the ground around it has been washed away in places. I don’t know if it has been damaged but if it has then the west coast will be in big trouble. This pipeline supplies all of the LM with gasoline and diesel fuel and also supplies the small refinery in Burnaby (which produces only high octane gas) with feed stock. It also supplies the refineries at Cherry Point Washington with some of their feed stock. The Washington refineries supply Vancouver Island with gasoline and diesel but will not be able to continue to do that if Washington state becomes short of fuel due to reduced output from their refineries. If this pipeline stays down for long the LM and VI will have to restrict fuel to only emergency vehicles which means that the LM and VI will grind to a halt. The only option would be to bring a tanker up from Houston through the Panama Canal but there are no facilities in Vancouver to offload a tanker. Fill up if you can.


  5. Hi Bob:

    I’ve been following the travails of the Transmountain pipeline for years and never heard that it “supplied all the gasoline and diesel fuel to the Lower Mainland”. My impression has always been that it supplies tankers with heavy crude unprocessed material that they then ship to refineries in the states around Texas and thereabouts. So this version is very new to me.


  6. GC,

    What I said is true. You may be thinking about the new twin TMX pipeline expansion that is still under construction. Most of that oil would be exported. Only a small amount of the oil that flows through the existing TMX line is exported. The rest ends up being used in the LM. Also, the line sends gasoline, diesel, and crude in separate batches. It’s not just oil all the time.


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