BC UPdate – Plus: King Herod 2.0 and Digital Drivers Licence

King Herod’s Soldiers Slaughtering the Innocents – Coming Soon to a Neighbourhood Near You

Just in case some readers did not see my recent prediction about what is coming in British Columbia and Canada within the next year,,,here is what is going down in Utah, USA

Good morning endangered sentients. This post will be a continuation of my status reports on the situation here in British Columbia where the Federal Communist Regime of the Turd is attempting to quarantine our province off from Canada via weather weaponiZation and HELLth diktats. There have been significant developments on both fronts.

First of all it is now snowing on the Malahat on Vancouver Island. The garbage man came this morning a day late and told me that the Malahat Hwy was clear and empty and said it would be good to travel on. But less than an hour later it started to snow. Here is an interesting poll from Twitter this morning:


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Angus Reid Forum@angusreidforumDo you feel global warming is to be blamed for the extreme weather in BC? Let us know Down pointing backhand index#canadaFlag of Canada#britishcolumbia#abbotsford#environment#extremeweather#globalwarming#flooding#evacuation

  • Yes12.1%
  • No 87.9%


Greencrow continues: I saw in the local NewZ that the Federal Communist Turd Tyranny has sent in “a handful” of the military to “help” with the flood relief. Reminds me of the NATO perps sending in their military to “help” Haiti after the manufactured “earthquake” that took place there a decade or so ago. The Clinton Crime Family really cleaned up on that one.

RAH has informed me that the Federal Communist Turd Tyranny will approve the genocidal vials of mRNA and other unknown toxins to be injected into our small children tomorrow. Folks, as I told RAH, this is a very dark day in Kanada. They have raised their dagger and have pointed it directly at our children…and there is absolutely no “officials” or “soldiers” or “judges” who are prepared to confront them. We have been totally abandoned by our ruling class and our taxpayer-funded military, police and security services…All still at their desks have been entirely corrupted and those who still had a shred of humanity and morality in them were abruptly terminated on November 15th under the mandatory kill shot mandate.

The Georgia Guidestones

To shed some light and put the above monstrosity into historical context, I present below some information about the Georgia Guidestones and WHO is behind the de-population agenda that is now in full throttle. FreakedOut saw this on the Jeff Rense website this morning. Please read and I will have concluding comments to follow:

The Georgia Guidestones…You Should Pay CLOSE Attention
From V

“Hi Jeff,

I heard your interview with with Frank Joseph referencing the Georgia Guidestones. The Guidestones are no mystery for those who care to delve deep.

The Guidestones and their message was conceived by three eugenists friends using David Rockefeller money.

The three were; William Gates (father of Bill Gates), William Shockley (Nobel Proze winner and creator of the microprocessor) and Australian Nobel Virologist Sir Macfarlane Burnet, who was behind the CRISPR technology research that manipulated the Wuhan virus and the so called mRNA vaccines bioweapons. All three men were members of the London Eugenics Society, now known as the Guaultin Institute as the term eugenics is out of favour.

Sir Macfarlane Burnet authored the new Godless Ten Commandments on the 1980 constructed Guidestones. The ten tenets can be found in Burnet’s 1978 highly controversial book, “Endurance of Life”.

Burnet had once proposed to Australian, UK and US defence chiefs to unleash a Carona Virus on China. The Godless Fabian Sir Macfarlane Burnet was a friend of the eugenists Charles Darwin who was also a Godless eugenists.

Before his 1985 death from cancer, at eight five years old, Burnet had hand picked, and trained a protoge by the name of Sir Gustav Nossal. He’s now in his nineties and still lives in Melbourne, Australia.

In the late 1990s and 2000s, Nossal went on to work at the W.H.O as paid agent of the Gates Foundation, which originally was set up by William Gates Snr, and later renamed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was Nossal who captured the W.H.O for Gates. It is the W.H.O who is directing nations in lockstep using its 2008 International Health Regulations. All nations Health Officials are beholden to the W.H.O via UN agreements.

A friend of William Shockley, by the name of Dr Herbert Kersten, suraptiously organized the construction of the Guidestones having appointed an Elberton, Georgia bank manager to supervise the guidestones contractors, Martin and Joe Fendley. The two built the Guidestones doomsday monument featuring Sir Macfarlane Burnet’s new Godless Ten Commandments for mankind.

Elberton was chosen as the location for logistics reason. It’s the granite capital of the USA. Transporting intact four nineteen foot granite slabs across the USA was impractical.

The reason of the Guidestones is the ‘Moral Directive’ that humanity must be told of any orchestrated plans to be unleashed on mankind by elites or unseen forces. Our acquiesce is our consent.

It’s evident the Guidestones were a doomsday message for today, conceived by three eugenists connected to world elites, who believe they know best for humanity and the planet. If you read the ten tenets they’re largely population, social and environment focused. The philosophy is all in Macfarlane Burnets now rare 1978 book, of which I have a copy. I owned Burnet’s study, where he wrote the book. I unwittingly bought his former Melbourne, Australia home in 2013 for $2.2 million.

The above is all documented. It’s no theory and the Guidestones are no mystery for those who care to delve deep.



Greencrow concludes: Folks. All we can do at this point is put ourselves in the hands of God. Only s/he can save us now. We have been abandoned to the Satanists by all our designated “saviours”. I would suggest that all my readers say a fervent “Our Father” this morning as the modern “Medical Tyranny” 2.0 version of the ancient Biblical “King Herod” decree for soldiers to go door to door, snatching and slaughtering the innocents is now in full swing.

FreakedOut has also sent this music to end on a more positive note. Stay tuned:

“In Search Of The Truth” ~ Guy Sweens

9 thoughts on “BC UPdate – Plus: King Herod 2.0 and Digital Drivers Licence

  1. RAH here:

    I had previously guessed that they wouldn’t approve the Covid Vaxx for children till end of November 2021 at earliest. Unfortunately, all indications are they will be approved tomorrow.


    People can dismiss deaths of older people using many forms of denial…… but when young children start literally dropping dead this will absolutely devastate families moreso just before Xmas. This is all by design and the epitome of the evil we are currently under the control of.

    Hell on earth is about to be unleashed…

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    1. We have got to keep that shit away from the kids. It is killing babies of moms that got so it will kill the kids way easy. Their little bodies will not handle it well. It is a million times safer for them to get so called covid.


    1. Hi Rainbow Warrior:

      I posted that video a few days ago but it still is a timely illustration of the “hell on earth” as RAH calls it that will be unleased on our children when the government starts to criminally forcing lethal poisons into their little bodies.

      As RAH says…Children will be dropping like flies by Christmas. Is there not one decent human being in all of Canada able to put a halt to this!!!???


      1. Well when it comes to the majority of court cases to date they are looking at a lot of things. I think what needs to be done is to have criminal charges against whoever pushes the drugs. Just like any drug dealer. Of course you have to build a criminal case just like any other case. If anyone give a drug to someone without informed consent that is a crime. If you give them a drug that could kill or maim them that is criminal crime. Murder or assault causing bodily harm. Randy has been taking testimony from those harmed or have had relatives die due to the vaccines. https://odysee.com/@RandyHillier:c The last fellow Kevin’s family doctor wants to now drop him a a patient. I am guessing she has not clue how to treat him and does not want any involvement in the vaccine garbage. If she spoke out she would loose her job is my guess. So those we need to testify on behalf of victims are being silenced. Victims I think need to start going to the police to have charges laid. Criminal charges. The police are obligated to investigate a crime that is reported. People could start contact crown attorneys as to what they need to build a criminal case. Like I said most court cases are not criminal ones. Thinking has been collecting court cases. https://shadowsbearsoutlook.blogspot.com/2021/10/covid-lawsuits-and-outcomes-page-2.html
        To date the only ones criminal wise are from BC. The rest are in a different ball park. If I know of a child being abused for example I am obligated by law to report the abuse. If I know of someone who was murdered I am obligated by law to report it. If I know of a woman being abused I am obligated to report it. I think that is the way it goes. If a doctor or pharmacists gives someone a drug that can harm them and we know about it, I think we are obligated to report it. That is a form of abuse. Especially when the drug can kill or maim. It sure is doing a good job of that. So one can ask criminal lawyers and crown attorneys. Maybe even ask the police what they would need to investigate these cases. Randy is working on that one. Others from other provinces need to do that as well. Now that we finally have victims coming forward that will help. They are all witnesses. Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to law, so they say. Criminal law just might be the way to go. Murder, Assault, fraud, bribery, threatening, coercion, lack of informed consent. Those are just of the top of my head. If anyone in the medical field gives you a drug they had better damb well know all the side affects. If they are not aware of them then why? Who told them to hide the truth? Like the doctors and nurses in BC, they are seeing the results of what the vaccines do and did report it. So is anyone is bored maybe start calling the people I mentioned above. They might be amazed at what they find out.


  2. In the States, word has it that one of the largest children’s hospitals was setting up its facilities for a large influx of 5-11 year old children patients after the start of the death jab administration on Nov 5th. As expected, the following weekend(Nov 6th) they started seeing large amounts of children being brought in for heart issues. The staff was also told to keep their mouths shut….yeah….right…. like that’s going to happen. This info comes from a doctor that works at the hospital and is good friends with Jeff Rense. Imagine telling your employees to keep their mouths shut when they see major death/destruction from an experimental medical intervention(kill shot) happening to children!?!?!

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    1. When kids are being murdered or maimed that is not the time to remain silent. That is the time to have criminal charges laid against those, who push the drugs. If you are told to shut up by someone they are attempting to cover their crimes. Like when a predator tells a kid to remain silent using whatever method, be it threats or whatever, they are attempting to cover their crime. Only criminals do things like that. That tells me the ones who are telling others not to report their finding, full well know they are doing something criminal. Even gov’s that do that are committing a criminal act. If they try to hie the fact the so called vaccines kill or maim, they are criminals and should be charged. Of course they have to go to the Police and report it. They might choose police that are against getting vaccinated of course. They would get a more receptive response as they say. After doing that the police have to investigate. In the US they even have a few Senators that might do that or encourage victims to do that. Seems there are also about 26 states fighting the vaccine mandates. Even they could put that in motion.


  3. RAH here:

    I’ve noted in past that I found out the hard way my 3 adult children and my beloved spouse took the vaxx. I had begged and pleaded with them to discuss the matter when vaxxes started to get rolled out.

    Now, my nieces and nephews have a total of 8 young children between 12 years and 6 months, and I have good reason to believe they will all get vaxxed. It was not my business and if I tried I would likely be ostracized.

    I try(and its very difficult, believe me) to maintain a steady emotional level, which I refer to as realist/fatalist and guilt – free.

    IMHO, no-one,…I repeat ….NO ONE should beat themselves up if they have tried their best to warn others. We are up against powerful global forces that have unleashed insidious propoganda and created an epidemic of cognitive dissonance in epic proportions.

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  4. Hi GC, hi friends.
    Related to above comments Interesting event is in progress as PM, chief public healt officer, attorney general and rcmp head are being served conditional criminal notice by Rath&co B&S.
    Doc worth reading together with other docs on their site.
    Reaction of cabal to this letter should give us indication of level of their ignorance.

    PS: this is likely my last post on this forum as I experienced my comments to be largely ignored or misinterpreted,
    Then few days later that exact piece of news is published from other submittal resulting in delayed news.
    I dont demand credit only objectivity as I am glad to assist, actually I prefer annonymity.
    On my part it takes wasted effort to submit those with my limited resources.


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