Letter to the BC College of Physicians + Priest dies while saying mass

Good morning sentients. Today is a dark day in the Pacific Northwest and it is not only due to the looming clouds forecasted to bring the next “Atmospheric River” [TM]. It is clear that the PerpZ are outlined on the hilltop ready to charge in a final assault on humanity. They have their backs against the wall because everywhere people are dropping like flies from their hoax vaxZines. See the video below just sent to me by FreakedOut of a priest collapsing and dying while saying Mass.

Priest Dies While Saying Mass


But there is an Alert going on closer to home here in British Columbia. I was informed by John Kaminski and Arthur Topham

…that the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons is going to meet tomorrow to decide [as if they have any power to “decide”] whether or not to remove the medical licenses from those few physicians who have refused to succumb to the kill shot. There was a request to support these physicians by sending an e-mail to the College at this address:

Here is the letter that I just sent off to this address. I encourage other British Columbians to also send off an e-mail:


Please read and I will have final comments to follow:

“I am a retired Child Protection Social Worker for the Government of British Columbia. I retired in 2013. After retirement I set up a blog and became a truth blogger, I’ve followed the Covidian Cult HOAX since it’s roll-out in January, 2020. I called it a hoax then and I call it a hoax now. The CovID-19 virus has never been isolated in any lab on earth AND YOU KNOW IT! The PCR test is a discredited sham–disavowed even by its inventor–that is slated to be covertly shelved at the end of this year [to be replaced with an equally discredited methodology of diagnosis owned by Bill Gates]. The vaccines are Trade Secrets. But alternative scientists have informed us they contain: 1) mRNA fragments; 2) Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles; 3) Various metals; 4) Lethal parasites that can never be exterminated from the body and will eventually cause organ failure. 5) other unknown substances including “hydra” shaped organisms. These ingredients have been found in vials of the “vaccines” in labs all over the world.

VAERS reports, Canadian Government reports and other national reports on the adverse effects of the vaccines all over the world have been damning. Close to a million reported serious adverse events in the US alone–last time I checked, plus about 50,000 reported deaths in the Western NATO nations. [NOTE: The VAERS and other official reports have been determined to record only about 10% of the real adverse events–so we can extrapolate that the real numbers are around 10,000,000 adverse events and several million deaths–so far]. We are only one year into this diabolical program!]

But you all know this horrific information. This is common knowledge. Yet you continue to perpetuate the CovID “Global Reset” apocalyptic hoax–as if you are not humans anymore–but robots or zombies. Why? Is the blackmail and extortion leverage so extreme that you cannot do anything but go along…knowing that our children are going to be slaughtered? What is the leverage? Are you all being promised that you and your families will be saved–if you go along? Are you all being bribed? Is even MORE intensive biological and/or weather geoengineering warfare than we have already experienced?

Is there not ONE sentient amongst you who will stand up for humanity? Is there not one moral doctor in your entire organization who will speak the truth? This is the 11th hour for humanity. The Globalist Wolf is literally at the door. What is going on? Why are you participating in a massive genocidal event? You all took an oath to Do No Harm. If you remove these doctors from the registry simply for claiming sovereignty over their own bodies in the face of a mortal hoax—then you have abandoned not only your medical calling…but your humanity. Remember that, If you do this you will no longer be humans.”


Greencrow concludes: This just in from Twitter:

11 yo female 5 minutes post 1st dose, said she couldn’t hear, said she “couldn’t feel her ears” Lost consciousness, came to after ~2-5 minutes After – Had a seizure for 5 minutes Screamed for Mom to “Make it Stop” VAERS# 18495148:12 AM · Nov 24, 2021·Twitter Web App

Folks, Let’s be realistic and if I may borrow a phrase…”clinical”. The members of the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons will of course follow the Communist diktat and expel the physicians who adhere to the principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution. Because, friends, as I have said many times recently…”We are not in Canada anymore Toto….We have suddenly been transported to Kanada”.

In closing let me thank all the contributors who have piled up about 30 e-mails in my in-basket this morning. I have looked at them briefly and they are all “must share”. However I am unable to get all of them up on my blog due to the pressures of time and space. Perhaps I will do another post later on today just containing the links to all the information and readers can browse through them.

Folks, fellow blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker announced today that his only son has been forced to either take the vaxZine or be fired. He has chosen to take the vax. This is indeed a dark day in our little blogging family. Keep NTS in your thoughts and prayers as he endures a kind of emotional torture that only used to be described in the Bible…where Abraham was forced to bind and sacrifice his only son Isaac.

Carravagio – The Sacrifice of Isaac

2 thoughts on “Letter to the BC College of Physicians + Priest dies while saying mass

  1. GC,

    Excellent letter.

    It will be BC’s loss if they proceed with this. Ontario and Quebec have both backed off mandating all health care workers be double jabbed after they realized they would lose too many at a time when they are already really short staffed. Alberta initially set a deadline of Nov 1 but as the date approached they realized they would have to let go 1400 people so they set a new deadline of Nov 30. I doubt if that will make a difference.

    It’s too bad people that don’t want to take it can’t just say NO. My guess is that they are too far in debt and have no savings. They are debt slaves and would lose everything if they lost their job.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Which is precisely why we have been trying to tell folks to get out of debt for years now, but sadly, not many can hear that. If you owe them any money, they own you… You will be caused to take the mark of the beast, whether you want to or not. Sigh!


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