Arrests Imminent? Reckless Homicide + other Felonies committed – Dr. David Martin

Stew interviews Dr. David Martin – H/T FreakedOut

Greencrow comments: In the above video, Dr. David Martin [who is also a lawyer] wraps up this ‘worst crime in the history of humanity’ in a neat package with a bow on top. Stew Peters asked him: “How can we stop this?” Dr. Martin responded: “Attorneys General [everywhere] need to get together as a group and end the criminal conspiracy by standing up and upholding the Constitution and the laws of their states.” This is what happened when vehicles allowed on the road were unsafe ‘at any speed’ and when cigarettes were known to cause cancer. The same legal processes–that ended dangerous cars on the roads–and the mass marketing of cancer-causing cigarettes–must be activated!” Dr. Martin says that the evidence is all there and most of it has been admitted publicly by the criminals!

So, Folks…those readers who have stuck with this blog since the CovIDian Cult nightmare began will remember how I have said many times [but not recently] that the only non-violent way to end the nightmare is through the [entirely corrupted] court systems. President JF Kennedy’s famous quote now comes to mind — and has more significance than ever before:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. [Remarks on the first

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Greencrow continues: Here is the latest Video from Australian Patriot Max Igan…

Max Igan – Australian Patriot – H/T FreakedOut

…who became a fugitive from the Communist Regime that seiZed power there a few months ago. Max is now living in Mexico. In this video he is reporting that a genocide is underway against the First Nations in northern Australia where they are being taken away to quarantine camps by the military.

King “Turd” Herod – The Epitome of the “Bold Faced” Liar

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