Fake weather – 60,000+ Gate’s-owned satellites are not to be trifled with

Good morning sentients. It’s a very snowy morning way up here deep in the coastal mountains of the Pacific North West, Looking outside and checking the weather report, I can just imagine what the Monday morning rush hour traffic is like in the Vancouver Lower Mainland where I used to work. Total gridlock–with cars coming down the hills–sliding all over the place. Lucky me, up here snug as a bug in a rug.

I’ve not been posting as frequently as usual lately and that’s because I’m working on a big art project. The large 8×5 plywood sign at the entrance to our community is in an extremely dilapidated state an an embarrassing eyesore…so I volunteered to the maintenance manager to paint a new sign. Can you imagine?! I volunteered JUST BECAUSE I COULD NOT STAND LOOKING AT THAT SIGN EVERY TIME I DROVE BY. Now THAT’s craZy!

Anyhooooooo. The cheaper than hell owners/managers of the park took me up on the offer and, next thing I knew, a new fresh piece of 8×5 plywood was delivered to my cabin. Luckily, as some may remember…this cabin was previously owned by an artist/master craftsman and has quite a nice designated art studio in it. One of the reasons I jumped at the option to purchase this cabin last May. So the plywood is now in my art studio and I’m 3/4 the way through the project. But it’s been extremely time consuming. The sign has a map of the community and lots of information and lettering! So that’s why I have to shorten my posts accordingly…to leave time each day for four or five hours of painting. I want the sign finished and out of my studio in two days–so I can set up our family Christmas Village on the large drafting table.

Back to the topic of this post…the weaponization of the weather. This latest snowmageddon now in progress here in British Columbia has fallen quick on the heels of the rain and wind “Atmospheric River”[TM] which immediately followed the “Cyclone Bomb”[TM] which immediately followed the Heat Dome [TM] and the unprecedented three month summer drought. All of these unprecedented [once in a century] events following immediately in “lockstep” to one another are proof positive to me of a strategy of geoengineered weather weaponization/attack. Below is a mainstream media regurgitation of the previous event…the Atmospheric River [TM].


Many of you will have read and heard about our evil computer nerd Baal GateZ‘s obsession with the weather. Why the bastard has even talked openly about sending up some satellites to selectively block out the sun! Well, he would want to do that, now wouldn’t he? Here’s the Satanic bastard in the video below in a very recent interview where he talked about a “meaningful minority” of unvaxZed recalcitrants holding up his plot for universal vaxZination with his barcoding, QR ID, sterilizing, premature death vaxZines. The infamous words “Meaningful Minority” are spoken at the 14:00 minute mark. Listening to GateZ in this interview I suspect he is a human atomaton…a Zombified puppet, completely controlled by Satan. In other words I don’t believe he even knows he’s lying anymore. He believes what he’s saying no matter how incongruous it is.

Some readers may wonder how I got the number 60,000+ as the amount of satellites GateZ or one of his associated companies has shot into the atmosphere in the past decade or so. I got the number 60,000+ from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who referred to that number in his recent interview with real journalist James Corbett. I have no reason to doubt that number–because these days satellites are sent into space in the form of cluster bombs. Each satellite explodes into hundreds of smaller satellites…so I’ve heard. In the video below, sent to me by regular reader/contributor Noor al Haqiqa, an amateur scientist talks about weather being geoengineered by “HAARP” technologies. Well that was back a couple of decades ago. Now it’s all done by satellites with laser beams directed from them and forming a grid like network of weather control. Hurricanes, Cyclones, High Pressure Droughts etc., are now manufactured by satellites out in the oceans and then moved landward. The extreme weather specifically targets certain geographical areas. Those areas, say with high numbers of recalcitrants amongst the population, than thus be targeted and punished. AI plays a huge role in this and the targeted areas are determined by algorithms most likely and ultimately could be automatic. In other words, if a certain nation, for instance, decides to rise up and rebel against the mandatory vaxZines…that nation could then be exterminated from the face of the earth by a succession of geoengineered weather events. See what I’m saying?

Below is a video where our local BC amateur scientist talks about the weather attacks on British Columbia. He posits that these events are designed to cover covert military bombing of railway lines and highways. Please read and I will have further comments to follow:

Planned and executed by the treasonous Justin Trudeau PMO, the Fraser Valley flood in 2021 is one of Trudeau’s contributions to the Davos Agenda and o other step towards a mass depopulation and ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!

Below is a link to a local MainZtream Media bullshit report on the weather weapon described in the video above:

Farnworth says atmospheric river set to hit B.C. could be the ‘most intense storm yet’


Greencrow continues: If anyone doubts what I’m saying about the 60,000+ satellites, here is a link about the Satellite grid surrounding earth from a few years ago. You normally will NOT be reading anything about this recently erected “Prison Planet” in the mainstream media today. It is supposed to be a big secret…just like the man behind the curtain in The WiZard of OZ was not supposed to ever be seen or detected by the village munchkins.

Greencrow concludes: No, the vaxZinated village munchkins are never supposed to connect the dotZ between the population controlling vaxZines and the population controlling geoengineered weather.

As we truthers used to say about the scienced-based anomalies that tore apart the “Official Story” of the 9/11 atrocity…“Even if they knew it was true…they still wouldn’t believe it.” No, weather weaponization is just one too many bouncing balls to keep an eye on when watching the magician do his tricks. Stay tuned.

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