Good morning readers. It is a bright, cold and wintry day here in the mountains of the Pacific North West. As mentioned in my previous post, my posting has fallen off a bit due to getting involved doing some intensive volunteer artwork. I created a huge 8′ x 4′ plywood sign for the entrance to our little community here deep in the Vancouver Island Mountains. The sign that is up now is completely dilapidated and unreadable. So, silly me, I volunteered to the Park managers to do a new one free of charge [except for expenses]. They took me up on it. I am relieved to report that I completed the sign yesterday and am very pleased with it. The Manager’s coming to pick it up this morning. After that we will be travelling today and repositioning. So today’s going to be quite busy.

Therefore, this blog post will be necessarily short and sweet. I went on Twitter first thing this morning and experienced the fear porn avalanche the Main Stream Media is doing on Western [White and English Speaking] humanity these days. It was mind blowing. As Jeff Berwick from Dollar Vigilante keeps telling us…we’re all living in a 3D video game. That’s what the following headline indicated to me anyway…

Can you imagine this kind of medical apartheid…worse than anything that took place in the darkest days of racial apartheid in South Africa…being spouted out of the anus mouth of the “Chief Hellth Officer” of Ontario, Kieran Moore?

Who would pay attention to this sort of criminal hate speak? The brain-dead Zombies that it’s directed at–that’s who. Ironically and hypocritically, King Herod the Turd is simultaneously attempting to put through Federal legislation banning “hate speak” on the Internet.

In my 75 years of life I have never seen hate speak of the intensity that has come out of the anus mouth of Kieran Moore. It is truly unprecedented in Canada. And It is all based on the most crass lies…about the CovID HOAX. Every day, more and more damning information surfaces about the fakery of the Plandemic and…most hideous of all…what is in the injections that they will soon be giving to my granddaughters. See the link below for information and photos of what is in the monstrosity.


It appears as if they are injecting people with graphene oxide, parasites, nanotechnology (quantum dot/nanites), and hydrogel (crystalizes when drying).

One of the Twitter folks recommended cancelling all the mainstream media TV channels to get rid of the Omricon variant. That’s the extent of the HOAX. It is ALL fear porn, folks. That’s why I don’t post links about closing grocery stores, etc. to the unvaxed. What the bastard Kieran Moore above and all the other Satanists are trying to do is something that is the mainstay of their strategy….the “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy“. They believe [and this has too often sadly been the case] that if they propagandiZe something often enough and effective enough–it will become true. Not because of any democratic will of the people or act of parliament…BUT just because they’ve said it often enough–and we humans have “lapped it up”.

Fortunately, there has been some resistance to this bull doZer approach to social control. Here we have an article in the CBC where the Vancouver Police Department is STILL not going along with the Vaccine mandate. You will note that the CBC calls it a “mandate”. Folks, let me remind you….

A mandate is not a law.

A mandate is not legislation or an article in a constitution approved by parliament and/or by referendum. The vaccine mandate is just some blathering by Globalist-controlled appointed puppet Hellth Authorities.

When I took part in nine marches through downtown Vancouver over the past two years up until last summer–when I escaped from the mainland and moved to Vancouver Island, I got to know the Vancouver Police Department. This police department is like a diamond buried in a pile of stinking shit. How it has survived so long is a mystery to me. I am sure the Whore-gun [when he wasn’t battling self-inflicted, vazxZine reactivated cancer] the Dick-head, the Bullshitter and the other Globalist Assets–burrowed and infested into the BC government–are gnashing their teeth daily about the VPD. How to get rid of them! They keep turning the illegal “mandate” screws tighter and tighter–so far with no effect.

Apparently, someone has taken matters into their own hands to try and bring an end to the Never-to-End global disaster/catastrophe/tyranny. Someone is making death threats to the Globalists directly.

I’m not supporting the making of death threats…but when “They” make continued and relentless death threats to me, my family and my grandchildren...what recourse do I have–and what steps will end the nightmare???? Are we all just supposed to roll over and die because that’s what they want? When they attack our children…should we not be allowed to fight back?

Yes, slowly but surely people are waking up and fighting back. Below is an excellent example of something that should have been put into place right from the beginning. Hopefully the organization below will be the first of many such efforts to create a space in society for the unjabbed. Even more essential are hospitals and clinics that will serve and employ both the vaxZed and the unvaxZed. Once these are put in place I will be able to again have access to the “Universal Healthcare” I paid for all my life with my taxes!

About Us

Jabless Jobs is an employment service with a mission to connect non discriminatory employers with like minded job seekers. We aim to give people hope by empowering everyone to find financial security regardless of their personal choices.

Greencrow continues: In the meantime it is a daily “slog on the blog” to fight the constant avalanche of propaganda, lies and disinformation on the mainstream media and on the Internet. Two steps forward and one step back goes our resistance battle. But we cannot give up and we cannot slack off. This is a Battle to the Death

Here is a video sent from RAH about the British Funeral Director John O’Looney who has set an example of an average guy, seeing stuff he cannot stomach and speaking out regardless of the blowback.

If every sentient took it upon themselves to speak out for sanity, justice, democracy and the rule of law every single day...I do believe the tide would begin to turn. Because as I have said since January 2020 when the cruise ships were ordered back to port…this is all a HOAX and a False Flag. It is the equivalent of living in a 3D video game. It is all a mirage and smoke and mirrors. These bastards are all crooks, liars and Satanists. They don’t deserve to live anymore.

In conclusion…as I said at the outset, I will be repositioning today–and back blogging tomorrow–continuing the existential fight for our species on this planet:

Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “COVID VAX DEEP SECRETS FINALLY COMING OUT! (Must See Photos) + other news

  1. World Freedom Directory – User Guide
    Great report. Have a good day.
    Stop World Control Directory
    Another good resource for us bloggers.
    Rumble Channel
    I had to check these people out a guy asshole from SK called them Extremests. It was an NDP not less. I actually had to lower myself and go to the CTV site for that. I cringed as I clicked on the link.
    So of course I had to go check them out.
    They sound pretty normal to me.


  2. Re VPD:

    Yes…kudos to them for simply doing their jobs ie “peace officers” in sync with those members of the general public exercising their charter rights. VPD claims they can’t afford to lose officers, thus they will accommodate them ?

    However…the VPD not mandating death jab vaxx is hollow victory…the news reports that VPD members must still do rapid tests at personal expense.

    In essence, the VPD are still being herded into taking the vaxx…as positive test will force them to isolate and/or waive white flag and/or get vaxxed…….OR quit.

    The sheer irony is the VPD is literally accessories to the greatest fraud in history.


  3. Hello Greencrow!

    It’s Bob the Infrastructure guy.

    Biden’s vaccine mandate is failing big time!

    It was never a mandate he just faked it on TV. There was no authority or regulation ‘Poopypants’ just got on TV and told every dumb ass it was a mandate! AND IT WORKED for the idiots out there who lost good employees and had their businesses destroyed or damaged.

    It’s easy to avoid for most smart employers.

    As a long time Bureaucrat I can say this emphatically that the US Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) DOES NOT WANT TO ENFORCE THIS “filled diapered demented perverts” mandates. I know this agency is looking for the lowest level employees to be cannon fodder and looking for other dupe US agencies to carry their water.

    On another note Kamilla Harris is so lazy she won’t read her briefings – painstakingly prepared for her by her staff and then blames them for looking like an idiot!

    Now we have the Omicron out there. I know one person who got the ‘vaccine’ and had a stroke.

    Bill Gates has been charged with murder by the Indian Bar Association. Let’s hope the Indian State Department gets the courage to extradite the bastard and hang him. India has huge leverage and can do this.

    Poopypants has destroyed affordable energy here in the US. You Canadians have vast oil reserves that could have enriched both nations but Poopypants is destroying pipeline after pipeline!


  4. Hi GC:

    If we review (((history))) and tactics…VPD is simply meat in the grinder.

    I heard the VPD Chief is savvy and wants no part of what are (((Bolshevik)))strategies…but it was inevitable VPD had to be taken down, probably by death of a thousand cuts.

    My guess is by or around the New Year…VPD will be forced to turn on citizens ie protests will be banned. As we see globally….the good cops quit and the dregs remain.

    Saw on Global that RCMP serve as cops for 80% of BC..and they have vaxx mandates.
    The PerpZ keep tightening the noose using various tactics, this is what is happening to VPD..

    Re Extreme weather???…in hindsight…the Lytton fire made it clear BC was under attack via weaponized weather and would be in future. This is where we are at.

    Time everyone stood back, analyze and gain better perspective of the PerpZ chess game we are forced to be victimized by.

    This is WW 3.

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    1. British Columbians need to watch the stand off between the patsy gubermint of the Whoregun/Bullshitter and the Vancouver Police Department. When, not if, the gubermint makes an illegal attack on the VPD we will know that all our rights have evaporated and we recalcitrants will be dragged off to gulag quarantine camps.


  5. Hi GC:

    The PerpZ have this down to a science…
    re VPD..we have …no pun intended… “Good Cop” versus “Bad Cop” scenario.

    Watching the news feature….smelled a rat right way.

    The PerpZ set a trap of ” have choice NOT to get vaxx.”………
    (.BUT btw…you will have to rapid test frequently )

    This will force VPD members to
    (i) quit or
    (ii) get vaxxed.
    ….no middle ground.

    Same sh*t….different pile.


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