UK Doctor Accused of Hurting Big Pharma Profits – by Curing People – Released from Prison

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RE: UK Doctor Accused of Hurting Big Pharma Profits by Curing People from Cancer Released from Prison in FranceDecember 14, 2021

His crime? He cured over 10,000 people from cancer with a product called GcMAF. The French Pharmacists’ Union didn’t like that as they apparently believe all cancer patients should only use their chemotherapy drugs, and so he was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Sure, go ahead and read that again. He was imprisoned NOT for killing or harming people, but for curing people and being accused of taking away business from the pharmaceutical industry.

The company Dr. Noakes works with in selling GcMAF is Immuno Biotech, and you can read about them here.

Not only has GcMAF been used to heal people from cancer, but it has also been used to cure children of autoimmune diseases that are labeled as “autism.

See also:. Nagalase in vaccines, vitamin D, and shutting down the immune system.

“No authority on Earth can claim the right to coin opinions into truths, and make them current by their authority.”– John Locke (1632 – 1704).

“We are in the midst of the biggest depopulation program the world has ever seen, where most of humanity are acting as useful idiots to it and to their own demise.”

  Former Pfizer vice president, Mike Yeadon

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4 thoughts on “UK Doctor Accused of Hurting Big Pharma Profits – by Curing People – Released from Prison

  1. What an upside down world we live in! You come up with safe and effective ways to heal people of disease and you get thrown in prison….BUT…. you produce toxic shots/drugs and no problem….and…. you may get rich off killing people, look at the Sackler Family and their Oxycontin drug.
    How do I get out of this INSANE Matrix?

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  2. HHS Made Vaccine Deception LAW Back In 1984: They HAVE To Lie About Safety To Push Vaccine!


    Its worse than we thought, as many of us were lead to believe it was 1986 that legal immunity for Big Pharma was granted.

    No….the fix was in back in 1984, and they also retroactively exonerated any polio vaccine claims.

    Truly mindblowing legal moves….but a good heads up of how corrupt the system really is to the core.

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